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Week ending 12/2/21 

A sad farewell to Mrs Luxton

It is with great sadness that I let you know that this week was the last working one for Mrs Christine Luxton. Mrs Luxton has worked as a midday supervisor and cleaner at Delaware for an incredible 37 years and has also volunteered for other school tasks such as, learning readers. Just imagine how many scraped knees she has cleansed, tears she has dried, fall outs she has sorted give her a proper  food she has cut up! It is so sad that we have not been able to give her a proper 'send off' but we promised that we will as soon as we are able. I wish her a really happy retirement with her husband- thank you so much Chris for your dedication to the school.
So, we have reached the end of another half term in lockdown. I wanted to thank all of the parents for supporting their children so wonderfully with home learning- we are so appreciative of your continued efforts- hopefully it won't be for too much longer. I also wanted to thank all staff, whether they are based at home or at school. They have worked tirelessly to ensure that the remote learning happens and is as effective as possible. They have also cared for and taught the pupils who remain in school and have kept them safe, happy and learning.


Week ending 5/2/21 

I hope that you all continue to be well in this recent lockdown. I am sure that were as disappointed as us to hear that we won't be returning to school until at least early March. However, we will continue to support you in any way that we can with remote learning- please just give the school a ring or drop me an e mail on head@delawareprimary.co.uk. 
Your children continue to be a delight and I am very much enjoying looking at the work which is being shared with teachers. Please see below for this week's Headteacher Award recipients- well done everyone!

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Week ending 29/1/2021 

I hope that this post finds you all well, healthy and safe! I also hope that you are finding home learning not too stressful. We are getting used to the new 'normal' in school and those children who are with us are safe, happy and working hard. Thank you to the amazing team of people who are keeping remote and physical school going. All members of staff, based at school ,are now taking twice weekly COVID 19 tests at home. I hope that this will reassure those of you with children at school that we are taking all necessary measures to keep everyone safe.
I continue to be delighted with how well you and your children have engaged in remote learning- thank you to those of you who shared your views on the parent survey. If you missed your opportunity to do this then please feel free to email me direct  (head@delawareprimary.co.uk) to share your experiences of remote learning so that the staff and I can continue to hone our practice.
Well done to this week's Headteacher Award recipients- see below for the names of those who have impressed their teachers this week.

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Internet Safety Posters 

With our children spending more time online at the moment I would like to remind everyone of some good resources to help everyone to stay safe.
Below are two posters to remind us of how to behave and think when we are online.
Digi Duck has some simple rules for Nursery, Reception and KS1 pupils and the SMART poster gives some great advice for KS2. Remember to be kind and sensible online and make the the right choices to keep you safe.

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Lockdown Continues 

   We are becoming used to the new normal at school and I hope that you are all also finding remote learning is working well for you and your child/ren. If you visit the information tab on this website and click on the Covid 19 Spring term link it will take you to our 'Remote Learning' offer. Please take some time to read this and contact the school should you have any further questions.
In order to evaluate the remote learning which we have offered so far I would ask you to give us some feedback by completing this quick parental survey by using the following link-  https://www.bridgeschools.co.uk/Parent-Questionnaire-January-2021

We have some lovely news this week. Mrs Marshall has had her baby- a little boy named Sullivan Noah, born on 16th January weighing 8lb 7oz. I know that you will join me in offering her and her husband many congratulations.

I continue to be really impressed with the learning which has been shown by the children learning remotely or in school. This week Headteacher awards go to many children - see below for their certificates. Also well done to Liam for his brilliant 'Hulk' which he created.

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Lockdown Learning 

I cannot believe that we have reached the end of the second week of lockdown already. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for engaging so well with the home learning which has been set by the teachers. Please do not hesitate to give us a call if we can assist you any further e.g. with printing sheets or providing paper. This situation is still very new and different for us in school and we are trying to make remote learning as effective for your children and as stress free for yourselves as parents! I am really delighted with the way in which you and your children have engaged with the learning activities. I feel that there are plenty of activities to keep the children busy but, by recording lessons/directing you to pre-recorded lessons, there is a degree of flexibility to the day. I feel that this is particularly important if there are multiple children in the home with limited devices. We are monitoring the engagement with the learning and will contact you if there are any concerns or to offer help.

Throughout the Lockdown, pupils are still able to receive Headteacher's awards virtually. Below this post I have posted some photographs of this week's recipients - they can collect their certificate and reward from the treasure chest when they return to school in person. 

We have also had some brilliant learning from the key worker children in school and many other Headteacher awards have been presented too - Stephen, Ivy, George, Cara , Imogen (x3), Ben, Zack, Liam, Joe and Isla (apologies if I have forgotten anyone!)

I wish you all a safe weekend and will see some of you next week.

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Virtual Christingle! 

It's Christingle time again - but with a difference! This year all of the children learnt about the significance of the Christingle and they all made one- complete with a safe 'glow stick' candle. We then met virtually via the 'teams' APP and shared a video about Christingle which was kindly created by the Reverend Chris Painter. Year 4 provided some readings to round it all off. What a lovely way to spend a cold December afternoon thinking about the true meaning of Christmas.

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Christmas Lunch! 

Thank you to our amazing cooks Mrs Wood and Mrs Hinton for the delicious Christmas lunch today (16th December).Everyone said how delicious it was and we all enjoyed pulling the Christmas crackers and reading the hilarious jokes!

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It's Christmas! 

As this strange, unique term draws to a close I hope that you have all had the chance to look at some of the Christmas activities which have been taking place in all of the bubbles! A particular highlight has been the Reception bubble Nativity with wellies! Have a look on the Harlyn Bay class page or the school's Facebook page- it is sure to raise a smile and make you feel extremely festive.

Also Perranporth's 'A Modern Miracle' is extremely heart warming and showcases the pupils' talents beautifully.

I want to take this time to thank all staff for their dedication, bravery, teamwork and for 'going the extra mile' to ensure that your children have been as safe as possible. I know that you will echo my thanks to them. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas with your families and I hope that you will be able to spend time with your loved ones. Take care and stay safe. See you all in 2021!

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'Tis the season to be generous! 

Thank you so much to Mole Valley Farmers who very kindly donated two Christmas trees to the school- how generous.
Also, to Tesco at Callington who donated a tub of sweets to each bubble in both bases- they were very well received!

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