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Week Ending 15th January

This week, Year 6 have continued to do brilliantly well working from home and continue to overcome the hurdles our current situation presents - making me a very proud teacher! 
This week, we have learnt about decimals in Maths, Making our sentences interesting when we are writing and have had a go at song writing in Topic. A special well done to Eric, who had a go at singing and recording his song at home! We also discussed the importance of keeping healthy while we are in another lockdown so part of our learning was a PE task to get active! Some children had a look at online keep fit videos (many choosing to follow Joe Wicks' example). While others chose to get outdoors in the permitted outing each day for exercise. We had our first class TEAMs meeting, which thirteen children manage to access, and we had a chat about how we have been finding the first (almost) 2 weeks of homeschooling. 
After the success of last week's photo challenge, the children had the challenge this week of taking the most interesting photo of 'something triangular'. Where Josh had the same idea as me and took a photo of a delicious Toblerone! 

Looking forward to next week,
Miss Hambly

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Week Ending the 8th January 2021

What a crazy week it has been for everyone in primary schools up and down the country. But Daymer Bay have very much risen to the challenge and produced some fantastic learning regardless! Even though most of us have been learning at home, we have still continued in our learning about coordinates. This included a lesson on reflecting shapes and understanding the new coordinates, so we took the opportunity to look for other reflections around our home. This resulted in some very adorable pet reflections!

We learnt our new story (War Game) linked to our new topic of WWI. And also completed some PSHE thinking around the topic ‘Dreams and Goals’ - something it is really important to still have despite our current situation. This resulted in some lovely dreamcatcher creating.
Many of us also took the opportunity, whilst being at home, to put some extra time into our hobbies; like Eric working on some creative diamond art below.

What an amazing week Year Six - well done!

Miss Hambly

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Week Ending 11th December

This week in Daymer Bay class, we started looking at, and writing our own explanation texts linked with our Science learning about classifying living things. We looked at classification keys with Miss Cocking and tried to decide which type of plants we were looking at by answering yes/no questions about their features. With Mrs Ham in PE, we used the compass directional points to navigate around a grid.

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Week Ending 4th December

This week in Daymer Bay class, we have been working really hard trying to understand how to add and subtract fractions by finding a common denominator. We have found it quite challenging, so we have really had to try and persevere! We also finished our Viking unit by writing our dragon stories.
On Tuesday, we had a visit from Mr Mercer, a Maths teacher from Callington Community College, who did a fractals lesson with us. The end result was a paper Christmas Tree!

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Week Ending 27th November

Christmas has started a little early in Daymer Bay class because Miss Cocking has been recording vocals and instrumentals for a Christmas track featuring all the children! We have also used our tonal techniques to produce our final version dragon eggs. In PE on Wednesday, we have been continuing to work on our orienteering skills.

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Week Ending 20th November

This week has been an arty week in Daymer Bay class. We have been composing a piece of music to compliment a dragon video clip with Miss Cocking. We learnt about pitch, tempo, timbre, articulation, dynamics, tonality and texture and used these to create our compositions. With Miss Hambly, we have been learning about creating tone in drawing using different pencil techniques. We practised hatching, crosshatching and stippling to begin with, then applied these skills to three dimensional objects - dragon eggs!

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Week Ending 13th November

Mainly this week, we have been excited about our class cinema for Children in Need!
But we have also learnt more about persuasive texts and written pieces that try to persuade the reader that the Vikings were either vicious or valiant following on from our debate last week.
Also, Tobias has been learning about the heart at home so take a look at his learning below. And a big shout out to Cara, whose artwork came 3rd in the Gunnislake festival!

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Remembrance Day 

Remembrance Cornet Tribute

Daymer Bay and Perranporth class were very lucky to have Miss Cocking play The Last Post before the two minute silence on Wednesday. It was amazingly poignant as it echoed out over the Tamar Valley.



Week Ending 6th November

It has been a busy four-day week for Year Six. 
We have completed our Literacy topic, learning about newspaper recounts and we wrote our final report about the Viking raid at Lindisfarne, in Northumbria. We also started a PE unit on orienteering; which combines being active and walking with map reading skills. We ended the week with a lively debate trying to decide whether the Vikings were truly vicious or really valiant... 

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Week ending 23rd October

It has been such a busy week in Daymer Bay class!
We had a first go at writing a newspaper recount about Little Red Riding Hood, which we studied back in September. We tried to include newspaper features like a headline, picture and caption. We also tried to add in some of the grammatical features we have been learning about: fronted adverbials, relative clauses and subordinating clauses. 
We have also been enjoying our hockey sessions this term with Mrs Ham. We have learnt to control the ball using a hockey stick, as well as pass and receive the ball under control. And we didn't let a bit of drizzle stop us!
We have been finding out about Viking beliefs and learning about Valhalla - the feasting hall where the spirits of brave warriors went if they were killed in battle. There were over 500 doors, the roof was made of shields and there was a goat that lived on the roof! We tried to draw what the Vikings imagined it looked like.
Finally this week, we earned our class reward by collecting 100 marbles in the jar (we are aiming for 125 for our next reward). These are earned for keeping to our school code - be respectful, be kind, be focussed. We chose to watch a film all together and we enjoyed drinks and snacks.
Make sure you enjoy your half term!
Miss Hambly

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