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Week Ending 6th November

It has been a busy four-day week for Year Six. 
We have completed our Literacy topic, learning about newspaper recounts and we wrote our final report about the Viking raid at Lindisfarne, in Northumbria. We also started a PE unit on orienteering; which combines being active and walking with map reading skills. We ended the week with a lively debate trying to decide whether the Vikings were truly vicious or really valiant... 

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Week ending 23rd October

It has been such a busy week in Daymer Bay class!
We had a first go at writing a newspaper recount about Little Red Riding Hood, which we studied back in September. We tried to include newspaper features like a headline, picture and caption. We also tried to add in some of the grammatical features we have been learning about: fronted adverbials, relative clauses and subordinating clauses. 
We have also been enjoying our hockey sessions this term with Mrs Ham. We have learnt to control the ball using a hockey stick, as well as pass and receive the ball under control. And we didn't let a bit of drizzle stop us!
We have been finding out about Viking beliefs and learning about Valhalla - the feasting hall where the spirits of brave warriors went if they were killed in battle. There were over 500 doors, the roof was made of shields and there was a goat that lived on the roof! We tried to draw what the Vikings imagined it looked like.
Finally this week, we earned our class reward by collecting 100 marbles in the jar (we are aiming for 125 for our next reward). These are earned for keeping to our school code - be respectful, be kind, be focussed. We chose to watch a film all together and we enjoyed drinks and snacks.
Make sure you enjoy your half term!
Miss Hambly

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Week ending 16th October

This week in Year 6, we have been learning about newspaper reports and identifying the features. We also found out about the Viking raids at the monastery at Lindisfarne, in the north of England. We wrote postcards home as if we had been a Viking on that famous raid! 

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Autumn Term 2020

Please find below an overview of the Autumn Term for Daymer Bay class.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school and ask.

Miss Hambly

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Welcome back to the Autumn Term

Although this term is going to feel a little different at Delaware and Gunnislake, there will still be lots of exciting things to learn! There will be lots of hand washing and extra cleaning jobs for me and Miss Martin to do to keep everyone healthy!

We are going to be learning about the Vikings this term; with a focus on the stories of Beowulf. Alongside our usual Maths topics of place value and calculating.

We can't wait to get started!
Miss Hambly 


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