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Our Home Learning for the Week Beginning 1.3.21 

This week we've been enjoying being outside in the sunshine and we've been looking for signs of spring.

We've continued to practise our handwriting, spelling, reading and sentence writing. I've been so impressed with the children who have sent me videos of themselves reading ditties. I can't wait to hear you all read when we go back to school!

We've been continuing to learn about the numbers to ten this week. We've been practising counting backwards, comparing numbers and have also started to learn the number bonds that make ten.

On World Book Day we dressed up as book characters and had our photos taken reading a book in strange places. On Friday, as it was St Piran's day, we did some Cornish dancing.

I'm so happy that we've finished the home learning now. I would like to say a huge thank-you to all the parents for all your support over this difficult time. You've been amazing!! Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

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Our Home Learning for the Week Beginning 22.2.21 

This week we've started to learn about minibeasts. The children have had fun hunting for them outside. This week we've focused on learning about spiders and butterflies. We found out about the lifecycle of a butterfly and why some spiders make webs.

In maths we've been learning all about the numbers 9 and 10. The children have sorted different visual representations of these numbers and have ordered the numbers to 10. 

We've continued to practise our handwriting and this week we've focused on learning how to write capital letters. We've also continued to write sentences and have spelt words containing four sounds.

Another busy week! Well done everyone for all your hard work!

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Our Home learning for the Week Beginning 8.2.21 

This week we've been learning about Chinese New Year. We've listened to a story about how the years came to be named after different animals and we've watched a video to show how people celebrate this event. We've learnt that this year is the Year of the Ox. The children have been busy making paper lanterns, fans and various different dragons.

As it's Valentine's Day on Sunday some of the children have been making some Valentine's day cards and crafts. Some have even done some baking for this special day.

We've also learnt about how to stay safe on the internet and what we should do if we see something online that we don't like or that makes us feel worried or scared. We watched a story to help us learn about this and then talked about what we should do with our parents.

In maths, we've been learning about different types of measurement. We've been learning to measure and compare length, height and time. We've also been learning about the order of the days of the week.

In phonics many of us have moved onto reading captions by reading the ditties this week. I've been so impressed with the videos I've been sent of the children reading! It's so lovely to see the progress they're making with their reading. We've also been continuing to practise writing sentences with a focus on spelling some of our tricky words and words which include special friends. As well as all this, we've continued to practise our number formation and we've also started to learn how to write capital letters correctly. I'm so pleased with how much effort you're putting into your home learning! Thank-you for all your hard work. Have a lovely well deserved rest over the half term.

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Our Home Learning for the Week Beginning 1.2.21 

This week we've continued to listen to more Percy the Park Keeper stories. In one of the stories the rabbit was afraid of the dark so some of the children have made glasses to help him see at night. In another story some of the animals had a tea party so some of the children have been busy making their own sandwiches. Some even had an indoor picnic with their toys.

In maths we've been continuing to learn about the numbers 6, 7 and 8. We've also started to learn about pairs of objects and counting in twos. As well as all this, we've also started to learn about combining two groups of objects to find out how many there are altogether. The children have been busy exploring this in lots of different ways.

We've continued to practise our handwriting and this week we've been learning how to write numbers correctly. We've also learnt some new tricky words and have written some fantastic sentences. We've had a very busy week!!

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Our Home Learning for the Week Beginning 25.1.21 

This week, in maths, we have moved onto learning about the composition of the numbers 6, 7 and 8. The children have been busy investigating the different ways in which these numbers can be made.

We have continued to practise our reading and spelling in phonics. We've also practised our handwriting everyday and I'm really impressed with the effort the children are putting into improving this.

We have moved onto learning about woodland animals in our topic this week. The children have enjoyed listening to some of the Percy the Park Keeper stories and have completed some related activities.

You can see below that one of the children made some bread roll hedgehogs. Another child made a brilliant pinwheel to spin around in the wind. They've also been learning some facts about some of the woodland animals. You can see below that one of the children found out about what foxes eat and where they live. She then made a foxes den to play in. After listening to a story about hedgehogs some of the children made hedgehogs using playdough. I love how they've made them really spiky!

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Our Home Learning for the Week Beginning 18.1.21 

This week the children have been continuing to practise their handwriting, reading and spelling. There are some great games being played to practise reading the tricky words. One of them involved slapping the word with a pen before his mum and sister did! Great fun! One of the children decided to write cards to some of the elderly people she knows as she was worried they might be lonely. How lovely and thoughtful and a great real life purpose for practising her handwriting.

In maths this week we've been learning to compare objects and say which is the heaviest and which is the lightest. The children have been using their arms as scales! They've also been learning about capacity and have enjoyed playing with water, rice and flour to investigate which container holds the most and least.

We've continued our learning about winter this week and have also moved onto learning about some of the animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctica. You can see some of the children have created pictures of some of these animals. They've also been busy baking to make biscuits or cakes on a winter theme. They look delicious!

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Our Home learning for the Week Beginning 11.1.21 

I will upload some of the photos that you send me so that everyone can see the brilliant learning you've been doing at home. This week we have continued to learn about winter. Here you can see we've been investigating how to pick up ice cubes with string using salt. One of the children then decided to make potions using the water and ice cubes. What a great idea!

In Maths we're learning about number bonds to 5 and you can see that the children have been learning about these in different ways. One of the children also decided to group them and count them in twos. Amazing!!

Some of the children have been having fun outside. One of them has been making a water and mud slide in her garden! She's even drawn a picture of her slide. After learning about ice she also made some chocolate crispies as she remembered that chocoalte melts like ice.

On a winter walk one of the children talked about the clothes we wear in winter to keep us warm. This led onto talking about wool and where it comes from. She found some sheep's wool in the hedge so decided to make a pompom sheep when she got home. Isn't it brilliant?

We've been busy making playdough at home and then building snowmen. We've also created winter scenes using things we've found at home or in our gardens. The effort put into making these has been fantastic!

Please keep sending your photos. It's lovely to see what you're learning at home!

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Our Home Learning for the Week Beginning 4.1.21 

I've been so impressed by how you've engaged with the home learning activities I've set this week. A massive thank-you to all of you!

Here a few photos that some of you have sent in so far. The children have been busy practising their letter formation in their daily handwriting sessions. I love the fact that because they can see me on the video they think I can see them! According to many of the parents this has kept them focused and has ensured that they try really hard. 

They have been learning about more and fewer in maths this week and have played games to reinforce this learning. Below you will see one of the children playing a game where they have to throw things in a bucket and keep score to see who wins. A really fun way to learn!

As well as learning phonics and maths they've also been having fun and keeping active by dancing with Jump Start Johnny. Just like we do when we're in school. As our topic is based on winter at the moment the children have also been investigating what happens to ice when they put it in cold and warm water. There have been some great predictions from the children about what they think might happen.

Thank-you again for putting so much effort into your children's learning and thank-you for sending me photos and videos. It's been lovely to see the children enjoying their learning this week.

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

The children in Harlyn Bay have had lots of fun starring in their own Nativity film. We hope you enjoy it!


Week Beginning 7.12.20 

This week we've been learning about why Christians celebrate Christmas. We've been practising some Christmas songs and have had fun dressing up for our Nativity film. We've had lots of fun working together in our forest area to make dens and have loved playing with the 'snow' in the tuff tray.

Come back next week to see our Nativity film.

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