At Delaware Primary Academy, the staff work hard to ensure all children’s needs are met and that the school is a happy and safe place for them to be. In order to achieve this, many steps are taken to support them through their learning journey. Quality teaching is vital, however for some children there are occasions when additional support may be needed to help them achieve to their full potential.

Here at Delaware, our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is responsible for coordinating the provision made to support individual children with SEND. Regular liaison between her and the school staff ensures that pupil progress is monitored and plans are implemented to support children where progress is slower than expected. As a school, we work with a wide range of external agencies such as Educational Psychologists, the hearing support team, the dyslexia support service, the ASD team and speech and language therapists who are able to give specialist advice. Mrs Jo Thomas is our ARB (Area Resource Base) teacher and is responsible for the children who are taught in the base. The children have a diagnosis of ASD and are allocated a place here via the Local Authority. If your child attends the ARB you may decide to speak to Mrs Thomas direct but you are, of course, still able to make an appointment to see our SENDCo.

The school has an accessibility plan which details improvements that could be made to ensure that the school is fully accessible to meet the needs of people with additional needs. We consider any changes to the environment on an individual basis


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Delaware Annual DSEN information report.pdf
Delaware Annual DSEN information report.pdf
Delaware DSEN Policy 2018.pdf
Delaware DSEN Policy 2018.pdf



Delaware SEN information report updated July 18.pdf
Delaware SEN information report updated July 18.pdf


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