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Some great volcano resources and information at:

Some great information about Pompeii at:

We were heading towards writing a persuasive leaflet encouraging people to visit the ancient city in Pompeii; aiming to use second person (direct address - YOU), paragraphs and subheadings about the things to see, superlatives (words ending in -est), an introduction and conclusion and engaging phrases (you won’t believe, incredible, strongly believe, it is clear, in fact, clearly, vehemently etc.)



More Area.

Finding the area of a parallelogram is the same as finding the area of a rectangle. Simply multiply the base by the perpendicular height (at right angles to the base, not the length of the diagonal side).



For any of you who are considering, or have started, writing a diary of your days and the current events, it is a great opportunity to recap the different types of past tense we learnt about a few weeks ago. Can you find the different types in your reading book? Can you change the sentences you have found into a different type of past tense?



Area of Triangles

Use the area of these triangles to find the missing base or height. To do this multiply the total area by 2, then divide the answer by the height or base that is given.





Daily Stories

Children's author and comedian David Walliams is reading short stories at 11am, every day for the next few weeks.
Available at:
For more information and to listen later visit:




Joe Wicks is offering daily PE lessons on his YouTube channel. Live at 9am, but available to access all day.

Find him at: The Body Coach TV

See below for today's workout.





For the last couple of weeks in school, we were learning about area and perimeter.

Remember: to calculate the area of these triangles...

base x height ÷ 2.

Also, there are five area and perimeter activities set on Mathletics - one for each day this week.




Try to read for at least 20 minutes a day.
This poster will help you decide if the book you have chosen to read is challenging enough for you.
For each chapter or short story you read try summarising what you have read in 4 or 5 sentences. You will have to select only the key events that you think will impact the rest of the story.
Could you try and incorporate some of the sentence structures we have learnt about in school? Could you use a one pair or two pair sentence? Or a Name - adjective pair - sentence? A The more, the more or If, if, if, then sentence?
(References to these sentence types can be found by googling Alan Peat sentence types.)

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