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Week beginning 6th July

This week we have started learning about space...
We have written mnemonics to help us remember the planets and found out about the people who find out about space!
In Maths we have been recapping our learning about time.

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Week beginning 29th June

This week we have been researching about the two main city states in Ancient Greece: Athens and Sparta, following on from our research last week.
We have been recapping area, perimeter and volume in Maths.

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Week beginning 22nd June

This week in Daymer Bay, we have been problem solving using written and mental methods for the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In Literacy, we have planned and written our own, complete Greek myth.

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Week Beginning 15th June

This week, Year 6 have been continuing to learn about statistics; including line graphs and finding averages. 

In Literacy, we have found out about different heroes from Greek Myths and wrote letters of application for the 'job' of slaying the beast. We then, planned and wrote a battle chapter between our hero and beast.

You can find all this learning below.

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This week in Daymer Bay

Here are some examples of the learning from this week.

We designed mythical creatures and wrote descriptions about them. We tried to use real-life creatures that commonly made up parts of Greek mythical creatures, like; lions, eagles, goats and snakes. We also tried to use features that were common, like; wings, multiple heads and tails.
We also designed business cards to represent each of the Greek Gods we researched.

Picture 1 is Daisy's mythical creature called the 'Mergoake'.

Picture 2 is Izzy's mythical creature.

Picture 3 is Lara's mythical creature the 'Pstarifidi'.

Picture 4 is Ryan's business card for the Greek God Poseidon.



Week beginning 8th June

This week in Daymer Bay class we have been leaning to draw and interpret pie charts and line graphs. We have been discussing equality and found out, and wrote about, Rosa Parks for a couple of lessons. Before returning to our learning about Ancient Greece. You can find some of the activities we have completed below.

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Greek Myths

Here are some of the Greek mythological creatures we have been writing poems about this week. We have produced pencil sketches to display with them. 

Photo 1 - this is Kaycie's drawing of Cerberus.

Photo 2 - this is Matthew's drawing of the Minotaur.

Photo 3 - this is Harley's drawing of the Hydra.

Photo 4 - this is Simon's drawing of the Hydra.

I'd love to see any drawn by children still learning from home!



Week beginning 1st June

Below you can find the learning we have been up to this week in class.

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Week beginning 18th May

We are continuing to learn about angles this week; looking at more angles inside shapes and how to find missing angles. In Literacy we are continuing to find out and write about the Ancient Greeks.

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Lockdown Learning

Here is some of the learning Daymer Bay class have been doing while staying safe at home.

The top photo is some artwork Daisy has done. The colours are amazing and there is a clear message about life at the moment! She has submitted it, to hopefully have it entered in Grayson Perry’s art exhibition - how exciting!

The second photo is a mini steam engine Oliver built (with some help from his dad). It was a birthday present he received during his lockdown birthday. Great skills Ollie!

The third photo is a banner Michael made (with his sister) as a thank you to the NHS. He and his family have also been out clapping every Thursday to thank everyone who is still working so hard to help our community at the moment.

The final photo is my living room window displaying the bunting I made to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day.
I would love to see more of some of the things you have been doing!

Miss Hambly 


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