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Week beginning 11th October

Another week completed in Year 6!
We have started learning about newspaper recounts in Literacy this week and have been beginning to identify some of the features. In Maths, we have been learning to use the long multiplication method and it has taken perseverance for a lot of the class but everyone has made some fantastic progress this week! 
In topic, we looked at some tectonic plate disasters (including volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis) and looked at their locations on a world map; using an atlas to help us locate each country. We also looked at the dates in which these events happened and placed them onto a timeline (making use of both our history and maths understanding). In PE, we have continued to work on our coordination when throwing and catching and put these skills into game scenarios. 
Also, HUGE congratulations to Zack this week who earned second place in the Honey Fair art competition this week!

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Week beginning 4th October

We can't believe how quickly the half term is disappearing in Daymer Bay class!
We have been implementing our grammar learning in to our writing this week - trying to include noun phrases, adverbials, consistent forms of past tense, as well as making sure our direct speech is punctuated accurately in our end of unit writing. We have planned our own journey stories based on our class text: Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
In Maths, we have been working really hard on using column addition and subtraction accurately. We have been using these methods to solve problems including inverse and multistep problems using money.
We researched the tectonic plates and some of the problems and geographical features associated with them. Part of this learning saw us choosing the way in which we could present our research. Some of the class chose to create posters by hand, write reports using word processing and filming in a TV programme style recording.

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Week beginning 27th September

This week, in Daymer Bay Class, we have started revising methods for addition and subtraction and solving problems using them (including some interesting models and images). In our writing, we have been focusing on using punctuation accurately, such as commas, especially when using dialogue in our narrative writing.
Following on from our learning about the layers of the Earth, Zack asked an interesting question: how did 'they' find out what the centre of the Earth is like? We discovered that humans have only ever dug just over 12km into the Earth's crust. So we tried to understand how the scientists and geologists used the waves created by earthquakes to help them determine what the centre of the Earth is like. It was a bit of a challenge! This lead us into some research about the tectonic plates and what problems are caused by them. Phew, quite a week!

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Week beginning 20th September

This week, we have continued to think about the story of Journey to the Centre of the Earth in terms of empathising with the characters and looking at (and recapping) some of the grammatical features used. But, we also found out about what actually is in the centre of the Earth by researching the four key layers beneath our feet. We presented this research in the form of designing superheroes whose powers reflect the features of that layer. In RE, we discussed the term 'God' and what a God is/is like. We produced wordles (a picture of words) displaying some of these ideas.

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Week beginning 13th September

It's been a fantastic first full week back in Daymer Bay class. We began to read and learn the narrative text we will be following in Literacy for the next few weeks: Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Best of all, we had our first keyboard music lesson with Mr Jane - which was fantastic! 

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