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Week beginning 20.6.22 

This week we have been learning about the Christian Creation story in R.E. 
We listened to the story and responded to the story with some art work. Then we discussed what Sunday means to Christians and thought about what rest and reflectiveness looks for us.

In maths we have moved onto a new unit, learning about mass. We have been comparing mass, and learning vocabulary such as heavier, lighter and balanced to describe what we noticed.

We also took part in the Bridge Schools sports event. We had to take part in six different activities, earning points along the way. We have entered our points and are now awaiting to hear the results. I t was such a lot of fun in the wonderful sunshine!

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Week beginning 13.6.22 

In literacy this week we have undertaken a short literacy unit based on the story 'Would You Rather?' by John Burningham.
This was great fun and helped us use conjunctions in our writing.

In maths we have continued learning how to describe turns and movement using vocabulary such as clockwise, anti-clockwise, left, right, quarter turn, half turn and full turn. We have had fun playing games and giving our friends directions to escape from a maze.

In history we have been learning about a local significant figure, Sir Francis Drake. We found out about him, traced his journey around the globe and learnt about his many expeditions. This is in readiness for our school trip to his home, Buckland Abbey, in a couple of weeks time.

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Week beginning 6.6.22 

This week in maths we have had fun learning about position and ensuring we are clear with the key vocabulary we need such as left and right.

In literacy we have been working on our final 'Mrs Armitage' stories which we have made our own with new characters, settings and problems.

In art/DT we designed and made an 'under the ocean' 3D model which linked with our habitats learning. We haven't quite finished these but they are looking brilliant. Photos to come soon!

Don't forget we are closed to pupils on Friday 10th June as we have an INSET day so we will see all pupils back at school on Monday.

Have a great weekend. 

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Week beginning 16.5.22 

This week we continued our work on Mrs Armitage and the wave describing characters and innovating the story with our own ideas.

In maths we continued to work on measuring in centimetres and in metres.

In Science we learnt about different habitats around the world and thought about which animals live in these habitats and how they adapt to their environments.

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Week beginning 9.5.22 

In literacy this week we continued our work on the story 'Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave'.

We discussed what Mrs Armitage was like and what items she might have in her pockets. Then we recapped on nouns and had a go at writing expanded noun phrases to describe the items she may have on her. We have also been looking at conjunctions and writing sentences to describe why she might have particular items and what they could be used for.

In maths we have been polishing our calculation skills again, focussing more on multiplication this week.

In the afternoons we have been learning about living things and their habitats. We have been thinking about things which are living, dead or never alive. We also learnt about microhabitats and had fun hunting in the woods for bugs.

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Week beginning 2.5.22 

This week we have started a new unit in literacy based on the story 'Mrs Armitage and the Wave'.
We have been getting to know the story well this week, drawing storymaps and sequencing the objects from the story.

In maths we have been recapping on adding two 2 digit numbers using 10 sticks and 1s to help us.

In Geography we have been learning what an atlas is. We had fun exploring these with our friends and then we learnt the names of the continents and oceans. We had a quiz at the end to see if we could remember which was which on a map.
Then we had fun in groups exploring what we might see in each continent. We used information sheets, books and atlases to help us and each group has created a page about each continent. 

On Friday afternoon we had Arena in to run an activity afternoon. The children had great fun playing team games together.

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Week beginning 25.4.22 

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I can't believe it's the summer term already!
I've attached a copy of our class newsletter for this term which gives a brief overview of the topics we will be covering over the next few weeks.
If you have any questions please send me a message on Seesaw.


Week beginning 21.3.22 

In numeracy this week we have been learning to recognise thirds and find a third of an amount as well as going over all the fractions we have already learned about.

In literacy we mapped out our information book about penguins. Then we had a think about what animals we would like to write about in our class book. We had a fun lesson exploring non-fiction books about animals and sharing them with our friends. Then we decided which animal we wanted to write about and did some specific research on that animal.

In our geography lessons this week we have been looking at aerial photographs of our school and using them to help us draw a plan.
We also made the most of the sun and had an walk around our local area to see what different features we could spot. We discussed how most of us live in a village and talked about the differences between villages, towns and cities. We also spotted our nearest city in the distance, Plymouth. Then we looked at ordnance survey maps of the area and discussed the different things we noticed. Then we had a go at drawing a map of our journey to the park. We spotted lots of features such as fields, farms, schools, shops, houses, roads and hills.

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Week beginning 14.3.22 

This week is Science week. We have had some great fun exploring Rocket Mice and also exploring the effect of hot water on Skittles. Have our look at our photos to see what we did.

In numeracy we have been consolidating our understanding of halves and quarters.

In literacy we have been exploring our information book about penguins. We have been getting to know the text really well and answering questions about it.

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Week beginning 7.3.22 

This week we have been continuing with our work on fractions. We have been learning to recognise half of a shape, finding half of a group of objects. Then we learnt to recognise a quarter of a shape and find a quarter of a group of objects.

In literacy we have been writing our final persuasive letters. They are amazing!
We have also started a new unit of work looking at non-fiction texts. We are using the book 'Could a Penguin Ride a Bike?' We are exploring the text in detail so we can write our own information pages about animals that live in our local area.

In art this week we have been learning about French impressionist painter, Monet. We looked at his paintings and discussed what we noticed about his style and how he painted the same scene many times in different seasons and at different times. Then we drew an outline of the garden at Giverney and used our fingers to add the colours. Our pictures are amazing!

In a different session, we looked at Monet's cityscapes. We looked at his painting of The Houses of Parliament and discussed how he had the made the reflection of the buildings in the water. Then we had a go at creating our own cityscapes using pastels. They are brilliant!

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