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Week beginning 24.5.21 

Safety Week!

This week is safety week at Delaware. 

We have been learning about dangers in the home. We learnt about electrical safety and then identified dangers in different rooms - the bathroom, the living room and the kitchen.

We have also learnt how to keep safe around medicines. We have identified whether different items are medicines or not and completed a 'What Would You Do?' quiz involving different scenarios with medicines.

We had fun in the sun learning about road safety and practising crossing the road safely. 

We also learnt about internet safety and designed posters to help us remember the 'SMART' acronym. See if your child remembers what each letter stands for.

A busy but fun last week of this half term. I wish you all a restful break next week and hope the sun continues to shine for you.

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Week beginning 17.5.21 

It has been another busy and exciting week in Fistral class.

 On Wednesday we had our class trip to the moors. Our topic is 'Where do we Live?', so we are exploring two contrasting locations in Cornwall.
Our first trip was to Minions and we hope to visit the beach after half term so that we can compare the two locations.
 We were so lucky to go on the only sunny day this week!
We explored the Hurlers and listened to the legend that says they were people  who were turned to stone for playing the ancient game of hurling on a Sunday. We did a vegetation survey so that we could see what sort of plants grow on the moors.
After lunch we took a walk up to the Cheeswring and then back down along the old railway line. We looked out for physical and human features along the way. The children loved learning the geography and the history of the area.

Then we wrote a recount of the trip and all the great things we had seen and done.

Our Maths learning this week has concluded our work on subtraction. We now have a good understanding of subtracting two two digit numbers and most of us learnt how to subtract using the column method.

Well done everyone, you have worked really hard this week.

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Week beginning 10.5.21 

This week we continued our literacy work on the 'Train Ride'.
We watched the book being sung and then spent some time talking about and describing the different things we saw along the way.
After that, we watch a familiar train journey - the one from Plymouth to Gunnislake.
We had good fun looking at the different things along the way and used our powerful adjectives to describe them.
The children really enjoyed describing places like the Tamar Bridge, Calstock and Gunnislake Train station.
We ended the week by creating our own poems following the pattern of the one we have learnt. 
Our writing blew Miss Evans away!

We had a music focus in the afternoons this week. We have been using the Charanga scheme to help us. 
We had great fun learning ‘The Friendship Song’ and we discussed how it made us feel and what it made us think of. We also tried to identify which instruments were being played. The games were fun too, adding actions in time to the beat.
Another day we listened to Count On Me' by Bruno Mars. This song deals with the importance of friendship and how friends should be able to rely on each other and look after each other. We discussed the similarities and differences between this song and the song we learnt yesterday.
We also had fun exploring instruments that make different sounds and had a go at playing along in time to the music.

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Week beginning 4.5.21 

Another busy week in Fistral Class!

In numeracy we have been learning to be super speedy at adding 3 single digit numbers together. We have been looking for number bonds to 10 or doubles to help us work out the answers quickly.

We started a new poetry unit this week in literacy. It is based on the book 'The Train Ride' by June Crebbin. We have learnt the poem off by heart and had fun performing it in small groups to our friends on Friday. Next week we will be innovating on it to create our own poems about a train ride through the Tamar Valley.

In Geography this week we have used Digimaps to look at maps and aerial photos of our school. We enjoyed comparing the two and spotting areas we recognised. We then looked at an ordnance survey map of our local area and created our own maps. 
We have also learnt the difference between physical and human geographical features and went on a walk around our school, looking at the local area to spot examples of each.

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Week beginning 26.4.21 

This week in Numeracy we have continued to brush up on our addition skills.
We have been using Base 10 to add tens onto a two digit number. Then we moved onto adding two two digit numbers and by the end of the week we learnt how to use the column method.

In Literacy we continued with our unit on explanation texts. We did some work on punctuation and then learnt about the lifecycle of a sunflower so we had lots of information we could include in our own work. Our writing was amazing! 

We continued with our Science work on Plants this week and measured our sunflowers that we are growing. We are collecting the data and recording it in a chart so we can easily see how they are growing.

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Week beginning 19.4.21 

It has been lovely to see everyone back at school after the Easter break. 

This week we met some new friends - Polly the predicting Panda, Clara the clarifying Cat, Quentin the questioning Koala and Sid the sequencing Squirrel.
They are cuddly puppets who are going to be helping us with our reading skills.

In Maths this week, we are adding single digit numbers to two digit numbers by putting the largest number in our heads and counting on. Some of us are even working out missing number problems to see if we can problem solve to find the answers. We also had a bit of fun choosing our own maths on Friday with a session based on the story 'One is a Snail, 10 is a Crab'. The story is based on number of feet so the children used pictures of the creatures to create their own number sentences.

In Literacy we are learning all about explanation texts. We are looking at a text that explains the lifecycle of a frog and identifying the features so that we can write our own next week about sunflowers.

We have been learning about plants in Science. We have been discussing what plants need to grow well and decided to undertake an investigation to find out. We have planted four trays of cress, one with water and light, one with light and no water, one with water and no light and one with no light and no water. We have predicted what we think will happen and are watching them carefully to find out.

We have also been planting sunflowers to see who can grown the tallest sunflower.

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Week beginning 22.3.21 

This week we have continued with our fractions unit in maths, recognising and finding a quarter and finding three quarters.

In literacy we completed our 'Mousehole Cat' writing. I was blown away by your fantastic writing! I had to send your parents a photo of a piece of your writing in September and your Mousehole Cat story so they could see how astounding the difference was. Have a look at some of our before and after photos.

Miss Owen came in again to teach us music. We continued our work on musical duration (the lengths of the notes). We used the animals from last week but put them in our own order this week and demonstrated our understanding of different lengths of notes in time to a steady beat.
We listened to 'Spring' by Vivaldi and discussed what the music made us think of.

"It sounds like animals coming out of hibernation" - Cori

"Those wiggly bits are like bees building a hive." - Luke

"The beginning reminds me of lambs jumping around." - Ivy

In Science we thought about what animals including humans need to survive. 

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Week beginning 15.3.21 

This week we have been carrying on with our literacy learning about 'The Mousehole Cat'.
We have learnt to collect adjectives and use them to create similes to describe characters and settings.
Our writing is amazing!

In maths, Miss Evans has been finding out what we know and understand, ready to plan our work for after Easter.

We have also been learning about St. Patrick's Day and Miss Owen came in to do music with us. We learnt about the duration of notes.
In P.E. we are still doing netball and were learning how to pass a ball this week.

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Week beginning 8.3.21 

It's been so lovely to see everyone back in school this week!
We've had time to play and catch up with our friends inside and outside when the weather allowed.

Our big question is 'Where Do We Live?'
We started learning about this during lockdown when we learnt about St. Piran's Day.

This week in our literacy we have been listening to and watching the story of The Mousehole Cat. We have enjoyed exploring the story, we found where we live on the map, found Mousehole and we looked at Miss Evans' holiday pictures from Mousehole.

In maths we have started a new unit on fractions and have been exploring parts and wholes this week. We have also been recapping on finding half.

I have managed to hear everyone read this week and it is lovely to see that so many of them have continued to make progress during lockdown so thank-you to all of the amazing parents who worked so hard at home. It's definitely been worth it!

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Week beginning 1.3.21 

Last week of home learning

Wow, we made it! Well done everyone on persevering with your home learning and keeping motivated.
Whilst I have loved seeing all the amazing things you have been learning at home, I can't wait to welcome you back to class on Monday.

It was a fun packed week for the last week with a double celebration of World Book Day on Thursday and St. Piran's Day on Friday.
We also learnt about St. David's Day on Monday.

In maths we have been learning about shape. We can now name and describe 2D and 3D shapes and we managed to find some shapes in our local area whilst making the most of the lovely weather we've had this week. 
If it stays nice, we are planning to do some planting in our outdoor area on Monday afternoon. Miss Evans has been busy clearing it up and tidying it so we can use it for learning outside over the next few months.

Enjoy the weekend and see you soon!

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