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Week beginning 10.1.22 

This week we have been getting stuck into our Science work on 'Humans and other Animals'.

We learnt that all animals reproduce and have offspring. We reminded ourselves of the main animal groups again - mammals, amphibians, reptiles, etc.
We played a game matching animal offspring with their adults which taught us lots of new vocabulary such as cygnet and hatchling.
We also noticed that some offspring look similar to their adults and some look totally different.

We moved on to learn about animal lifecycles. We discussed what we noticed about the changes that happen through the different stages. We learnt some new words to describe the lifecycle of a frog – frog spawn, tadpole, froglet. We also watched a video of a butterfly lifecycle and discussed what we noticed. We learnt the new words – reproduce, hatch, cocoon, chrysalis. 

Then we learnt about how humans change as they grow. We talked about the different things we are able to do at different stages of our life and then sequenced the different stages of life. Then we played a matching game with our friends adding labels to show what humans can do, to the stage of their life when they are able to do it. We talked about the words lifecycle, reproduce, adult, toddler, teenager.

In maths we have been continuing our work on multiplication. Last week we learnt to recognise equal groups, make equal groups and add equal groups. This week we have been learning to match multiplication sentences to equal groups of objects.

In literacy we have started a new poetry unit all about riddles. We have learnt that you can write a riddle about anything. You just need lots of clues followed by the question 'What am I?'. We have been reading lots of riddles and collecting adventurous vocabulary to describe mini beasts so we can write mini beast riddles. We have also been learning to use punctuation correctly.

In music we have been learning to play the glockenspiel. We learnt how to play notes E and D and learnt how to play them in time to music. We learnt new words like stave, pulse, beat.

In art we have been making animal collages. We looked at some others had made and discussed the different effects. We describe different college materials and sorted them by colour. Finally we drew an outline of an animal and made it into a collage. They are brilliant!

A jam packed week full of fun and creativity, well done Fistral Class!

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Week beginning 5.1.22 

Welcome back to the Spring term in Fistral Class and happy new year!

Please see the attached newsletter to find out what we will be learning about this term.


Week beginning 6.12 21 

In literacy this week we have been writing elf diaries. They have been up to some very naughty tricks! We have also been learning and sequencing the Christmas story. We have sequenced it and acted it out with our friends, getting to know it really well before writing next week.

In maths we are completing our termly maths assessments. 

In the afternoons we have been filming our performance of 'Ralph the Reindeer' ready for our big film premiere next week.
We are very excited to watch it! Look out for our video coming soon!

The most exciting thing this week was our Christmas visit to the theatre on Friday to watch 'The Man Who Wanted to be a Penguin'.
Many of us said it was our first visit to the theatre so it was a wonderfully festive experience for all of us.


Week beginning 29.11.21 

In literacy this week we have been getting to know the story behind our school play really well. 
We have storyboarded it and acted it out with our friends using expression.

In maths we have been finding totals and giving change. We have enjoyed playing shops with our friends.

In our topic work we have been learning about the Jewish festival of light, Hannukah. We watched a BBC video all about the festival. We then looked at a powerpoint that taught us the story behind the festival. Then we completed a sequencing task that taught us the order of the Hannukah story.
We also watched a couple of videos about Jewish families celebrating Hannukah. We discussed how they celebrate, we learnt about the oily latkes that they cook and eat and also found out about the game of Dreidl. Then we completed a matching task to show what we had understood about how Jewish people celebrate Hannukah. It also helped us to learn the tier 3 vocabulary very well.

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Week beginning 22.11.21 

This week we have spent the week rewriting the Nobot the Robot story with our own ideas. 
We had amazing ideas from a tortoise who lost his shell to a lizard who lost his tail! I have been blown away by your great ideas and brilliant writing.

In numeracy we have continued working with money. We have learnt to select money and spent a couple of days finding different ways to make the same amount. We have also compared amounts of money using the greater than and less than symbols. 
We are also enjoying our daily 'Mastering Number' programme activities with rekenreks. We have been finding ways to make 5 using the top row and also both rows of beads.

In I.C.T. this week we have been exploring the Beebots.  We learnt exactly what all the buttons do on a Beebot. Then we watched one on the screen perform a series of movements. On our whiteboards, we had to draw the instructions that would be needed to complete that movement. Then in pairs, we played with the Beebots. We had to get them to follow a route to reach a particular toy along the route.

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Week beginning 15.11.21 

This week we have been continuing with our unit on 'Stories with Familiar Settings'.
We looked at the 'No-Bot the Robot' story and thought about how we could change the character, the setting and the lost body part.
We discussed what it might be used for, shared ideas and then drew plans for a new story.
We also worked on creating effective sentences by using sentences from the story and thinking about alternative vocabulary that we could use.

In numeracy we started learning about money. We recapped on Y1 work, recognising coins and notes, then we learnt to count money in pence and pounds.

In I.C.T. we have been learning about programmable toys. 
We started by learning a new tier 3 word - 'algorithm' which we discovered meant a set of instructions. We discovered that precise instructions are really important. We worked with a partner and created instructions for a Lego model that our partner had to follow.
We also had fun following instructions to make a Mr. Potatohead.

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Week beginning 8.11.21 

This week we have been continuing with our 'Nobot the Robot' story in literacy.
We have been sequencing the story, looking carefully at the punctuation and thinking about other words we can use instead of said.

In numeracy we have been working on adding together three single digit numbers using doubles and number bonds to help us.

In our topic work we have completed our history unit, sequencing toys throughout time in chronological order. We also learnt about Remembrance and got together in the hall on Thursday at 11am to pay our respects with two minutes silence. We created some beautiful poppy art too.

Although it is still November, we have started thinking about our Christmas performance, Ralph the Reindeer, this week. We have started learning the songs and are starting to get very excited.

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Week beginning 2.11.21 

It has been lovely to see the children this week after half term.
We had fun talking about the things we got up to in the holiday and wrote some great recounts.
Then we started  a new literacy unit based on the story 'No-Bot the Robot'. We have spent the last few day getting to know the story really well and created some super story maps and completed VIPERS questions about the story too.

In maths we are continuing with our subtraction unit, subtracting one digit numbers from a two digit number using number lines. Then we moved onto using Base 10 to take away tens from a two digit number. Now most of us are really good at subtracting a two digit number from another two digit number using Base 10 to help us. Some of even managed some missing number challenges and learnt how to use the inverse calculation to help us work them out.

Our Toys topic work this week has been history.
We have watched  ‘Magic Grandad’ which was all about travelling back to Victorian times.
We spotted lots of different toys that children played with and noticed that lots of them were similar to toys we play with today.
However, we also noticed some differences, toys were mainly made out of wood or metal, today they are mostly made of plastic.
Dolls in Victorian times were made of china and wore old fashioned clothes. Dolls today are made from plastic, wear modern clothes and have moving parts. We also noticed that many toys today use electricity to make them work. Then we had fun making thaumotropes.

We also watched episode 2 of Magic Grandad which showed us what toys were like in the 1950’s. We talked about how this time was just after the war and people didn’t have much money so often made their own toys.
Then we looked at a very old teddy and ‘Fluffy’ who lives in our book corner. We noticed how the old teddy was very hard and filled with sawdust. His fur was threadbare and he looked very tatty.
‘Fluffy’ was very soft and much nicer to cuddle. Then we drew some old toys and some new toys and labelled them with the things we had noticed.
Finally we discussed all the things we had learnt this week and looked at some toys from different time periods. Then we tried to sequence them in chronological order.

Below are some photos of what we have been up to this week and also an overview of what we will be learning this half term. We are continuing with our Toys topic until Christmas.

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Week beginning 11.10.21 

In literacy this week we completed our unit on instructions. We saw some fantastic writing and some super progress even from the beginning of September.

We continued with addition in numeracy, adding two two digit numbers using Base 10 and we are getting really confident with this now.

In our topic work we continued with our Geography work on countries of the U.K. learning about Scotland and Wales.
We've also been practising our Harvest songs in music ready for our virtual performance!

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Week beginning 4.10.21 

Another busy week in Fistral.

We have been continuing with our literacy unit on instructions, collecting 'slimetastic' vocabulary, looking at imperative verbs in commands and also looking at how to join clauses. Finally we had a very messy afternoon making slime so that we are ready to write our own instructions next week.

We started a new unit in numeracy this week, we are now learning about addition and subtraction. This week we have been using a number line and also Base 10 to help us add two digit numbers and ones. We have also had fun solving number problems.

Our topic work has been based around Geography this week. We have been having great fun learning about toys from around the world.
We played with Russian dolls and played a game from Singapore where we threw weighted feathers in the air and counted how many times we could catch it. We also played a game from Ghana called Ampe. Two people jump in the air and stick out their leg at the same time. If both children stick the same leg out, the leader earns a point. If they stick out different legs, they swap roles so the other child becomes the leader.
We have also been learning about the different countries which make up the UK and their capital cities. We looked at England first and watched Barnaby Bear exploring London. Lots of us had been to London and were able to share what we had seen there.

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