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Home Learning Week Beginning 13.7.20 

Welcome to the last week of home learning.

I am posting this week's maths and a memories activity (attached below).

However in our key worker group we are having a 'Wellbeing Week'. It is very important to look after your wellbeing and that includes parents and carers.
We shouldn't underestimate the effect these last few months have had on us all and recent research shows that music, laughter, exercise and being outdoors can all help!
So this week in school we are going to be playing games outdoors, telling jokes, baking, listening to and singing along to our favourite tunes and generally having fun.

I would love to see some photos of you having fun and enjoying yourselves as I have missed you greatly over the last few months. 

I wish you all a fabulous and safe summer and look forward to seeing all your smiling faces in September.

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Home Learning Week Beginning 6.7.20 

Well we are heading toward the end of term now.
It has been lovely to see some of you in school but I am missing all of you who are learning at home.
I hope you are all well and let's hope we see a return of the sunshine this week.

I set a literacy task last week that can last for a few weeks so I am not setting anything new this week.

Maths is all about measures again and there are introductory videos for each lesson on the White Rose website
The worksheets are attached below.

This week we are thinking about plants that we eat.
Powerpoint and activity attached but you could also hunt in your fridge and cupboards at home to find food that comes from plants.
Maybe you can think about which part of the plant it comes from - the roots, seeds, stem, etc.

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Home Learning Week Beginning 28.6.20 

Welcome to this week's home learning.


This week children will be measuring things in different ways. Cooking is a good way to reinforce this if you fancy any help in the kitchen!
All the introductory videos can be found on
Follow the home learning link and click on Y2

Lesson 1 - measuring mass in grams
Lesson 2 - measuring mass in kilograms
Lesson 3 - comparing volume
Lesson 4 - measuring in millilitres
Lesson 5 - White Rose maths challenge


This week I have attached a booklet with a range of activities in it including SPaG, reading comprehension and writing.
There are a few of each so I would suggest using this booklet over the next few weeks for all of your literacy work.


This week we are looking at what plants need to grow well. There is an introductory powerpoint and an investigation to do.
Everything you need is attached

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Home Learning Week Beginning 22.6.20 

Dear Parents and Carers,

Here is the home learning for this week.
Don't forget to message me if you need any help, have any questions or have any photos you would like to share. 
Apparently the sun is going to shine so maybe you can take some of your learning outdoors.

Have fun!

This week the White Rose looks at length which we have already covered so I'm posting some work on direction and movement and some videos to go with it. Copy and paste the vimeo link into your browser.
Worksheets attached.

Monday - - describing movement
Tuesday - turns
Wednesday - - describing movement and turns
Thursday - go over whichever concepts your child needs more practise at (usually left and right!)
Friday - maths challenge on White Rose maths website or BBC Bitesize

There is a penguin passport challenge for this week's task .
For your reading task you can find out all about sharks.
There is also a SPaG sheet to have a go at.

We are continuing with the science project on plants this week. If you managed to plant anything last week there is a recording sheet where you can measure your plants and record their growth. There is also a powerpoint about plant lifecycles and a follow up task to go with it.

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Home Learning Week Beginning 15.6.20 

Welcome to home learning week 3!

There is a fun activity where the children can unscramble muddled sentences which is attached.
There is a powerpoint to introduce this which is also attached.

This week we will not be using the White Rose resources as they focus on 3D shape which we have done.
I would like the children to work on counting in 3s this week which we usually practise regularly in the summer term.
I have attached some sheets below for them to have a go at.

This week we are continuing to learn about plants and how they grow from seeds/bulbs. 

Have fun!

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Home Learning Week Beginning 8.6.20 

Welcome to home learning week 2!

There is a fun competition to enter if you like called 'Generation Lockdown' where you can write all about your experiences of lockdown life. 
There is also a reading comprehension about penguins.  
Finally there is a SPaG activity to do.

As always, the introductory videos and Friday's challenge can be found at
Lesson 1 - Unit fractions 
Lesson 2 - Non-unit fractions
Lesson 3 - Find a half 
Lesson 4 - Find a quarter
Lesson 5 - Friday challenge 

This week we are learning about plants, naming them and labelling the different parts. There is a powerpoint to start you off and some sheets but feel free to adapt this activity to make it more practical. Maybe you can find some of the plants out on a walk and name the different parts.
Have fun!

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Home Learning Week Beginning 1.6.20 

Welcome back to home learning! I hope you all had a fabulous half term and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Don't forget tomorrow (Monday 1st June) is an INSET day so you have another day to relax.
This week I have planned some activities around the 'Summer' theme so hopefully your learning can take you outside.

There is a fun activity to do do called 'Animal Mash Ups'
There is also a reading comprehension about birds you may see in your garden. Perhaps you could try and spot some of these birds in your own garden or whilst out for a walk.
Finally there is a SPaG activity to do.

Lesson 1 - 10 x table
Lesson 2 - Sharing
Lesson 3 - Grouping
Lesson 4 - Odd and Even Numbers

This week we are thinking about the change from Spring to Summer.
I have attached a powerpoint to get you thinking but maybe you can go on a hunt to see what signs of Summer you can see.
What plants and flowers can you see at this time of year? What is happening to the trees? What birds can you spot? What is the weather like? 
What are people wearing? Why? You could take photos, do some drawings or keep a weather diary. There are lots of different ways to show what you have learnt. I look forward to seeing your ideas. Have fun!

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Congratulations to Mikey who made it to 2nd place yesterday on The Maths Factor's leaderboard. He also came 3rd today. 
Awesome home learning Mikey!


Our Wonderful Home Learning! 

Look at all the amazing things we have been doing in our home learning. From artists and chefs to historians and bridge builders!

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Home Learning Week Beginning 11.5.20 

Hello Fistral Class,
I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend.
Don't forget you can send us photos of your VE day celebrations on Seesaw.
Here are this week's home learning tasks.

This week is a task all about designing and creating a reading den. 
There is also a reading comprehension about mini beasts and an activity about expanded noun phrases to complete.
All the activities are attached below.

The videos to go with these tasks are still available on but they are no longer giving the worksheets away for free.
I have attached what you need below instead.

Monday - Adding and Subtracting Tens
Tuesday - Add 2 Digit Numbers
Wednesday - Subtract 2 Digit Numbers
Thursday - Bonds to 100
Friday - Maths Challenge Day

This week why don't you have a go at creating your own time capsule.
Click on the link below to find out how to do it.

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