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Wb 16/11/20  

In Science this term the children are learning about Forces and Magnets. Linking to our Viking topic the children tested their mini made Viking Longships, out of Pringle tubes, to test whether they moved faster on wood, toweling or tin foil.


Wb 9/11/20 

What a busy week we have had! Sketching/drawing our dragons eyes, creating paper Poppy makes for Remembrance Day, our first African drumming lesson and Pudsey bingo for Children in Need. 
(The dragon eyes will be added during the week)

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Autumn Term 2 - Wb 2/11/20 

Dragon Poem

Over this half of term, dragons will be our main theme for lessons, as well as continuing to look at the Vikings. 

In Literacy this week, we have been looking at poetry and on Friday Lusty Glaze created 2 poems in 2 collaborative groups. 


Wb 28/09/20 

This week we explored Viking Longhouses and their features. 
Giving the children a Viking message to crack, they found out that their challenge this week was to become Viking 'Estate Agents' and try and sell me a Viking Longhouse covering aspects such as: 

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Autumn Term 1 - Wb 7/09/20 

Where Vikings always Vicious and Victorious?

This will be our focus for the Autumn Term.
The children were asked this questions at the very start of our Viking unit and it is really interesting to see there is a big variety in opinions. 


Welcome to the Autumn Term 

Welcome to Lusty Glaze! It is lovely to see all of the children. Take a look at our newsletter. 

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