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W/b 6th June

Welcome back, I hope you and your children all had a lovely week off. It was lovely to see all the children back in Lusty Glaze on Monday morning. 
This week the children were introduced to our new Topic question; 'Was Tutankhamun killed?' We watched a video to introduce Ancient Egypt and the children used atlases to locate Egypt and answer some questions on the country. They then looked into the key moments in the Ancient Egyptian timeline and we discussed where this period of time came in our history timeline.   

In Literacy the children carried out some recount work to mind map, plan and write up their half term and Jubilee celebrations. We looked at paragraphs and editing our recount work in particular. 
Maths the children have continued their work on fractions and decimal equivalents. 

In Science this half term we have been looking at our bodies, focusing on bones and muscles .

All of our Art this half term will be linked to our Egyptian Topic focus. This week the children were introduced to Pharaohs and using a picture of themselves stuck to sugar paper they created clothing and head dresses using different textures and materials. They used these to created collages and different patterns. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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W/b 16th May 2022

This week the children began writing their own stories around the theme of a storm in Literacy. On Monday they used story boards to help them plan their own stories and after editing and adding to these plans they then spent Tuesday and Wednesday completing activities based around direct speech and paragraphs to better prepare them for writing up their stories next week. 

In Maths the children continued with their work on fractions, they are showing a good understanding of this new unit.

In Science we investigated food labels and looked at how we can tell if a product is good for you by the information on the label.

In Art the children continued to develop their sketching skills by sketching a different photograph. They began the lesson by looking back at the sketching work they had completed in previous lessons and discussing what went well and what they could work on improving this time around. 

For Topic this week the children continued looking at different mountains and their features. work on volcanoes. They watched a video on famous mountains, they then used iPads to research and locate some of the worlds most famous mountains and plotted them on their own maps.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

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W/b 9th May 2022

We have been hard at work again this week in Year 3. In Topic the children have been researching mountains. They used iPads to research the features of mountains after watching a video on how they are formed. The children then used maps and atlases to locate some of the most famous mountain ranges in the world and which Continents they are in. 

In Literacy this week we completed the reading of our class book titled 'Storm'. The children used the Fab Four to summarise, clarify and question the story. They spent time writing descriptive sentences based on what we had read and on Friday the children wrote a report on a snowy day. 

In maths the children continued work on fractions, looking at halves and quarters.

During Science the focus was nutritional foods, a balanced diet and reading food labels. The children used a selection of food labels to work out the nutritional value of that particular food. 

Due to the weather being too wet to sit outside and sketch, the children used a photograph this week in Art to continue practicing their sketching skills. 

On Friday the children were lucky enough to have a Cornish themed assembly. The children were told some Corish folk stories and listened to some fantastic music, with a very talented musician playing the harp!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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W/b 2nd May

Just a four day week this week, but busy none the less. For Literacy this week we continued our work around the story 'Storm'. The children spent time putting themselves in the place of the characters from the story during a hot seat lesson and used the Fab Four characters to draw inference for the story and make predictions as to what might happen next. They also spent time writing descriptive sentences about a storm.

In maths we have continued our work on length and perimeter. 

Wednesday, during Topic the children researched and investigated rivers. They labelled the features of a river and then began looking at some of the most famous rivers around the world and used maps and atlases to mark where they were located on their own maps. Finally, they looked in more detail at a famous river of their choice and completed fact files on it as well as noting down what they'd need to be able to survive a night there. 

During our Art lesson this week the children used their previous knowledge of sketching to sketch their surroundings whilst sat out on the school field. 

On Friday we took part in an alternative sports day whereby the children learnt some of the skills to play Lacrosse and Tri-Golf. They also played a few games of Catch the Flag. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed this and it was a great way for them to practice team work.

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week! 

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W/b 25th April 2022

Welcome back! It has been lovely to see all the children back in class after what I hope was a lovely, sunny Easter holiday. I have attached this term's newsletter below for your reference.

This week we started work our new topic question 'Are you a survivor?' The children looked into the basic survival needs of humans and enjoyed watching some videos of Bear Grylls giving helpful tips and information on how to survive in different environments. They then created a front cover for their Survival handbooks which they will be adding to at the end of every topic lesson.

In literacy we began working on our new narrative unit which is all based around a book titled 'Storm'. During the course of the week we read the first four chapters of the book and completed work on direct speech, descriptive sentence writing and used our Fab Four characters to retrieve information for the story so far. 

In maths we have started our work on length and perimeter, the children really enjoyed measuring different areas of the classroom using a meter rule.

Science this term is Animals including Humans. This week we looked at the food groups, nutrition and a healthy diet. 

In art this week we began our work on the artist Turner. During this unit the children will develop their skills in sketching and experiment with water colours. This week the children carried out some research into who Turner was and the art work he was most famous for. They then followed a sketching tutorial and produced some amazing sketched of apples and other everyday objects. They were taught how to hold their art pencil for sketching and how to shade. 

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

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W/b 4th April

Already it is the end of term. This week we have been working as hard as ever in Year 3. In Literacy we have planned and written our very own time travelling story. This concluded our work around the book The Time Travelling Cat. The children produced some fantastic stories, all of which incorporated aspects of their learning from the topic work we have completed on the Tudors. 

We finished our Tudor topic work off this week with a geography lesson. The children investigated and researched Sir Francis Drakes voyages and explorations and then plotted them on their own maps. They then did some more work on the Spanish Armada and plotted those events on another map. 

In maths we have continued and finished off our work on statistics. We ended the week looking at bar graphs and tally graphs.  

In DT we made our smoothies that we had planned last lesson. The children picked out the ingredients they would need and checked they had all the necessary equipment and then made and drank their smoothies. Finally they evaluated their final product.  They had great fun doing this. 

I hope you all have an amazing Easter break and I look forward to seeing all of the children back at school after the holidays. Have a great break!

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W/b 28th March 

We have had a very exciting week in Year 3. On Wednesday, as part of our topic work we had a visit from our local firemen who helped us re-enact The Great Fire of London. The children used their Tudor houses which they created in previous DT lessons and set up their own Tudor street. These were then set alight by the firemen and the children watched how quickly the fire spread through the houses. Once the fire was put out by the firemen the children were able to have a go on the fire hoses and had a tour of the fire engine and the equipment. This was a fantastic afternoon. Once back in the classroom the children spent some time reflecting on the experience and recorded their ideas on it.

In science this week we continued to look at forces. The children looked at how friction and different surfaces effect a moving vehicle and they created their own experiments!

In literacy this week the children completed lots of work on William Shakespeare. They learnt who he was and what he was most famous for by carrying out research and creating there own fact files.  They also completed a guided reading activity to help gather more information on Shakespeare. On Wednesday the children listened to A Midsummer Camp's Dream which was based on A Midsummer Nights Dream. As the children listened to this they made notes on what they heard and then summarised the story in their own words in the style of Sid the Squirrel (One of our Fab Four characters).   

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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W/b 21st March
This week we completed lots of work on Tudor explorers. The children carried out lots of independent research on explorers such as Sir Francis Drake, Christopher Columbus and John Cabot. They used iPads to do this and we reminded ourselves on what is meant by primary and secondary sources of information.
The children created a variety of pieces of work to record the information they had found out such as fact files and posters.   
We also began looking in the Spanish Armada and the children enjoyed creating comic strips to retell the events of the Spanish Armada in chronological order. 

In Maths this week we have continued our work on money, adding and subtracting given amounts using exchange . 

In Science we began our topic on forces, looking at pushing and pulling. The children worked in pairs to act out a force and then do a freeze frame pose for the rest of the class to guess which force they were demonstrating, the results were brilliant!

This week we also completed several guided reading sessions using our Fab Four group, these are familiar characters to the children but the group have a new and improved name! Can your child explain to you who Polly, Clara, Quentin and Sid are? 

A massive thank you to Mrs Wright for organising the sale and  to you and your children who helped us raise an amazing £174.05 for Red Nose Day! Well done everyone!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the glorious weather. 

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W/b 14th March

We have had a great week completing lots of science investigations, experiments  and  other science based lessons.
On Monday, the children completed their DT project by painting their Tudor houses and then evaluating them. This turned out to be a very messy activity but the children had great fun and the end results were brilliant, both on the houses and their clothes!. In the afternoon we took part in some health and wellbeing activities, the archery session was a huge success and then we did some yoga. 

On Tuesday, we watched a NFU live lesson on farming and lifecycles, the children enjoyed watching a calf and a lamb being born. They then completed some animal lifecycle worksheets to help them discover and record more information on the lifecycle process for mammals, birds and reptiles. They also completed a rainbow collectors investigation which involved the children finding various different things in nature to complete their own rainbow strip. 

On Wednesday, the children watched a minibeast live lesson and then carried out some research to help them create a minibeast fact file which they shared with a friend. In the afternoon they completed some Tudor topic work whereby they began investigating different Tudor explorers and carrying out some research into a few of them, they loved finding about the Devon based explorers such as Sir Francis Drake.

On Thursday we carried out the Rocket Mice experiment. The children designed and made their own paper cone mice and then used different empty plastic bottles to experiment with how they could make them travel. We had some amazing scientific discussions on how altering the weight of the mouse and the size of the bottle would effect how far the mice would travel. 

On Friday we celebrated Red Nose Day in home clothes. The children took part in lots of Red Nose Day based activities including creating their own acrostic poems and completing a maths challenge. We then donated money to take part in a 'Design your own T-shirt' competition and bought books and board games to help raise money for the charity. This was a huge success, thanks to Mrs Wright and Year 4 for setting up and running the sale.

Have a lovely, sunny weekend!

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W/b 7th March 2022

We began this week by celebrating St Piran,s day and all things Cornish. The children had a fantastic time moving around the school taking part in Cornish themed lessons. They started the day taking part in a literacy lesson where they learnt about who St Piran was and how he came to be in Cornwall. Then the children learnt how important the clay industry was for Cornwall and created their own clay tiles with Celtic patterns on them, using various different techniques. After break they learnt some traditional Cornish dances and sung some Cornish songs. Finally, the children learnt more about the story of St Piran and the miracles he performed. 

In literacy this week we have been using our topic research to plan, write and edit the events of The Great Fire of London. This was a non-fiction, chronological piece of writing that required the children to use subheadings, paragraphs and their tier 3 vocabulary. The children produced some fantastic pieces of writing which they then presented to Year 4 and discussed what they had found out and how this made them feel. 

In maths this week we have begun our money unit. After recapping what they had learnt previously and what they could recall we began working through the start of this unit. We will continue with this next week even though it is Science week.

In DT we used our design plans to begin making our Tudor houses. The children had great fun using the materials we had gathered to build their houses. These will be painted and the children will then evaluate their finished product before our reenactment of The Great Fire of London next week. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.   

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