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Last day of term  

End of term

Last post from me for the term. I hope everyone is safe and well and enjoying the sunshine in some capacity! Thank you to those of you who've connected with work on Seesaw or the school website.

After Easter the school website will just have a weekly overview for the subjects, however if you find the individual lesson videos on SeeSaw handy I'm more than happy to keep doing them as I appreciate the effort everyone is putting into home learning, and really anything I can do to help I will.

Our theme next term is "the environment" and this is where I need your help Lusty Glaze. Is there an aspect of environmental issues you would like to explore? Is there a key question you think would be good to investigate? I was thinking something like "What does need fixing?" with a focus on different elements of environmental issues so that you have the scope to investigate the things you are interested in; deforestation, plastic pollution, becoming carbon neutral etc. Let me know what you think.

Lastly I've put a link to the Easter story which we would have looked at as part of RE, it also directly links to our Roman topic too. Below are also some ideas for a few arty Easter/spring cards you may wish to make with your family/siblings (they are ideas from Pinterest I take no credit).

Have a safe, happy and relaxing break and I'll catch up with you soon.

Miss Owen ????


Topic: the fall of the Roman Empire 

Unfortunately there wasn't a great battle that led to the fall of the Roman Empire it more fizzled out, like bubbles in the bath, over time because of a range of different influences.  Have a read from the two websites below to find out more.  The Ducksters website also includes an audio version at the bottom of the page.
This concludes our topic on the Romans.  Look out for our next topic appearing soon (I may also need your help choosing the question).


Numeracy Wednesday  

Today Y3's will be looking at counting in tenths.  Have a go at this starting at 1/10.  Where do you stop?  What is 1 whole going to be?  What do you think will come next?  If it helps use 10p's to help you count because 10p is 1/10 of a £1 coin.
Y4's will be looking at equivalent fractions.  The key to this is knowing your times tables and remembering that whatever you do to the denominator you also do to the numerator.  You can multiply to find an equivalent fraction or divide but when you divide you have to find the times table that both the numerator and denominator live in.  You can also use a times table grid to help you.  Check out SeeSaw for my live lesson.

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Literacy: Editing your story 

So today you may have begun writing your story (it's ok if you're still at the planning phase) but now you need to edit it - is that a collective groan I hear?  Actually, all authors redraft their work at least twice and editing what they have written is a crucial and important part of their writing.  Most people who write a letter or keep blogs reread their work and tweak it so what you are learning to do is a life skill!
In order to help you I've put some steps to success, but check out my video on SeeSaw that explains this further (you can also send me your finished stories there too).  I've included a 100HF word chart for you to check your spelling and tomorrow I'll be collecting Precision Teach packs so, for those of you that do this intervention, you can use these words as your key spellings. On the 100HF words I've highlighted the most commonly misspelt words I've noticed around class, these would be good to focus on.
Also have a go at up levelling some of your vocabulary using - but remember the lighter the shade the less similar it is to the original word.
Good luck

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Numeracy: Monday & Tuesday  

In Numeracy this week we will be looking at fractions; understanding unit fractions, making the whole and equivalent fractions (Y4).  Have a go at the activities below but also check out my tutorials on SeeSaw that explains all of this.  Make sure to remember that a fraction is a part of the whole and that all of parts are equal.  Have a go at counting in fractions e.g. 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 4/4 (a whole).  Can you do it with different fraction amounts e.g. starting at 1/5 or 1/6 or 1/10.

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Assessing your child's reading 

Hello all For Guided Reading this week I was hoping to hear all of your children read individually and assess their level. This is where I will need your help. Please can you listen to them read from their current book band (Free readers are Brown level) and use the 5-finger assessment that is below, then let me know if they need to change to the next colour level or if they are free reader, that they are still doing well with their reading. If your child is reading one of the lower level books, then perhaps 2 pages would be best to assess against depending on the amount of writing on the page.

If you need access to books head to Oxford and under My Class Login use the username LG2019 and the password 1234. This was also sent home in your home learning journals, but I understand some of you haven't received those.

By doing this if school is still out after Easter I can set appropriate Guided Reading activities for your children. I've attached the Oxford Reading colour levels to help you see the next level.

Thank you Miss O

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Literacy: Roman story 

You are going to plan and write a Roman themed story.  Use the story mountain, starters, image and adjectives to help you.  You can send me your stories on SeeSaw and check out the tutorial on planning your story. 
Miss O

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Maths and measures 

In maths we've been learning how to measure things in mm, cm, m and Km.  We also have been learning how to convert between these units of measure and how they can be used in real life, such as reading maps.


The Roman Army 


We've been finding out about Roman soldiers and their daily lives (it was extremely tough).  We labelled the weapons and armour they wore.

We also investigated how much all of that equipment actually weighed - 35Kg!!! There were not enough weights in the school to make that amount, but we managed to get about a third of it.  Even that was still extremely heavy!


Art and Pompeii 

In Literacy...

...we read the story Escape from Pompeii and then created some amazing pieces of art about the eruption of Mt Vesuvius.

We used pastels, pattern blocks and paints to create different effects.


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