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W/b 11th October

This week the class had a brilliant time in our forest area, building dens and climbing trees. This was a special class treat because they had filled up the jar of gems and earned their reward time. Everyone had a really wonderful time.

In Literacy the children wrote questions that they wanted to know the answers to based on our Stone Age learning. The next day they researched the answers and found out some amazing facts. Oli wanted to know where the rope they used to tie the flints to the axe handles came from, we eventually found out that they made holes in an animal tusk and used this as a loom to weave plant fibres through! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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w/b 4th October 

It has been another busy week of learning in Lusty Glaze. In our Literacy this week we have been working on our using our tier 2 and 3 vocabulary in our writing which will help our writing to become more interesting to read.  Our Maths learning this week has been based on place value and counting in 50s.

Our afternoon learning this week has also been busy. In science we made a wormery and all enjoyed searching for the worms to put in it!
We also found out about Martin Luther King and the role he played in making a difference.

Enjoy this lovely, sunny weekend!

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W/B 27th September

In Lusty Glaze this week we have been writing 

In literacy this week we have been writing our three little pig stories, we have been working hard to include all the elements we have been learning this term such as fronted adverbials, inverted commas in direct speech and our focused vocabulary.

This has been our last week of our place value unit. We have been working hard on our place value and looking at numbers 1, 10 1nd 100 more or less than a given number up to 1000. 

Our topic work has been all about the Stone Age and we have been researching different roles and ways of life. 
In art we have been looking at different cave drawings and scenes and have been creating our own using pencil and charcoal, the results were amazing!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, despite the rain! See you on Monday!

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W/B 20th September 

It has been another busy and successful week in Lusty Glaze!

We have carried on with our story of the Three Little Pigs in Literacy this week and we have now started to plan our own alternative version of this great story. I have seen some very interesting ideas coming from the children this week, their stories will be fantastic! 
We designed story maps which will help us to write our stories next week.

In maths, we have carried on with our learning on place value and have worked on numbers up to a thousand and their place in the number system.

In Science we have continued looking at rocks and fossils. some of the children brought in some lovely ones to show us, thank you for that.

We drew cave paintings in art and created our own personal timelines as part of our topic work, the best timeline entry for “before I was born” had to be “ a giraffe bit my Dad’s hand before I was born!

Congratulations to our two new school council representatives, Oliver and Peggy!

Have a lovely weekend!

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W/B 13th September

I cannot believe that we have already finished the second week back in school!
We have all settled and have really started to get focused  on our learning this week.

In Math we have been looking at place value and three digit numbers
In literacy we are continuing with our Three Little Pigs story. 
In History we have been learning about Prehistory and timelines. 

We have also started learning about rocks in Science with Miss Owen and have also had Mrs Wright foe PSHE and French!

We all love getting stuck into P.E on a Friday afternoon!

We are all looking forward to another busy week next week! 

I have attached the newsletter.

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Welcome to Year 3 

Lusty Glaze

It has been lovely to welcome the children back after the Summer Holidays.

This first week in Year 3 has been great and all of the children have settled in extremely well, it is lovely to see their smiling faces coming in each morning!

They are enjoying their new classroom and love our new reading area.

Next week we are starting our new topic which is about the Stone Age. Our Big Question is...

Would you like to live like a Stone Age Hunter?

This week the children have been creating some excellent self portraits and posters all about themselves. It has been great getting to know each other and finding out all about the individual children in the class. 

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