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The First Fortnight 

Welcome to the summer term! I hope everyone had a restful Easter break and that you managed to spend some time outside soaking up the sun (even if it is a little fresh outside). I am really excited to be your teacher for the summer term and getting to know you better, it was lovely coming in before Easter for a couple of days and you all made me feel so welcome. I know that some of you will be missing Miss Horwood but we will be staying in touch with her, and I’m sure you all will be sending her lots of good luck vibes for her new job! There are lots of things planned for the summer term. The first half will be based around the topic of Cornwall and the second half on the ancient Benin culture, but more about that at a later date. Some useful information for you below as there are slight changes to the week.

Our numeracy unit this half term is fractions.  We've already recapped some of the key areas that may have been missed in Lockdown 1 and are moving on.  The key thing to remember with fractions (or any area of maths) is to use the sentence stems in class to help you.  For example we've been practicing identifying fractions in shapes; "The shape is shared into ... equal parts so the denominator is ...  There are ... pieces shaded so the numerator is ..."


In literacy we shall be listening to different Cornish myths and legends and creating our own version of the tale "A Voyage With The Piskies".
<----- A copy of the learning journey has been put up so you can see the skills we will be learning.  A large focus of this unit is learning and playing with new vocabulary to create interesting and effective descriptions.
Below is the link to the original tale.

In keeping with our Cornwall topic we have been exploring different maps of the local area and comparing the differences.  We've learned about the differences between different human settlements and researching local cities/town/villages and what makes them special.
We've also been looking at the artwork of Cornish artist Mimi Winfield and practising drawing in her style.  We'll post some more pictures of our artwork nest time because it's looking fab!

In other news...

Marley became our first Happy Handwriter of the Week!  Looking at his work from September until now you can really see the progress made.  Well done Marley.  Who will it be next time?
We are really focussing on our handwriting in Lusty Glaze and thinking about the presentation of our work.


Wb 8/3/21 

Welcome back everyone! It was so lovely to see everyone back in the classroom on Monday and what a busy and exciting first week back we have had. Returning on Science Week meant some fun experiments and activities to try. We explored bionic hands and compared these to our real ones to see which objects we could lift easily as well as trying to build the tallest tower with marshmallows and spaghetti. 

We also created a class 'Lockdown Time Capsule' whereby everyone drew a picture of who they spent lockdown with, a short 'all about me' information sheet and a letter to ourselves. We spoke about how lovely it will be to look back at them in a few years time and remember how amazing we all were to get through a really difficult time. 

Over the next few weeks we will continue with our WW1 topic and explore this further in Literacy when we write our very own newspaper reports on the trenches!

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Wb 1/3/21 

We've made it through and got to the end of another Lockdown! Well done everybody!

I am so excited to see and welcome everyone back into the classroom on Monday. 

For our final week in Lockdown we were able to still join in with some wonderful activities to celebrate World Book Day and St Piran's Day. 

World Book Day - it was so lovely to see the children in school dressed up and have those at home join us on Teams in their costumes for a World Book Day quiz. 

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Wb 22/2/21 

That's the first week after half term completed and how quickly it went. What great news we had on Monday that we can be back in school on the 8th! So only one more week of home-learning. Cannot wait to see you all. 

This week, however, the children have begun a new unit of work in Maths - money and have been getting on so well with it, both at home and in school. One pupil in my class even had the fantastic idea to use coins at home to help support him! 

Over this second half of term we are continuing our WW1 topic so this week we explored Morse Code and the children were challenged to 'crack' my message and then have a go at creating their own. 

Well done for getting through the first week. Only one week left and we can all be back together in the classroom. 

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Wb 8/2/21 

Lockdown week 6 complete!

I want to start off by saying a massive well done and thank you for everyones hard work and determination over this very strange and different time. 

For our final week before half term, we had a more creative week whereby the children wrote their own WW1 stories using the structure and ideas taken from the story 'The Little Hen and the Great War' as well as having a go at making some WW1 silhouette pictures. 
We also had a go at creating some Origami hearts following steps on a YouTube video that some children incorporated into their valentines card. 

Lastly, certificates were rewarded for everyone in Lusty Glaze to say a big well done and thank you for their hard work and motivating throughout this tough time. You are now known as 'Lockdown Legends' and I am so proud to be apart of Lusty Glaze. Have a well deserved rest over half term!

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Wb 1/2/21 

Lockdown Week 5 complete!

This week in Literacy we have been working alongside the story 'The Little Hen and the Great War' so that at the end of next week we can write and create our own WW1 stories using the structure to guide us. On Tuesday we listened to the story followed by some questions, Wednesday we created story maps to match, Thursday we explored subordinating conjunctions and Friday we began to plan our own story. 

Maths were very pleased to say we have finally come to the end of our Multiplication and Division unit and the children have worked extremely hard! They have also been learning and practicing a different times-table each week using Percy Parker off YouTube and completing various worksheets. 

In PSHE this week we looked at our hopes and dreams listening to a story about the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. The children were then tasked with drawing or writing in their thought bubble what their dreams and hopes are for the future. We got some lovely responses. 

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Wb 25/1/21 

Lockdown Week 4 complete!

This week in Literacy the children have been exploring letters - looking closely at their features and styles. After learning about formal and informal writing styles the children had a go at writing letters to someone of their choice, before planning their own as a soldier in the WW1 trenches. They then used these plans to write a letter up neatly, pretending to be a soldier. 

This week in our topic we explored the weapons used in WW1 - discovering grenades, flame throwers, machine guns, rifles and bayonets, gas masks, tanks and artillery. The children were then tasked to choose one of the weapons and create a fact file sheet in any way. 

The children have also been very busy at home cooking and enjoying their daily exercise in the park and dancing. 

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Wb 18/1/21 

Lockdown Week 3 complete!

What a busy week we've had this week! The children in Lusty Glaze have continued to work extremely hard.

In Science the children have been looking at shadows so they have continued this work by creating shadow pictures with toys they have at home.

To incorporate some physical activity the children have used Just Dance on YouTube - we thoroughly enjoy this when in school.

For our WW1 topic this week the children explored what a WW1 soldiers uniform was like, labelling different parts before following steps to draw their own soldier.

There has also been a lot of creativity! Yummy chocolate orange buns as well as Star Wars crafts. 

Lastly our weekly 'Friends Friday'. 

This week we played a scavenger hunt game whereby the children had to find any object at home that was a certain colour. It was great fun! 

I am extremely proud to be apart of the Lusty Glaze team and cannot wait to see what next week brings :)


Wb 11/1/21 

Lockdown Week 2 Complete!

The children in Lusty Glaze have continued to do a fantastic job at home this week and the work I have received has been amazing!

Continuing on with our WW1 topic this week the children were asked to explore the trenches and find out what they were like, the role of a soldier and any difficulties they faced. They were then tasked with drawing or creating a diagram of a trench. 
These are a few that were sent through. 

Fantastic effort and enthusiasm everyone! Thank you for all your hard work. 


Spring Term - Wb 4/1/21 

First week of Lockdown complete!

I firstly want to begin by saying a big well done and thank you for everyones hard work and dedication. The children and parents have done amazingly well adapting back into another lockdown. 

On Friday we had our very first 'Friends Friday' on Teams and it was lovely to see each other and have a chat! 

Keep going Lusty Glaze, you are doing brilliantly! 


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