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Wild Tribe 


We had a fantastic morning with Kayleigh in our outside woodland area, participating in 2 different activities. 

First we learnt about the features of a leaf: margin/edge, blade, petiole, apex, vein and midrib. We then used magnifying glasses to explore and identify these features on real leaves. We then had the opportunity to imprint our leaves in clay and turn it into a badge. 

Our second activity was making wooden necklaces. 

Thank you Kayleigh for our fantastic morning :) 

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Wb 5/7/21 

We began our new week with a morning visit to year 4 with Mrs Marshall on Monday. We had some fantastic chats and designed our own 'All about me' flags ready for the classroom. The children were all super excited and cannot wait to join Mrs Marshall in September. 

We also had an exciting afternoon on Tuesday for Health and Well-Being day where the children took part in some different team games. Our favourite was definitely the water challenge! 

In Literacy the children have been doing a superb job of writing up their Greek stories into play scripts! We are hoping to get them finished next week and possibly written/typed up nicely and potentially act them out. It's been so much fun!

In our Ancient Greek work we looked at the life of a child and explored 4 key aspects of their lives: food, clothing, education and entertainment/toys. 
We even designed our own pull-along, wheeled toys and are hoping to make these next week.

To end our term we are going over our Money unit in Maths (from lockdown) and have had great fun pretending to be shopkeepers and customers and using money to give correct amounts and explore making amounts in different ways. 

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Wb 28/6/21 

Another fabulous week in Lusty Glaze!

As we have finished exploring the features of play scripts the children have been planning, learning and telling their own Greek Myth stories they have made up. On Friday we began writing them and made sure we included all the features we have been learning about: scenes, stage directions, name of characters followed by a colon and dialogue. 

In Maths we have been going over work from the Autumn Term of Year 3 to recap Number and Place Value and the children have done an excellent job with remembering and using the columnar method to add together larger numbers. We have also had some fun lessons creating our own numbers using dice to add them together, identify who created the largest number between our partners as well as comparing numbers using the correct symbols of more/less than and equal to. 

In History this week we learnt about the battle of Marathon and how the Greek army was so successful in defeating the Persian army. 
The children participated in some role play whereby 2 generals were selected and after rolling the dice had to recruit class members to be apart of their army. We used whiteboards for shields and pencils for spears. We learnt that warriors were called hoplites and this meant they were foot soldiers who fought together in a team and stayed in a close formation called a phalanx. 

In art this week we learnt two new technique: pinching, coiling and impressing and the children used these to make pots. We began by rolling our clay into a ball and pushed our thumb into the middle. Then using our thumb and fingers we pinched the clay to shape our pots to the size we wanted. The children then rolled separate pieces of clay out into sausage shapes to create a coil. These were then added to the top of our pots and blended in. Lastly we used different resources to add impressions onto our pots. 

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Wb 21/6/21 

The children have produced and done some fantastic work this week!

In Literacy we have continued to explore playscripts and we used our reciprocal reading technique of clarifying to understand the meanings of words associated with plays, such as: cast, pantomime, applause. Using a variety of scripts, the children were grouped and given the opportunity to practice and act out in front of their peers. We have some fantastic actors in Lusty Glaze. We have also used various scripts to identify and make lists of props as well as learning about stage directions. 

In Maths we have come to the end of a our Geometry (Shape) unit and the children have really progressed and have a deeper understanding of: direction of turn (clockwise/anti-clockwise and quarter/half/three-quarter/full), types of angles (right angle, acute/obtuse), orientation of lines (horizontal/vertical/parallel) as well as describing and recognising 2D and 3D shapes. 

Our Ancient Greek work this week has also been fantastic! The children have learnt all about Alexander the Great's impact on the Greek Empire and were again tasked with acting out the events that happened. We have also been developing our clay skills - learning techniques such as slabbing this week. 

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Wb 14/6/21 

Another week of learning completed for Year 3 and a fantastic job they have done too!

For this final half of term we are exploring Ancient Greece and this week have been exploring the two most powerful city-states - Athens and Sparta. After learning about each city the children were tasked with deciding which they would rather live in and why. This developed a rather fascinating conversation with most children choosing the city of Sparta because they would be trained to be fearsome warriors. 

Our Literacy unit of work this half of term is to create our own playscript and potentially perform them! So far we have explored and discovered the Greek Gods and Goddesses and used these in our writing this week when creating our own dialogue sentences. These turned out absolutely fantastic. 

The children have also thoroughly enjoyed PE this week where they have learnt techniques to improve their sprinting skills. 

We also had an afternoon in the woods Wednesday to celebrate filling our Gem jar before half term :)

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Wb 24/5/21 

What a great last week we've had before half term! Lots of hard work and fantastic work produced. 

To finish our Literacy unit, we created our own leaflets about 'why people should come on holiday to Cornwall' as part of our persuasive writing unit. Over this half of term the children have been learning about Cornwall so have been able to incorporate some of their learning into their leaflets. The greatest fact we learnt is that Cornwall has over 300 beaches!! The children were amazed with this fact. 

In Geography we took a short walk from Gunnislake School to Delaware, marking on a map symbols we explored last week. These were a church, post office, train station, parking, footpath and an A road. 

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Wb 17/5/21 

In Literacy this week we have began to write the sections of our leaflet. On Monday we had a session on 'All about Cornwall' to help give us ideas on what we could include in our own leaflet and have so far written the beginning and middle. We have been working really hard to include particular features in our writing such as rhetorical questions, exaggeration and directness. The work so far has been brilliant. 

The children have continued to do a fantastic job in Maths! We have now covered equivalent fractions using bar models, number lines and a fraction wall. We have also looked at adding and subtracting fractions which everyone grasped and understood really quickly. Next week we will continue to look at all areas to ensure we have no gaps in our fraction knowledge. 

Afternoons have been very busy with our fun and exciting curriculum. In Geography we explored a variety of symbols before discussing which we may find and see between Delaware School and Gunnislake School. We then drew these which will help us with next weeks lesson when we take a short walk from Gunnislake School to Delaware School and add them onto our very own maps! 
In art we have finally finished our own pictures in the style of Mimi Winfield and they look absolutely fantastic! 
RE this half of term we have been looking at Pentecost and the Holy Spirit. We learnt this week that Pentecost is celebrated 50 days after Easter, which falls on Sunday 23rd May this year, so we made our own Pentecost cards which were taken to the local Church. 

We also found out that the Royal Mail are hosting a stamp competition so have been busy drawing our entries. This gave us a great opportunity to think about all the wonderful people who have done so much for us and others over this very difficult year. 

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Wb 10/5/21 

This week we have begun our new unit of work in Literacy, to create a leaflet on why people should come on holiday to Cornwall. Over this week we have explored examples of persuasive writing and identified the features we will need in our writing. The Alton Towers persuasive piece was a very popular choice and many children said after hearing it they'd definitely like to go to Alton Towers! 

Continuing on with our Cornwall learning we explored two different maps in Geography, one from a coastal landscape and one from a moorland landscape. The children learnt about the orange lines on a map, which indicate a hill, and if they don't have much of a gap between them it shows the hill is steep. The numbers beside these lines indicate how tall the hills are in metres. The children really enjoyed exploring a variety of different maps to identify these features and even began to point out the different symbols they could see which will link in well with our work next week!
In Art this week we have continued to look at the work of Mimi Winfield and the children were tasked with drawing a picture of the local area without tracing in the same style. The children did a fantastic job but need another session to finish off so pictures will be posted next week. 

We had a terrific French lesson this week! The children were so engaged. We learnt to ask how are you which is Ca Va with 3 responses. Ca Va Bien (I'm good), Ca Va Mal (not so good) and Comme se Comme sa (so so). It has been so lovely to see the children coming in in the mornings asking how are you in French. 


The First Fortnight 

Welcome to the summer term! I hope everyone had a restful Easter break and that you managed to spend some time outside soaking up the sun (even if it is a little fresh outside). I am really excited to be your teacher for the summer term and getting to know you better, it was lovely coming in before Easter for a couple of days and you all made me feel so welcome. I know that some of you will be missing Miss Horwood but we will be staying in touch with her, and I’m sure you all will be sending her lots of good luck vibes for her new job! There are lots of things planned for the summer term. The first half will be based around the topic of Cornwall and the second half on the ancient Benin culture, but more about that at a later date. Some useful information for you below as there are slight changes to the week.

Our numeracy unit this half term is fractions.  We've already recapped some of the key areas that may have been missed in Lockdown 1 and are moving on.  The key thing to remember with fractions (or any area of maths) is to use the sentence stems in class to help you.  For example we've been practicing identifying fractions in shapes; "The shape is shared into ... equal parts so the denominator is ...  There are ... pieces shaded so the numerator is ..."


In literacy we shall be listening to different Cornish myths and legends and creating our own version of the tale "A Voyage With The Piskies".
<----- A copy of the learning journey has been put up so you can see the skills we will be learning.  A large focus of this unit is learning and playing with new vocabulary to create interesting and effective descriptions.
Below is the link to the original tale.

In keeping with our Cornwall topic we have been exploring different maps of the local area and comparing the differences.  We've learned about the differences between different human settlements and researching local cities/town/villages and what makes them special.
We've also been looking at the artwork of Cornish artist Mimi Winfield and practising drawing in her style.  We'll post some more pictures of our artwork nest time because it's looking fab!

In other news...

Marley became our first Happy Handwriter of the Week!  Looking at his work from September until now you can really see the progress made.  Well done Marley.  Who will it be next time?
We are really focussing on our handwriting in Lusty Glaze and thinking about the presentation of our work.


Wb 22/3/21 

This week we have got further into our Literacy unit and have started planning what we'd like to include in our report writing! Using a large sheet of paper which included the 5 W's, the children spent some time reading through fact sheets and entering information into the correct W. 
We also spent some time 'hot-seating' whereby we took it in turns to be a solider and the rest of the class was news reporters. This was great fun and it showed just how much information the children have retained. 

The afternoons this week have been fun and creative! On Tuesday we explored the Artist Andy Warhol and created our own inspired artwork incorporating our WW1 topic. I am so pleased with how their pictures came out. Then on Thursday we made Anzac biscuits. They were yummy!  

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