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Week ending 15th October 2021 

The children have had fun this week learning about harvesting vegetables and crops. They watched an episode of Cbeebies 'Down on the Farm' and were able to tell us about what they knew about farms, tractors and vegetables. We then made some tractor pictures using 2d paper shapes.
We've seen some great teamwork this week with children working together to make some car tracks and taking turns to complete jigsaw puzzles. 
They've also enjoyed some sensory play washing their princesses in the water tray and scooping up cinnamon scented oats. 

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Week ending 8th October 2021 

This week in nursery we have embraced Autumn and have learnt a new song 'Autumn Leaves are Falling Down' which the children love doing actions to!
The children have loved our indoor and outdoor farm shops and we have used vegetables and corks to paint an Autumnal trees. We've been on a hunt to look for different coloured leaves too.

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Week ending 1st October 2021 

This week in nursery we have continued to learn about the importance of brushing our teeth and which foods are good/bad for our teeth. We made a giant mouth and the children gave the teeth a good clean. As we enter Autumn we took a visit to the woodland area where we had fun doing bark rubbings and went on a 'Bear Hunt'. The children then helped set up an autumnal woodland roleplay and Farm shop.

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Week ending 24th September 2021 

This week in nursery we have been learning about oral hygiene and visiting the dentist. Our children have loved our dentist role play and have been painting teeth with toothbrushes.
They've also had lots of outdoor fun looking for treasure and using their imaginations in our new pirate ship. All our new children have settled in well and started making new friends.

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