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This week in Nursery- 27/11/20 

It has been another busy week in Nursery. We have been reading a brilliant book- Elmer the elephant - a firm favourite! This has helped us with learning to recognise colours and discuss some of our differences  including; eye colour, skin colour and hair colour. In the Elmer tuff tray we have been using tweezers to help with our fine motor skills and we have even made our very own Elmers! 
We have also been learning to recognise letters which make up our names and talking about our homes and families.
In the woodland area we have been hanging bird feeders and making shapes and letters with sticks.
Some of the week has seen good weather so we have been getting lots of exercise and also rolling dice to help us to recognise numbers. `in the water play are we have been finding out about sea creatures.
Finally, we were all very excited when Sant, complete with mask, paid us a visit and delivered a Christmas tree! We had fun smelling and feeling its branches before we decorate it next week!

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This week in Nursery- 20/11/20 

We have had another busy, fun-packed week of learning in Nursery! We learnt all about road safety- looking in our traffic curiosity box, making lollipop signs and practising safely crossing the 'road' (in the school hall). We have also been talking about Kindness and what this means. We have sorted cards into friendly and unfriendly acts and listed to a brilliant book called 'Teeth are not for biting!"
Our Autumn theme continues with our Hedgehog tuff tray where we matched quantities and numerals up to 5 and we have also made bird feeders for the outside area. Also, this week we have been learning lots of Nursery rhymes and singing and using lots of percussion instruments. What a lot of learning!

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This week in Nursery- 13/11/20 

We have been so very busy in Nursery this week!. To celebrate Remembrance Day we have made a lovely poppy field collage, poppy sun catchers and poppy paintings. The Hindu festival of light, Diwali is upon us and we have been busy with Rangoli pattern threading, Rangoli magic painting, making a Diwali curiosity box and some salt dough Diyas lamps. Unfortunately, Mrs Symons left one in the microwave a little too long and set off the whole school fire alarm! Luckily, this resulted in just a melted plate and a nasty smell!
Friday was Children in Need day and we made some great Pudsey masks and had lots of fun with tweezers picking out the Pudseys and the Pom Poms. If that wasn't enough we have also been sorting Autumn leaves- Phew! Check the website next week to see what we have been learning.

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Week Commencing 2/11/20 

Thank you so much to Mr and Mrs Speare who have made the Nursery a beautiful 'Water Wall'. There are so many fantastic features to keep all of the children busy and engaged- such a lot to investigate!
Thank you so much!

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Welcome Back! 

A big welcome back to Nursery! It has been so lovely to see all of the children again. They are really enjoying playing with the fantastic new equipment that we have. The outside shelter is brilliant as it allows the children to be able to play in all weathers. Please look at our newsletter below which explains the learning for this term.

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Welcome back- look at some of our new beautiful resources! 



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Welcome back to all of our pupils. Nursery, Reception, Y1, Y2 , Y3 and Y4 will be taught at the Delaware base. Y5 and Y6 will be taught at the Gunnislake base.

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