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Who are we now? 

Perranporth class is now an amalgamation of Gunnislake and Delaware year 5 pupils. We are a relatively small class of 19 children tucked away up on the Gunnislake hillside. We have our own building with year 6 just across the playground and all the support of our neighbouring school at Delaware.

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The Stag Jump

This is the most difficult jump and this pupil nailed style!



Taking a tumble!

This extremely confident and strong pupil created a sequence of jump rolls and a straddle jump to demonstrate his skills in gymnastics this week. We discussed the importance of flexibility, body tension and control when performing and combining moves. This example displays all of these skills!


Exceptional Explanations 

Improper fractions to mixed numbers game

Some children have struggled to understand how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers but this young man took the lead when the his group settled down to play a maths game. He blew us away with his new-found confidence and explanation skills and was awarded Hot Chocolate Friday for his efforts!


Week ending 26.3.21 

Poetry, place value, poop posters and perfect poses!

This week, we assessed what we know so far in maths and used games to practise a few topics like place value, mixed numbers, improper and equivalent fractions, and speedy multiplication and division facts.

In literacy, we continued with WW1 poetry and began writing our own focussing on prepositional phrases and the 5 senses. This example is from Reggie who went on to write many more verses including one using his research about the famous WW1 fighter pilots in history. The children researched the lives and achievements of heroes such as Manfred VonRichthofen (The Red Barron), Albert Ball and Eddie Rickenbacker. 

The gymnastics sessions continued and, this week, we practised our jumps before incorporating them into a sequence with forwards rolls and cartwheels. To build on our fitness, we began walking a mile each day around the field; however, we were really disappointed to see the amount of dog poo on the playing field. This, we agreed, is not acceptable, responsible or caring so we made polite notices to place around the perimeter of the field. Hopefully, our persuasive writing skills will make the perpetrators stop and think about their actions!


Songfest 2021 


Week ending 19.03.21 

During our second week back since lockdown, we have continued to concentrate on wellbeing and making positive memories. With the addition of a new Yoga ball, our reading area serves both as a quiet space for reading and contemplation as well as a greeting area in the mornings where smalls groups can gather to catch up.

Our gymnastics sessions are continuing and will run alongside the weekly visits from Mr Dobson who will teach the children game based PE. In gymnastics this week, we followed on from the jumps we learnt previously adding in a stag jump and split jump as well as half turns and full turns. We have some talented pupils who are displaying outstanding levels of flexibility, body tension and control!

In literacy, we have begun to look at two well known WW1 poets such as Wilfred Owen and John McCrae. We learnt how poets use imagery to paint a picture in the reader's mind. We drew the image that appeared in our minds as we heard the first stanza of John McCrae's In Flanders Fields then described how the imagery made us feel. On Friday, we analysed a poem by Wilfred Owen called Dulce et Decorum Est which had vivid accounts of life in the trenches and contained a stark warning to those who considered war to be noble.  We also continued with SPAG revision.

In maths, we are really focussing on improving our times tables and speedy mental maths whilst continuing to practise converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa. 

The virtual version of Songfest 2021 went ahead this week and Perranporth class sang their hearts out! We sent in our introductory videos for the songs we had focussed on - One Love by Bob Marley, Happy by Pharrell Williams and Reach Out by The Four Tops. I'm so proud of the children's positive attitude to the adapted version of this celebration of music!


National Science Week 

Bug hunt!

This week was National Science Week so we used this opportunity to combine our science learning with spending time outside conducting a bug hunt. 

The objective of the lesson was to discover how certain species of insects go through the process of metamorphosis. Therefore, it was a wonderful surprise to encounter this Hummingbird moth camouflaged against the bark of a tree. The most obvious example of a metamorphic insect would be a butterfly so the discovery of an insect the children had never seen before added extra excitement and intrigue.


Week ending 12.3.21 

This week we have focussed on reunion, wellbeing and gentle reminders of expectations in Perranporth class. The children have had plenty of free time to catch up with their friends, reflect on time during lockdown and take in the changes in routine. 

We have also revisited some of the fractions learning most children completed during lockdown together with online and floor games to help us remember the main concepts. In science, we completed our topic on life cycles and in music we continued to practise songs for Songfest. For PE, we started a sequence of lessons on gymnastics focussing on jumps before moving onto vaulting and ultimately developing performance routines. We also met our new PE teacher who will be delivering ball games focussed PE on Thursdays also! 

Our Friday morning was one of creativity in preparation for Mother's Day this Sunday. After creating finger painted cherry blossom cards, we wrote acrostic poems to describe our mums' and nanny's best attributes. Finally, we made vanilla butter cookies with strawberry jam dollops as an extra surprise for the favourite women in our lives...happy Mother's Day!


First day back! 

They're back!

The first day back after a long lockdown turned out to be a fantastic success with 100% attendance and positive attitudes all round! The children have shown such resilience throughout this year and adapted amazingly well to home learning. Now the classroom, playground and field are full of the sounds of children having fun again which is the best reward after such a period of quiet. Wellbeing and relationships was the focus for the day and the sunshine allowed us to enjoy each other with full freedom! The smiles say it all!


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Our Values...



We are inspired by the awe and wonder of the world.



We are bold and innovative in our approach to find new solutions to the challenges we face.



We are the best we can be.



We take responsibility for our actions in an environment of mutual respect.



We overcome all barriers to reach our potential, developing a capacity to improve further.



We are passionate about learning.

All Bridge Schools are now closed. We are operating a reduced service only for children of key workers and vulnerable groups.

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