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Week Beginning Monday 27th June

This week we started writing our own version of the 'The Great Kapok Tree'. It was really nice to read all of their ideas and to see all of the writing skills we have learnt this year being used in their writing. In Maths we focused on converting units of measurements and in History we continued our work on the Mayans - learning how we can use primary and secondary sources to learn about their way of life. We examined various artefacts to see what we could discover.  

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Week Beginning Monday 20th June

This week Year 5 spent an amazing day down at the Eden Project. We spent the morning looking around the biomes and looking at and learning about all the different plants that live in different part of the world. In the afternoon, we took on the roles of 'explorers' and were tasked with finding out how we would be able to survive in the rainforest. This week also saw the Bridge School games and Year 5 did an amazing job. We took part in a number of different events, such as the 'shuffle boogie' and 'the bean bag balance'. The class had a great time while earning lots of points for the school. 

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Week Beginning Monday 13th June 2022

In Literacy this week we continue our work around our class book, 'The Great Kapok Tree. We took the theme of deforestation and used this as a stimulus for a class debate. We split into groups and each group then carried out research into deforestation and its advantages as well as its disadvantages. At the end of the lesson, each group then presented back what they had learnt. Our Maths continues to based around decimals and this week we have been tacking reasoning and problem solving activities.

In History, we started our new work on the Maya Civilisation. We used a variety of books to find initial facts about them and recorded what we had learnt. PE on Friday was a hot one, but the class enjoyed doing a range of different activities on the playground. 

Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend. 

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Week Beginning Monday 6th June 

Welcome back after half term - I hope you all had a lovely week.

Year 5 have started new units in both Maths and Literacy this week. In Literacy, we are using the book 'The Great Kapok Tree' as a stimulus for our work. It tells the story of two men who attempt to cut down a famous tree in the Amazon rainforest. It raises issues around the environment and the rainforests with deforestation being a key theme. The children have a passion for all things environmental, so I am sure they will all engage well in this unit. In maths, we have stated work around understanding and using decimals. 

In our topic learning, we have been investigating the links between human and physical geography. As well as that, we have also been learning about the life and work of Sir David Attenborough, with the class making some amazing posters about his life. 

Please remember that tomorrow (Friday 10th) will be an INSET day, so we will welcome the children back into school on Monday. 

Have a great weekend. 

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Week Beginning Monday 23rd May

We are half way through the Summer term and what a busy, but exciting half term it has been. 

This week we completed our Arctic survival writing in Literacy, with a final draft being written up in our Progress in Writing books. The class have really engaged well with this unit and I am sure they will miss researching the latest advice on how to survive in the Arctic. We also finished off our unit in Maths and will begin new units for both after the half term break. In science this week, we have been learning about reproduction and the two main types: sexual and asexual. We explored the advantages and disadvantages of both before attempting to grow our own plants from cuttings we had collected. It will definitely be interesting to see what they are like when we come back from half term. On Friday, we all made our way up to Delaware to join in with the celebrations for the Queens's Jubilee.  

On a separate note, a letter has gone home today regarding a trip to the Eden Project after half term. Please look out for it in your child's bag. 

Have a great half term. 

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Week Beginning Monday 16th May 2022

This week we have started to write our new survival instruction texts all about how to survive in the Arctic! The class have really enjoyed researching different survival facts and are now in the process of putting it all together into one text. We have all learnt a thing or two about the best food to eat in cold weather to how to stay clear of polar bears. Our Maths learning has moved onto to learning about shape and angles. 

Our Science work this week looked at the life cycle of plants and we were introduced to the key terms 'photosynthesis' and 'metamorphosis'. PSHE was focused around the issue of 'screen time'. We watched a news documentary about the issues which can be caused by having too much time each day on screen. The class produced posters aimed at parents letting them know the consequences of having too much screen time each day.

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Week Beginning Monday 9th May

This week in Art we continued with out Jungle artwork. We are looking at the use of oil pastels for blending and creating a range of colours.

In Literacy, we planned and wrote a new instruction text as a class. The children had lots of good ideas to write on 'How to survive Easter', from making sure you have enough chocolate, to making sure you keep cleaning equipment nearby incase of any accidents! This will help us when we write our own survival instruction texts next week. In maths, we explored how percentages can be written as fractions and as decimals. 

On Friday afternoon, we made out way up the hill to Delaware and were treated to a Cornish themed assembly where we were told some Cornish folk stories and listened to some folk music. 

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Year 5 - Summer Term Newsletter

Please find attached a newsletter containing information about what we are learning this Term. 

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Week Beginning Tuesday 3rd May  

Our Literacy learning this week has continued to be based around Jungle survival. We have been exploring the different adverbials and sentence types used within the text and have had a go at creating our own. Maths this week has also continued over as we develop our understand about the relationship between fractions and decimals. 

On Wednesday, as part of our PE this week, we took part in an alternative sports afternoon. We took part in Archery, Ultimate Frisbee and even a big game of capture the flag with the Year 6s.  The class loved having a go at sports which we don't normally do as part of our regular PE lessons. In Science, we learnt all about evolution and adaption within animals. We discovered that, over many many years, animals have developed specific physical adaptions which allow them to live in their specific environment. 

I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you again on Monday. 

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Week Beginning Monday 25th April 2022

This week we have started our new unit of learning - Is all Change Inevitable?
There will be a link to Rainforests and how we rely on them.
For Literacy, we have been using 'Jungle Survival Handbook' by Jen Green to learn about remote places and how to survive in them. We created a text map to help us learn sections of the text. We also learnt some of the new vocabulary which will go alongside this unit.  

In Art we have started by learning about creating depth in a drawing of the rainforest. We watched a youtube tutorial and learnt about how to draw leaves and other plants in the foreground and background. In Science we began by looking at how humans change and develop over their lifetime and the different stages we all go through. 

On Friday this week we travelled up to Delaware and took part in a Wild Tribe outdoor learning day. We spent the day learning how to make fires, create dens as well as how to tie a number of different knots. 

I hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend and I will see you on Tuesday!

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