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Who are we now? 

Perranporth class is now an amalgamation of Gunnislake and Delaware year 5 pupils. We are a relatively small class of 17 children tucked away up on the Gunnislake hillside. We have our own building with year 6 just across the playground and all the support of our neighbouring school at Delaware.


Our Classroom 

Perranporth classroom

Our classroom setup is spacious and relaxing with functional areas for learning alongside quiet, reflective spaces for contemplation and relaxation. We are so fortunate to be in a classroom that looks out over the countryside and backs onto fields which we are able to use. The children are encouraged to appreciate this and we will be making the most of this glorious sunshine by learning outside whenever possible. When the children enter the classroom, they are expected to complete their hand washing routine before sitting down and engaging in a short mindfulness session. This preparation allows them to adapt their energy levels after arriving at school or following play time; thus providing a positive attitude for learning. So far, the children have all embraced these daily routines and I am so proud of the progress they have already shown both in their behaviour and learning. If you have any questions or are just interested in hearing more about what your child is learning, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


How sound travels through a barrier 


Hot Chocolate Friday 

This week's Hot Chocolate Friday guests were all here for the same reason - their support, compassion and patience for others and in particular, their seating partners. Each one of them have made a huge difference to their learning partners helping to build confidence, communication skills and independence. It's been wonderful listening to their conversations during lessons and how mature they are. 

Well done girls!


Week 5  

"I can't ear you!"

This week, we have been learning about how sound travels from its source to our ears. Firstly, we identified the parts of the inner ear and how it receives sound waves before transmitting the information to our brains. We then looked at how the size and frequency of sound waves is determined by pitch and volume. Finally, the children developed presentations using the facts they had learnt together with 'ear' jokes and props to engage their audience. They showed great teamwork and communication skills in this activity making sure everyone had a part to play! 

We also began assigning lines for solo, duet and group parts of our 'Lean on Me' composition and are becoming more and more confident by the day. We can't wait to put it all together and show you! In English we are continuing to dig deeper into the story 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' and are beginning to consider how to develop our own quest story. 


Hot Chocolate Friday week 4 


Our well-deserving Hot Chocolate Friday winners thoroughly enjoyed their cups of hot chocolate, marshmallows, squirty cream and chocolate medals this week! AB won his for going above and beyond expectations when conducting his own research on the impact of the Vikings in the local area. SR won her's for always being  kind and compassionate to her fellow pupils and using discretion when children may have felt embarrassed.


Week 4 

Believe or not to believe, that is the question... along with a hundred others this week!

This week has been so much fun as we continued our topic on the Vikings. The class conducted their own research using non-fiction books, information posters and the internet. Our new English focus started on Monday with the introduction of the Viking themed book - Arthur and the Golden Rope. The children enjoyed the small group activities which enabled them to explore the book in detail by looking for hidden details. We completed an exercise called Conscience Alley to help the children experience what it's like to walk in the shoes of Arthur when the villagers hurled abuse at him but later praised him for his heroic efforts. 

In RE, we watched an interview between myself and the assistant leaders of a local church to find out what it's like to believe in God. We discussed what the positives and negatives might be for someone who has a strong faith and the children are keen to launch a debate next week about this subject. Following last week's 'what does God look like?' lesson, the class had a variety of interesting questions they wanted to be answered. These questions were put forward to Kate and Paul (our church representatives) to hear a believer's perspective in preparation for our debate next week. 

We also began to learn the song - Lean on Me (the Glee version) in music so we can create an online vocal composition linking to our PSHE focus on friendship. The children will be assigned group, duet and soloist roles and we will be practicing hard to perfect our performances over the next few weeks. We look forward to sharing the end version with you in a celebration of our first post-lockdown half term!


New Pupil 

This week we welcomed our knew pupil, Gerald! He has come into Perranporth class to learn about the Vikings and what it's like to be in Gunnislake school. His favourite subject is maths but he finds some of the calculations tricky so the children are helping him. They have been explaining their methods for working out calculations to Gerald which is helping their confidence and mathematical vocabulary. 


Home research by AB 

AB took his family to visit Hingston Down last weekend to find out more about Gunnislake's connection with the Vikings. The site is not far from Delaware school and is where the Cornish and Danes had an alliance against the West Saxons' King Egbert in the fight for Cornish independence. AB and his sister acted out the battle and imagined what the landscape and life was like back in AD 838. He also found out about the origin of the name "Gunnislake" which a local historian believes is linked to the Vikings and their word for salmon "lak". It is thought that a Viking could have been staking his claim to the salmon in the river Tamar by naming the area.

In addition to all this field research, AB then went home and 
had a go at making 'viking soap' for a home science experiment. He enjoyed learning about the saponins found in conkers and how the liquid was apparently good for clothes washing back in Viking times. 

To continue his research into 'the life of a Viking, AB went home today to bake a 
sheaf loaf for Harvest Festival and discuss Lammas and Freyfest (the Viking celebration honouring harvest).

I think you'll agree that all this effort is exceptional and I want to thank AB for sharing his knowledge with us this week.


Arthur and the Golden Rope 

Searching for clues!

Our new topic book in English is Arthur and the Golden Rope which nicely ties in with our Vikings topic this term. Today, the children looked at a range of illustrations from the book searching for hidden clues. They made observant connections which helped them to piece together snippets of information and discuss their relevance to particular characters or events in the book. I was so proud of their group work and the respect they showed for each other's opinions!


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Our Values...



We are inspired by the awe and wonder of the world.



We are bold and innovative in our approach to find new solutions to the challenges we face.



We are the best we can be.



We take responsibility for our actions in an environment of mutual respect.



We overcome all barriers to reach our potential, developing a capacity to improve further.



We are passionate about learning.

Welcome back to all of our pupils. Nursery, Reception, Y1, Y2 , Y3 and Y4 will be taught at the Delaware base. Y5 and Y6 will be taught at the Gunnislake base.

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