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Week Beginning Monday 23rd March

I hope that you are all well and coping with the new situation.

These are some suggested 'Home Learning' ideas for the week ahead. 

This week we would be continuing with our learning about Fractions. I will attach some of the powerpoints and activity sheets for you to use at home if appropriate. I would also like the children to regularly practice their times tables and access Mathletics as much as possible. 

English: During this week we would be focusing on these spellings. I will also attach the spelling list for year 3/4 and 5/6.
Spelling - week 6

Daily Reading  - choose a book from the recommended reading list or on Oxford Owl. 

This week our literacy would be writing a narrative adventure story. This is based on the story that we have been reading in class 'The Firework Makers Daughter'. During this story the main character needs to go on a quest. Read the shortened version of the story with your child so that they can use this to create their own version. They can change the setting, the characters and the quest.

This week in school we are learning all about clouds. What can you find out about clouds? Look at how clouds are represented by famous artists. Maybe create some cloud artwork of your own.

Guided Reading:
All about Easter - see the attached document for the text and related questions. 



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Dear Parents and Carers,
I have created a pack of different work and activities which can be done with your child. This will have come home with your child last week.

At the front of the pack is a list of different activities which can be completed. It covers a range of different areas and links to a number of subjects. Select from this list the ones that are appropriate for home learning whilst you are limiting social interaction. 

You will find a Mathletics login code in this home learning book which can be used to access a wide variety of different maths tasks.  

For reading, we recommend using Oxford Owl. This is free to use  - all you need to do is sign up and you have access to a wide variety of different levelled reading books. To find a book you need to:
  1. go to
  2. Sign in / create your free account
  3. Click ‘ebooks’
  4. Click the small ‘eBooks’ button on the left hand side
  5. Click ‘levels’ and then ‘book band’ and select a book from your child’s colour or reading age. 
I have also enclosed our own class login detail: 

Username: perranporth
Password: Marshall


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Helping your child with English

Please see the attached document that contains many different links to great online resources which can be used to help your child with their English work. Another good website that provides teachers with ideas and resources is Twinkle. They are currently offering parents 1 month of access for free during the current uncertain climate. To access, log onto: Register your email address and set up a password, using the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS for 1 month’s free access.


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Wild Tribe - March 2020


Fun in the sun - a great time had by all enjoying the rare sunshine in our outdoor area.

Thanks to ARENA for this incredible experience. 




Explain How a Volcano Erupts

After enjoying the story of 'Escape from Pompeii' - the class have enjoyed finding out more about volcanoes. They were particlulary fascinated by Mount Vesuvius and the City of Pompeii. We have written fantastic explanation texts and then presented this information in small groups infront of the class.

The class then discovered more about where volcanoes are located around the world. We found out all about the 'Ring of Fire' and some of the famous volcanoes and the devestation they have caused. 



Wild Tribe Aventures 

Wild Tribe - Perranporth Class

During the Spring Term we have been having an amazing time enjoying being in our school environmental area. The children have made their own camp fires, enjoyed mugs of hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows and built dens.

It has been a wonderful team building experience and an oppportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Whatever the weather, the class have had a brilliant time and it has been the highlight of every week.



Spring Term 2020 

The Romans

This term we have been finding out all about the Romans. Our curriculum enquiry question has been:

'What did the Romans do for us?' 

It has been suprising to discover how many things the Romans have contributed towards, from the obvious (architecture and hygiene) to the more unusual (fast food and advertising) the Romans have left their mark across the country.

We have enjoyed finding out about this period in History. The children have been particularly fascinated by the Roman City of Pompeii. They have enjoyed finding out all about the volcano that destroyed Pompeii 2000 years ago. We have been discovering what happend to the city on that fateful day and writing stories that explain how various members of the Roman City escaped and found safety. 



Autumn Term 

Magical Christmas

This term we were lucky to work with Great Western Railways on a wonderful community project. The children in Perranporth class went on a wonderful train trip along the Tamar Valley with a group of local community members. The project was designed to give our elderly community members the chance to share Christmas lunch with the youngsters of Delaware Primary Academy. It was a wonderful trip and we all had a fabulous time. 



Flying High Reading Record


We hope that you are enjoying reading with your children at home and are finding these diaries useful. 



Welcome to Perranporth Class 

We have come to the end of another fantastic week in Year Four and Five. The class have settled in brilliantly and it has been wonderful to see so many new friendships developing.

I have been impressed by the children’s brilliant listening and team work skills as well as showing a very positive attitude towards learning. The class have been focusing particularly on the Learning Behaviour of ‘resilience’ and this will really help them as they move up through Key Stage Two.

This week has been particularly exciting because we have introduced the imoves program. The children are absolutely loving the short active blasts and it has helped to complement our learning throughout the school day. We have been learning all about Bollywood Dance Moves, Calming Mindfulness and High Intensity Hiit sessions. I can already see that imoves will have a massive impact on learning in the class. If your children are excited to do activities like this at home they can try using Combining learning content with physical activity is incredibly memorable and enjoyable. I have loved seeing the children’s faces light up with enthusiasm. 

In class this week the children have AMAZED us with their fantastic Diary entries. We have been writing as if we are Stone Age Hunters and the children have really got into character. Our whole topic is aiming towards answering the question:

‘ Could you survive life in Stone Age Britain?’ 

Through reading a book all about the Life of a Stone Age Hunter we have been able to really imagine what life would have been like thousands of years ago. We will soon be reading the fabulous book ‘Wolf Brother’ which is  written by Michelle Paver and this will help inspire the children even more and enable them to really imagine what life would have been like.

This week we have been creating our own cave art and the children have been using these incredible symbols to tell stories of their own. 

In maths we have been learning all about place value of numbers up to 1 millions and beyond. They have been partitioning and rounding and finding different ways to draw numbers using grids, part whole models and place value coins. We will soon be moving onto the addition and subtraction unit. 

The term has started with some fabulous incentives to encourage the children to read both inside school and at home. They have all brought home lovely reading diaries and this week they will be beginning a sponsored read which will hopefully raise lots of money and allow us to buy some incredible new books from Usborne Books that will benefit every child in school. 




Our Values...



We are inspired by the awe and wonder of the world.



We are bold and innovative in our approach to find new solutions to the challenges we face.



We are the best we can be.



We take responsibility for our actions in an environment of mutual respect.



We overcome all barriers to reach our potential, developing a capacity to improve further.



We are passionate about learning.

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