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Welcome Back Polzeath Class - Year 4
Mrs Marshall 


We are about to begin the new Autumn Term after a considerable amount of time away from school during the Covid Pamdemic and I know everyone that works across both Delaware and Gunnislake school cannot wait to welcome the children back to their new classes.

I very much hope that the children quickly settle in and feel excited about the term ahead which we know will be full of wonderful new learning expereinces for everyone. 

With new classes formed and children from both school sites being welcomed into each year group, it will be a good opportunity for new friendhsips to evolve. There will also be new pupils joining our school and we look forward to welcome them and making sure that they soon feel a great sense of belonging as well.

This week it will be really important to make sure that we establish clear routines and make sure that everyone knows where things are. The school day will be slightly different with staggered playtimes and lunchtimes and obviously new classrooms that might look a bit different to how they looked before.

Each class teacher uploaded a video onto the school facebook page so hopefully you have been able to take a look at how our classroom looks. I have also shared some of the photographs to this class website page so you can see what things will look like. 


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W/E 26/02/21

What a very busy first week back we have had!

Following on from the diary writing this week, we looked at the roles of women during the war and wrote job descriptions for these roles.
On Thursday we looked at how propaganda posters were used to persuade women to take on the different jobs that they were now needed to do and for our art lesson we all designed or own propaganda poster. I was  really impressed with the standard of these posters, they are amazing.

A shout out to George who made an amazing trench cake, complete with himself and his dog in the trench! Well done George!

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Welcome back! WB 22.2.21 

Welcome back! 
This week we have started to think about the features of diary entries so that the children can write diaries from the perspective of a WW1 soldier in the trenches. Writing the diaries will help the children to be able to imagine how the soldiers would have felt during that incredible time.

The class have concluded their work on the states of matter by learning about the water cycle. It is fascinating to think that the water cycle is continuously going on all around us! 

There are lots of exciting times to come in the weeks ahead with world book day on (4th March), St. Piran's day (5th March), planned return to school and Science week (8th March). We will update you with information that you may need for each of these events as they come. 

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W/e 12/02/21 Happy half-term!

Today's date is a very special date 12022021 as it is both a palindrome and an ambigram, which means you can read the date from left to right, from right to left and also upside down (when written in digital font)

We have come to the end of a very busy half term and I am extremely proud of all of you for the hard work and resilience you have shown during this lockdown, it has been a tough time for everybody and I am really hoping that we will all be able to get back into the classroom soon.

Have a wonderful, restful week off and I look forward to seeing you after half term!

Mrs Wood

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WB 8.2.21 Start of the week... 

Well the final week of this half term is here. What a lot of fantastic learning has been going on!

It has been great to see more and more class members taking the opportunity to explore the reading eggs website and complete the assignments set. 

In maths, most of the children have been recapping previous learning about dividing 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers to find answers with a remainder and have also been learning a part part whole method to help with mental division. 

This week the children continued to think about changes of state and have been thinking about what can effect evaporation and some have designed investigations to test out what conditions lead to faster evaporation. 

In RE, the class have continued learning more about how people of the Hindu faith view God. This week they have learnt that, in the Hindu faith, God can be seen as many gods and goddesses which are like different qualities of the same God. A bit like how one person could be seen as a mother, a sister, a worker and a musician. The children learnt a little more about three gods called Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. 

In PSHE the class have been thinking about what influences our first impressions of people. They have thought about how different people can view the same thing in different ways depending on what has influenced them.

Today (9.2.21), has been Safer Internet Day. The children in Year Four completed a questionnaire to see how much they new about checking the reliability of what the see online. They then went on to make pledges and give advice for friends.

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Our favourite reads... 

This week I asked Polzeath Class to tell me what they were enjoying reading for pleasure. Below are some of the books they recommended to me. You  may wish to try one of these yourself.

Mrs Tomkins

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W/E 5th Feb 2021

Polzeath class have continued to work hard throughout the rest of the week.
The Literacy focus was a new book called "The Little Hen and the Great War" which is a lovely story about a soldier who finds a hen and she ends up living in the trenches alongside the soldiers and laying eggs for them!

The children in school and at home have looked at the characters in the story and wrote character profiles for their chosen character and then finished the week writing a book review about the story.

As part of their topic the children researched what it was like to be a child during the first World War, what schooling would have been like, what jobs they were expected to do and their roles and responsibilities. Some of the information they managed to find was eztremely interesting!

This week's art lesson focused on silhouette art, the children coloured backgrounds using paint, pastels or chalk and then drew or cut war images on black paper to apply to the backdrop. I was amazed by their results, they were stunning! It was an incredible effort from all the children, both in school and at home. Well done everyone!

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WB 1.2.21 The start of the week 

What a great start to the week for Polzeath Class! This week the children kicked off a new unit of learning about how people of the Hindu faith see God. They learnt that the Aum symbol is used to symbolise Brahman who people of the Hindu faith believe is the one true god. 

In PSHE, the children have started to think about celebrating difference and had a chance to reflect on what assumptions they make about other people based on how they look.

Some of children have continued to recall and develop multiplication skills and use some more formal written methods to support working out the multiplication of a two digit number by a one digit number. Others have been developing confidence with counting and writing numbers.

In their grammar work this week, most of the children created complex sentences by adding a subordinate clause. The children used their inference skills to gleam untold information from an image. Polzeath Class have also just received their log in details for a trial of a website called 'Reading Eggs'. We will be trialling the resources available on the site for a month. The content includes spelling, reading and vocabulary activities and can be accessed both at home and in school.

The class continued their learning about the states of matter this week with a session focussing on the changes of state that water goes through when heated and cooled. It was great to see class members having fun investigating this at home.

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WB 25/01/21 the rest of the week.

It's been another busy week here in Polzeath class, both in school and at home!
In Literacy we have been learning about the story of "Stubby."
Stubby was a brave soldier, a loyal friend... and a dog. From an army training camp to the trenches in France, this is the incredible true story of Sergeant Stubby, the dog who served bravely in the First World War, sniffing out gas attacks, catching spies and winning the hearts of his fellow soldiers.
Some of the children have been continuing with deepening their knowledge and recall of their times-tables and efficient multiplication. through their daily maths sessions, whilst the others have been focusing on subtraction crossing 10.
For their topic work this week, the task was to bake anzac biscuits! They read the recipe, followed the instructions and baked some wonderful biscuits!

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WB 25.1.21 Start of the week 

Here we are at the start of another week and Polzeath students, both in school and at home, have been putting a great effort into their learning.

In our grammar session this week, the children re-capped the rules for adding direct speech to a story and put this into practise with some great sentence writing. The reading skill we focussed on was prediction, the responses to the crocodile image were very descriptive and showed that the children in year four were really looking closely at the image to make fitting predictions.

Many of the children have been continuing with deepening their knowledge and recall of the 7, 11 and 12 times-tables through their daily maths sessions and through practising these using Mathletics and a super free online game called 'hit the button'.

For PSHE, the children have been continuing to think about resilience and came up with a new goal and a new plan for a scenario where a child had faced a set back. I was so impressed by the empathy and positivity shown. Some had a try at an online yoga class too.

In RE, the children concluded their work about promises by looking at a christian wedding ceremony and reflecting on the symbolism of some of the items found there.

We have continued with our work on the states of matter by looking at what happens to materials when they are heated and cooled. It's great that some had the opportunity to try out melting and freezing this week. 

It has been a great start to the week and I look forward to seeing what Polzeath Class get up to next.

Mrs Tomkins

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