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Welcome Back Polzeath Class - Year 4
Mrs Marshall 


We are about to begin the new Autumn Term after a considerable amount of time away from school during the Covid Pamdemic and I know everyone that works across both Delaware and Gunnislake school cannot wait to welcome the children back to their new classes.

I very much hope that the children quickly settle in and feel excited about the term ahead which we know will be full of wonderful new learning expereinces for everyone. 

With new classes formed and children from both school sites being welcomed into each year group, it will be a good opportunity for new friendhsips to evolve. There will also be new pupils joining our school and we look forward to welcome them and making sure that they soon feel a great sense of belonging as well.

This week it will be really important to make sure that we establish clear routines and make sure that everyone knows where things are. The school day will be slightly different with staggered playtimes and lunchtimes and obviously new classrooms that might look a bit different to how they looked before.

Each class teacher uploaded a video onto the school facebook page so hopefully you have been able to take a look at how our classroom looks. I have also shared some of the photographs to this class website page so you can see what things will look like. 


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WB 4.5.21 

We continued our learning about living things this week by going on an invertebrate hunt in the woods and using classification keys to help us to identify what we found.

In french, we began learning numbers one to ten. We also recapped the conversation vocabulary that we have learnt in the previous lessons.

Our grammar work this week was focussed on learning to identify and write direct speech into a text. We learnt the rules for doing this and then worked hard to put them all into practise.

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WB 26.4.21 

This week we learnt about classifying vertebrates using special decision making diagrams called keys. We learnt that vertebrates (animals which have a backbone) fall into five categories. We solved and created riddles using clues about each types of vertebrate. 

In French, we learnt how to say 'Comment t'appelles tu?', this is how you say 'What is your name?'. We also learns how to respond to this question. The children did a great job of adding this new little bit of conversation to other phrases that we have learnt previously.

In PSHE, we discusses the challenging topic of loss. We talked about our experiences of loss and discussed how people may feel in different loss scenarios. We talked about some strategies to help people who are grieving a loss such as creating a memory box or book. 

We continued to think of how life milestones are marked in our RE this week. We discussed christian baptism and compared an infant baptism to a believer's baptism. 

in Geography we used atlases to identify the Continents and Oceans of the world, also looking at the poles and the equator and where they are located on the planet.

We have been looking at persuasive texts in Literacy, in particular the vocabulary that is used in this genre of writing.

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WB 19.4.21 

Welcome back!

The start of a new term marks the start of some new units of learning. 
In science we have begun learning about living things and their habitats. This week we were recapping the seven life processes that living things carry out. We reminded ourselves of the acronym 'MRS GREN' to help us to remember them. We also had a go at grouping living things using Carroll and Venn diagrams and a range of criteria. 

In RE we have started a unit of work all about how people of different faiths mark the significant events of life. We began thinking about the metaphor of life being a journey and chose some important events that had happened in our lives so far.

In PSHE this half term we will be focussing our learning on 'relationships'. This week we thought more about jealousy. We talked about what might lad to someone feeling jealous, what it feels like when you are jealous and we also talked about strategies you can use to help you when jealousy is causing you a problem.

In literacy,  we have focussed on some grammar skills at the start of the week. We have been identifying the tense of sentences and also identifying main and subordinate clauses. 

In art we have been looking at the street artist “Banksy.” In groups we looked at various photos of his work and tried to work out what was the message he was trying to share, we followed this by doing some research on the artist and more of his work.

In Geography we are looking at maps and our local area, the children absolutely loved looking at the aerial photo showing the school and maps of our local area, comparing the features that are similar and different from 1890, 1950 and now.

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WB 29.3.21 

In science this week, we got to grips with some of the vocabulary related to food chains and then had a go at constructing a variety of food chains to meet criteria set out in challenges. The challenges were worded using the new vocabulary so it was a real test of how well we could remember the definitions of the terms. 

In french, we learnt how to ask 'How are you?' and some options for responding to this. Everyone did a great job of testing out their new phrases.

We concluded our RE learning on how people of the Hindu faith see God by learning about the idea of 'atman' (the belief that all living things are sacred and special because they all have a 'spark' of Brahman within them). We discussed what difference this belief may have to they way people of the Hindu faith treat other people, animals and plants. 

In PSHE we discussed a story in which a boy was under pressure from older friends to join in with smoking and drinking. We talked about healthy and unhealthy friendships and created posters to show the characteristics of the different kinds of friendship. 

As part of their art lesson the children made Easter cards for their families, they used finger painting and then made each chick/rabbit unique by using fine liners to add character to their animals.

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WB 22.3.21 

The highlight of the start of this week has been simulating the journey of food through the human digestive system using a zip lock bag and a pair of tights! The children learnt about the functions of the parts of the digestive system and put this new learning to the test in a Kahoot quiz. They then got to the messy bit. The facial expressions and sound effects were just wonderful as they churned up the food, squeezed the liquid out through the tights and then cut a hole in the bottom to release the 'stools'. 

In RE, we have continued our learning about how people of the Hindu faith see God by reflecting on how Rama (an incarnation of Vishnu) demonstrates good overcoming evil and light overcoming darkness in the story of Rama and Sita. The children then drew an image from the story that they felt showed good overcoming evil or light overcoming darkness. 

We discussed smoking in our PSHE session. The children recognised that peer pressure can sometimes make people take up smoking. We talked about how in a healthy friendship, a good friend would never try to encourage you to do something that would cause you harm. 

Our class focus for the recognition board this week has been walking calmly, quietly and safely in the corridors. By midweek the recognition board was already filling up nicely with the names of those who had been noticed achieving this goal by their peers. Great work Polzeath Class!

In literacy this week we have begun a real focus on handwriting in our literacy sessions, we have dedicated time to refreshing formation, joining and sizing skills in order to improve the presentation of our written work across the curriculum. 

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WB 15.3.21 

This week Year Four planned and wrote diary entries from the perspective of a World War One soldier in the trenches. The children really got into the role and their diary entries included some wonderful description.

In RE, we continued our learning about the Hindu faith by learning about some of the Gods and Goddesses that people of the Hindu faith believe represent the different qualities of Brahman. We learnt that families have shrines in their home to the deities that are particularly special to them. 

We learnt the names of the important parts of the digestive system with a view to learning more about their functions next week. 

The children enjoyed a brilliant music lesson with Miss Owen, learning all about the duration of notes, they then played these on ukuleles! This was followed by singing the pasty song and learning the spring chicken, which was great fun!

As it was St Patrick’s Day on Wednesday we learned all about his history and the myths and legends associated with him, finishing with some modern art shamrocks.

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WB 8.3.21 Start of the week 

It is so fantastic to be back. It has been so lovely to see the whole class back together in the classroom. 

At the start of this week we have been focussed on settling back into school, taking time to talk to one another and support one another to deal with whatever emotions we have about returning to class.

This week also happens to be 'Science Week'. Polzeath Class had challenges set related to the NHS career of 'dentist'. They were challenged to investigate tooth decay, compare different toothpaste brands and then create and advertise their own toothpaste. This challenge linked nicely to their lockdown learning about the different types and functions of teeth.

We also continued with our maths learning and some of the class looked on to 'Mathseeds' and tried out some of the activities I had set them on that website. 

Mrs Tomkins

We all had a lovely week being back in class together.

This week we had the first of our "Arena" P.E lessons and the children were learning netball skills, starting with how to pass the ball accurately in three different ways. Everyone was extremely focused and completed the tasks brilliantly.

As we are celebrating Mother's Day this weekend our art lesson took on a floral theme as we made cards and beautiful flower wreaths for our very special Mums.

Alongside our continuing Maths and Literacy learning we finished the week with a treat to say goodbye to one of our class, who is moving away, we had a movie and popcorn and it was thoroughly enjoyed by us all!

I hope you all have a wonderful, restful weekend after completing a very busy, first week back at school. See you all next week!

Mrs Wood

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WB 1.3.21 Start of the week 

The final week of Lockdown! Well done to all children parents and carers, your dedication to learning throughout these challenging times has been brilliant!

At the start of this week we have been looking at  some aspects of science in preparation for our science week activities next week. The children have re-capped the main organs involved in the human digestive system and have also learned about the different types of teeth that we have and their functions for eating.

In RE, the children have been learning and thinking about reincarnation and Karma.

The children have been learning about fronted adverbials of time this week in preparation for diary writing. 

We had a fun packed end to the week as we celebrated World Book Day on Thursday and St Piran's Day on Friday! 

We also had some pets join out teams meeting on Friday, it was lovely seeing George's dog and Miss Birkinshaw's tortoise!

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W/E 26/02/21

What a very busy first week back we have had!

Following on from the diary writing this week, we looked at the roles of women during the war and wrote job descriptions for these roles.
On Thursday we looked at how propaganda posters were used to persuade women to take on the different jobs that they were now needed to do and for our art lesson we all designed or own propaganda poster. I was  really impressed with the standard of these posters, they are amazing.

A shout out to George who made an amazing trench cake, complete with himself and his dog in the trench! Well done George!

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