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WB 17.1.22 

This week we have been working on different subtraction methods like crossing out and counting back on a numberline. 
We have planned and written our own silly stories in the style of 'Oi Frog!'.
In RE we learnt that Christians believe that Jesus was a friend to all. We discussed and acted out parts of the story of the calling of Matthew the tax collector to be one of Jesus's disciples. We thought about ways that we could be a good friend to all.
I art we began trying out some different drawing and colouring techniques. we learnt about different types of line.

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WB 3.1.22 

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! Here is our class newsletter for this term as well as the learning journey for our first literacy unit.

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WB 29.11.21 

In literacy this week we have been learning to identify and use imperative verbs in instructions and how to use the word 'and' to join clauses. We finished the week by completing a text map for writing instructions at the start of next week.

In maths we have continued to make, compare and order numbers up to 20. We have been using base 10 to show how many tens and ones are in a number.

We concluded our learning about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah this week and also discussed how Advent is a special time for people of the Christian faith. We learnt about the advent wreath and how it is used.  

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WB 22.11.21 

A busy week.  We made Guatemalan worry dolls in Geography and learned about bullying behaviour in PSHE.  In Literacy we started our new topic on instructional texts and started by making slime! 

In RE, we learnt about some Hanukkah traditions including a game played with a special spinning top called a dreidel.

In Art, the children used their observations of Eloise Renouf's collages to create there own. They used the colour selection and cutting skills which have been practised in previous lessons.

In maths this week we have been thinking about the numbers that fall between ten and twenty. We have used the stem sentence '14 is made of 1 ten and 4 ones' to help us to talk about these numbers. We have used base ten and tens frames to make the numbers.

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W/B 15.11.21 

This week is our last week of 'That's not my...'  The children will be choosing their own toy to write about and we've been really thinking about what adjectives we could use to compare.  E.g. that's not my doll.  Her hair is too...curly.

In maths we've been working on subtracting using a number line and jumping down the numbers.  This can be a really tricky skill and so any counting forwards and backwards at home helps.

In geography we looked at the Chinese toy TANGRAM.  We found out where China was in the world and what things we may find there.

In PSHE we thought about our differences - both for the things we could see and the things we couldn't.  We talked about how being different is a good thing because then everyone gets to feel unique.

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Our Literacy learning journey for the 'That's not my...' books.

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WB 08/11/21 

In maths we have been doing more work on subtraction looking at how to cross out or take away in order to find what is left.

In Literacy we've been continuing to practice our 'That's not my teddy' story.  We brought in bears from home to have a teddy bear's picnic and talk about what makes our bear special.

In History we learned the difference between PAST and PRESENT and what toys were used in the past.  Some of them were surprising!  Lego is almost 100 years old!

In PSHE we are learning about similarities and differences between each other and worked on finding things in common with people in our class (we also did this with our teddies too).

In RE we learnt the story of David and Goliath. We discussed how this story can give people of the Jewish faith the message that, if they have faith in God, they may be helped or protected. We talked about times in our own lives where we have been courageous. 

On Thursday the 11th we took part in a 2 minute silence to remember those who have fought in wars. We used our collage skills to create poppy collages. 

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WB 1.11.21 

In RE, we watched a film of the story of David and Goliath. When we discussed the story we found that this is another story where people of the Jewish faith believe God helped and protected the main character because he had faith in God. 

We began a unit of work on Collage in art this week. We sorted coloured papers into warm and cold colours and practised cutting and tearing the paper into small shapes. 

In maths at the end of the week, we reminded ourselves about subtraction by playing a game where we crossed out the food that the monster ate and counted how much was left.

In literacy we've been looking at the 'That's not my...' books focusing on the similarities and differences between the books.  At the end of the week, we played 'That's not my bear'. This verbal guessing game allowed us to practise the language needed for writing next week. We also practised spelling the key vocabulary from the story.

In music Sally came in and taught us how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the glockenspiels.  We also learned the 'C' chord on the ukulele so we could play and accompanyment.

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WB 18th October 

This week in Literacy we've been continuing to learn the Big Blue Tractor as a poem.  We learned the makaton for some of the words and used these as actions.  We'll then be recording the finished performance and looking at how to be a good performer.

On the final day of the half term we came to school in Halloween costumes and created potion recipes. We also read the story 'Leaf Man' and created out own leaf creatures in the woods. While we were in the woods we discussed the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees and hunted for different tree types using an identification checklist.

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WB 11.10.21

In science we carried out a fair test to help us to decide which material would be best for a special job. We had to find the best material to make an umbrella for teddy to stop him from getting wet. We decided on how many drops of water to use each time and how long to leave the water on each material in order to make the test fair. 

In RE, we watched a film that told the story of a lion that people of the Jewish faith believe was sent by God to protect a young boy in the desert as he celebrated Shabbat alone. We reflected on the story as we completed our lion masks using the Autumn leaves collected in the woods. 

We began a new literacy unit.

We gathered vocabulary about the autumn using our senses and thought about the different ways to describe the things around us in the autumn.

We started to learn to re-tell a harvest poem called 'The Big Blue Tractor'. We took time to observe the vegetables mentioned in the poem and painted them. We used these paintings to create a text map to help us to remember the order of the poem when we tell it.


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