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Week Beginning Monday 8th March 2021

Welcome back!

It has been really nice to welcome back all of the children into the classroom this week and I hope they have all enjoyed being back and seeing all of their friends again. It has been nice to have them in front of me in the classroom again.

Our Literacy learning has been based around the lives of children all around the world. We wrote about our own lives and looked at the similarities and differences between our lives. For our maths learning this week we have started a new unit on weight and mass. Our PE focus for this half term is to work as part of a team. 

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Week Beginning Monday 1st March 2021

We have made it to our final week of 'lockdown learning'. It has been great to see all the amazing work you have done with your children over the last few weeks. I am now very much looking forward to welcoming them all back into the classroom on Monday. 

As it was World Book Day on Thursday, this weeks Literacy work has been based on the book 'The Quiltmaker's Gift'. We have spent the week learning the story, sequencing it and then ending on the question 'Is the King a good or evil person?". I have really enjoyed reading what you have written about it. For our Maths learning, we have now finished our work on length and we move on to weight and mass when we come back to school. 

I hope you all have a nice and relaxed weekend and I am looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday morning. 

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Week Beginning Monday  22nd February

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing half term. 

Our Literacy work this week focused around lockdown and we wrote, drew and labelled different things about our own experiences of lockdown. We described what we are doing that is the same as it was before and then we wrote about how life has been different for the past few weeks. 
It was lovely to see the different things the children had been doing and there was a common theme when they wrote about what they are looking forward to doing once it is lifted - seeing  their friends. We ended the week with a reading comprehension all about the life and work of Captain Sir Tom Moore who sadly died a few weeks ago. 
Maths this week has continued to be about measuring. We started the week by using non standard measurements to compare objects and we then moved on to using a ruler to measure different things more accurately. We will carry on with this learning next week. 

We have had a focus on RE this week for our afternoon lessons. We have been learning about the Muslims and the different things which are important to them. 

Only one more week of online learning and then I am looking forward to seeing you all back in the classroom again.  

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Week Beginning Monday 8th February 2021

We are now at our final week before half term. 

Our Literacy work this week has been based around the fictional story of a dragon. We wrote about the story using image prompts and then went on to create our own ending based on the images we saw. After we completed that story, we had a go at making our own dragon - we drew a picture of it and used different adjectives to described what it looked like. Our reading comprehension for this week was also about dragons. 

For our maths learning, we continued learning our numbers up to 50. This week I also introduced counting in 2s and in 5s. We used things we could find around the house to help us as well. Our afternoon learning has continued to be on materials and we looked at how some materials are waterproof and some are not and the differences between them. We also had a go at making bread and i have included Dylan's great effort in the pictures below. 

Just a quick reminder that the Monday after half term is an inset so there will be no learning set. I hope you have a great half term. 

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Week Beginning Monday 1st February 2021

Another week of lockdown learning has come to an end. 

Our Literacy changed direction a little this week and be started work on our fictional tale of the Dragon. We have used this to learn about past and present tense and continue our work on punctuation. We ended the week with a comprehension on one of our class favourite books - The Smartest Giant in Town'.
Our maths has carried on with numbers up to 50. 

For the afternoon learning this week we have been  thinking about the different birds we may see in the garden. I was sent loads of great picture of the children making their bird feeders and it was great to them being used out in the garden. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend and next week is the last week before half term. 

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Week Beginning Monday 25th January 2020

We're now at the end of another exciting week.

Our Literacy work this week has been based around something with is very relevant during this time - acts of kindness. We wrote about what kindness means to us and gave some lovely examples of kind acts we have done and have seen others so. 
We then created our own kindness poem and used our ideas from the week to create it. In maths this week, we have moved on from addition and subtraction and are now focusing on our numbers up to 50. We will carry on learning about our numbers up to 50 next week as well. 

Our afternoon learning this week has been based around different materials. We investigated how materials are made from different things and how they are different frim each other. We had fun going around our houses and gardens looking for objects made from different materials. 

We had a great class video call on Friday morning, where we used our phonics skills to take part in a scavenger hunt. I look forward to doing it again next week 

I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you next week 

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Week Beginning Monday 18th January 2021

We have reached the end of our second week. 

The focus for our work in Literacy this week has been newspapers. We started the week by learning about the different features of a newspaper. We then took this and looked at a real one to see if we could spot the features we learnt about. Following on from that, we put or reporter hats on and went back in time to 1666 and the time 
of the Great Fire of London. We recorded some important facts and information to use in our writing and even found some to interview who was an eyewitness. Using all of this information, we created our newspapers and even drew a picture of what it would have looked like. 
Our Maths learning this week has been focused around subtraction. We used number lines to help us take away, before moving on to solve word problems. 

For our afternoon learning, it was great to see all your work on friendship. Understanding who are friends are and what we enjoy doing with them is really important - especially at the moment! I also saw some other great topic work this week focusing on our History and comparing the past to the present. I loved our Seaton Class catch up on Friday
and it was great to see everyone using their phonics skills to find the different items in the scavenger hunt!

Have a great weekend and I will see you next week!

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Week Beginning Monday 11th January 2021

We have come to end of our first full week of  home learning. 

For our Literacy we have carried on writing about the Great Fire of London inline with our Topic work. We have learnt some of the key facts and used them to describe the fire. We have also been using this to help us with our spellings - looking this week at the special friends o-e. Our maths learning has been based around partitioning and using our number
skills to add. I have been really impressed with the many ways we came up with to partition the number 10. 
As well as carrying on with our History work on the Great Fire of London, we have also done some amazing Art and DT work this week. A highlight was the Kadinsky inspired flame pictures. 

Have a great weekend!

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Week Beginning Monday 4th January 2021

Firstly, I would like to say a massive Happy New Year!

Well, it was certainly a strange week for everyone. It was lovely to see the children back on the Monday, only to have a new Lockdown brought in that evening, meaning schools will now be closed and children will be working from home. 

A literacy, Maths and Topic lesson will be set on Seesaw each day. Where possible it will be based around our topic for this half term - the Great Fire of London. 

For maths, we will be following the White Rose scheme - videos will accompany the activity so the children can watch these before having a a go at it for themselves. Mathletics logins are now on the Seesaw page should you child want to have a go at it.  

Please can I ask that at least one piece of Literacy, Maths and Topic is sent to me each week. This can be done by taking a picture of their work and sending it to me via private message on Seesaw - just reply to the message I have sent you. 

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch 

Have fun and stay safe. 

Thank you 

Mr Clatworthy 



Week Beginning Monday 14th December 

Our final week before the Christmas holidays!  

We started the week by writing our Christmas letters to Santa - telling him what we wanted to find under the tree on Christmas day. On Tuesday, we came into school to learn that our class Elf had disappeared! We then created a missing poster to hopefully try and find him. It worked! On Wednesday he returned and returned with chocolate to say sorry! The rest of the week was full of festive fun, from our Christmas party to creating a Christingle!

I really wish you all the best Christmas holiday! Stay safe, have fun and I'll see you all again in January! 

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