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Week Beginning Monday 7th June 2021

Welcome back - I hope you all had a lovely half term. 

We have started a new Literacy unit this week. We are using the book 'Traction Man' as a stimulus for our work. This week we have read the book and have started to think about and describe the main character of Traction Man. We then wrote descriptive sentences about him. Our maths this week has moved on to place value up to 100. I have been impressed with the children's ability to work with bigger numbers and be able to work with numbers up to 100. 

This week in PSHE we have been learning about life cycles. We watched a video showing the life cycle of different animals and how they change throughout their life. We then had a class discussion about our own life cycle. We talked about how we change over time and what the different stages of these changes are. We then drew the different stages of the human life cycle.

I hope you all enjoy having an extra long weekend with the two INSETs on Thursday and Friday and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday. 



Week Beginning Monday 24th May 2021

We are now at the end of the first half of the summer term. 

It has been yet another busy week in Seaton Class. Our Literacy this week has been focused on our own school trip. We were told we could go anywhere we wanted and drew pictures and wrote about all of the amazing and interesting places we came up with. It was lovely to see just how many of the children wanted their parents to go on the school trip with them. Our maths this week has been based on the recapping of addition and subtraction - looking at different methods for both. 

Geography this week has been about directional language. We used iPads and the software 'Scratch' to see if we could move the character around using basic coding and then describing what we have done to our partner. This week we have also had a focus on health and safety. We have learnt about the internet and the many different ways people use it. We then had a class chat about ways we can stay safe while using the internet and how to look after ourselves. We also learnt about safety in the home as well as road safety. 

I hope you all have a great week for half term and I will see you when we get back. Please also remember that there are two INSET days on the first week back - it is the Thursday and Friday. Thank you.

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Week Beginning Monday 17th May 2021

It has been another busy week in Seaton class. 

On Monday and Tuesday this week we ended our Literacy unit by finishing off our poems and then performing them to the class. They were based on the song we last week called 'Your Imagination' and it was really interesting to hear all of the amazing and whacky things the children wrote about. We then learnt about performance skills and gave some amazing and confident performances to the rest of the class. 

On Wednesday we had our class trip to Minions linked to our geography work around human and physical features. The weather was fortunately very kind to us and we had sun all day. We took a walk up to the Cheeswring and then back down along the old railway line. The children loved learning the geography and the history of the area. On Thursday and Friday we then wrote a recount of the trip and all the great things we had seen and done. 

Our Maths learning this week has concluded our work on fractions. We now have a good understanding of what a half is and also what a quarter is. We found these fractions of different shapes and then were tasked with finding a half and a quarter of a group of objects as well. I always enjoy seeing how engaged the children are with their work in class. 

I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you all again on Monday. 

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Week Beginning Monday 10th May 2021

This week's literacy has carried on with our work on the 'Train Ride'. We watched the book being sung and then spent some time talking about and describing the different things we saw along the way. After that, we watch a familiar train journey - the one from Plymouth to Gunnislake. We had good fun looking at the different things along the way and used our powerful adjectives to describe them. The Children really enjoyed describing places like the Tamar Bridge, Calstock and Gunnislake Train station. We ended the week by creating our own poem which we turned into a song. 

For our maths this week we have started our work on fractions. We got an understanding of what a 'whole' is and then used this to see if we can find a half. We then expanded this to find what a half is and what it is not. Following on we used this learning to find half of different numbers. 

Our afternoon learning this week has been focused on a number of different areas. Our PSHE this week has been on 'touch'. We learnt what the different types of appropriate touch are. On Wednesday we carried on with our Geography learning and had a focus on 'directional language'. Thursday was all about music and we learnt a new song and finally on Friday we got creative and made collage beach pictures. 

I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you next week.  

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Week Beginning Monday 4th May 2021

A new week saw the beginning of a new unit in our Literacy. We have started a poetry unit and are using the book 'The Train Ride'. The children really enjoy listening to it and love watching the video of it being sung to music. We have sequenced the book and had a go at telling our partner the story. We also used different adjectives to describe the different scenes that the train went past. Our maths learning centred around creating and adding arrays. We also learnt how to find and make doubles. 

Our afternoon learning has continued to be based on our geography learning on Cornwall. This week we have been learning about 'human' and 'physical' geography. We looked at a range of different objects and decided which category they would best fit. We also went around the school to find as many examples of human and physical geography as we could. We also compared a map of our area now to a map from the 1890s. The children were interested how the local area had changed over the years. 

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Week Beginning Monday 26th April 2021

We have been carrying on with our Literacy work on the ‘Man on the Moon’. This week we have been learning how to sequence the story and be able to retell the story to our partner. We then moved on and wrote instructions of how the girl managed to get the telescope to the moon. We used the video to help plan them and drew pictures to go with it. For our maths this week, we started our new unit of ‘multiplication and division’. We started it by recapping counting in 2s and 5s. We then went on to start using ‘arrays. Using these to help count in different groups.

Our topic learning this week had a focus on using maps. We were given a map of the school from above and then a number of different pictures taken from around the school and we had to see if we can match up the picture with where it goes on the map of the school. We had fun trying to guess where in the school the pictures were taken. We also had a go at drawing and labelling our own map of the school.

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Week beginning Monday 19th April 2021

Welcome back - I hope you all had a nice and relaxing Easter holidays. We have now started a new unit for our Literacy work based on the John Lewis advert ‘The Man on the Moon’. We have been learning and writing about the different emotions the characters felt and we wrote a letter from the man to the young girl to say thank you for the present she got him. The children really enjoyed watching the video and had many interesting questions about how she was able to send him the telescope. Our maths learning this week has continued to be on capacity and volume. We learnt how to measure the capacity of different containers by using spoons to measure it out.

Our topic work this started our new unit on ‘Cornwall’. We spent Wednesday and Thursday looking at the different types of local flowers we have. We picked some flowers from around the school and dissected them to see the different parts that make it up.

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Week Beginning Monday 29th March 2021

For our final week before the Easter holidays we turned our attention to creating our own school. We wrote about what it looks like as well as the teacher who we would have in our school. We also received a very exciting letter from someone in Sweden (someone who Mrs Speare knows) all about their life and what their school is like. The children really enjoyed listening to it and then we wrote a thank you card back and drew different pictures as a thank you. Our maths learning has moved on to capacity and volume. We also did some leaning in the afternoon around healthy and unhealthy lifestyles. We drew around two of the children in the class and filled them with either healthy or unhealthy food.

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Week Beginning Monday 15th March 2021

For our Literacy this week, we are starting to learn about schools from around the world using the book ‘This is me’. We are beginning to understand that schools from around the world are all different and that children all have different experiences depending on where they live. We have carried on our focus in maths on measuring by beginning to look at weight and mass.



Week Beginning Monday 8th March 2021

Welcome back!

It has been really nice to welcome back all of the children into the classroom this week and I hope they have all enjoyed being back and seeing all of their friends again. It has been nice to have them in front of me in the classroom again.

Our Literacy learning has been based around the lives of children all around the world. We wrote about our own lives and looked at the similarities and differences between our lives. For our maths learning this week we have started a new unit on weight and mass. Our PE focus for this half term is to work as part of a team. 

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