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Week Beginning 29/4/21 

Tamar Trails Easter Walk

Today we had a visit to Tamar Trails. We had to follow a map and find various items on route. 
All our boys were very well behaved and we were proud of how polite they were when we met other people out walking. 
At the end of our walk we were able to have a run around in the field and collect a reward for finding the items. 

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30/3/21 - 1/4/21 Creative Week 


The ARC children have had great fun getting very creative and making lovely Easter cards.

They also met Peter Rabbit who has come to live in the ARC. He was very pleased with the garden we are making for him and asked us to plant some beans for him too!

Freddie had great fun making his card with yellow paint. 

To finish the Spring Term we made Easter chocolate nests and we all agreed they were extremely delicious.

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Healthy Living 25/3/21 

Healthy Living

Today we have thought about healthy living and what that means. 

We found out that to keep us healthy we needed to:

Have a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables some protein foods like meat, fish and beans. Carbohydrates like pasta and rice and a small amount of foods with fat like cake and sweets. It is alright to have these foods as treats.

We also investigated how to help our heart and lungs healthy. Exercise was good for this and also helped our muscles get strong.

Water is also really important and helps us feel good and our Brains to work properly too.

Sleep is also really important. This is when our bodies can rest properly and repair any damage made during the day. If we sleep well we also can think much better and this helps us at school with our work. 


Week Beginning 22/3/21 

Healthy Eating

This week we wrote recipes for making a healthy salad. We listened to the story of Oliver's Vegetables and then we chose the items we would like in our salad. 
On Tuesday we followed our recipes to make our salads. Joe enjoyed his for lunch! 


Week Beginning 15/3/21 

Planting a beanstalk

Today we wrote and followed a set of instructions to plant our own beanstalks. 

We used the seeds from the broad beans that we planted last year. 

We will watch our seeds germinate and then we will plant them in some soil. 

I wonder whose beanstalk will grow the tallest?


Welcome to David 16/3/21 

Today we welcomed David into the ARC. He had a very successful start and has already made some great friends. Well done to Tommy and Joe for being so welcoming. 


11/3/21 Mothering Sunday 

Mothering Sunday

This week we have been thinking about Mothers Day and why we celebrate it. We also looked at the history of Mothers Day.
We found that servants and maids were allowed to visit their mothers once a year. They would pick flowers and bake cakes to take back home and give to their mums.

The Artists

Tommy and Joe enjoyed looking at the daffodil's and creating their own. Which they made in to Mother Day cards.

Joe carefully checked how many petals there were so he know how many he would need for his card.

The finished design.

Tommy also decided to paint a picture of the daffodils. He was very careful and spent along time looking at the real life flowers and reproducing them on the paper. He was very proud of his work.


Week Beginning 8/3/21 

Oliver's Fruit Salad. 

This week our focus is 'Fruit'. We read the story of Oliver's Fruit Salad. We then created a set of instructions for preparing our own fruit salad. On Tuesday we followed our instructions to prepare our fruit salads. We then had to wash our dishes! 


World Book Day 

4/3/21 World Book Day

We had great fun in the ARC on World Book Day.
Aladdin and Peter Rabbit came for the day. Peter Rabbit was very curious about everything and Aladdin was very helpful. We also had Cat in the Hat, Where's Wally and Sophie from the BFG.
During the day we had a guess the book emoji challenge. We were very good at this. It was a lovely day and we finished off by making our very own book marks.



3/3/21 Planting

We are excited about growing potatoes this year. We have entered a Grow Your Own Potatoes competition.
There are two types of potatoes Regional and National (Jazy and Casablanca).
We looked at how Farmers grow there potatoes - they prepared the ground first by destoning it with a huge machine.
Then another machine called the planter moves along the beds planting the potatoes.
Over the next 15 weeks the potatoes will start to grow and hopefully make lots of potatoes also called Tubers.


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