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Health and Wellbeing Day 


Today we held a Health and Safety Day. The children from the ARC joined in with some of the mainstream sessions - pilates, problem solving, and archery. 
In the ARC the children had an extra sensory afternoon - this included chocolate play dough mud! Freddy wanted to eat it!


Animals 5/3/22 

Animal Ark

The children really enjoyed the visit from the Animal Ark.

Tommy liked the Owl best. He really enjoyed watching him open his wings.

David's favourite was the Skink. Skinks look like a cross between a lizard and a snake. Some Skinks lay eggs while some give birth to live babies and are called Skinklets.

Joe said that all the animals were his favourite. He really enjoyed holding the snake.


Week Beginning 31/1/22 

Environmental Art

This term we have been exploring Art in the environment. We are making some Plaster of Paris tiles. We started with a clay tile. We collected different natural objects and used them to press into the clay. Then we mixed up Plaster of Paris and poured it on top. Next week we will be able to peel off our Plaster Tile ready for giving it some colour! 
We have also been making art from things we have found outside. This week we will look at the work of Andy Goldsworthy. 


Plants Observations 

Week starting 3/1/22
Plant Observations

We have started looking at different plants and trees.
We noticed that the trees and flowers both have roots and leaves. 
Flowers have stems and trees a much stronger trunk and branches.

It was fun painting flowers using different tools such as forks and toothbrushes. 
We have also started looking at the life-cycle of the flower. We have learn't that the flower starts from a seed - grows into a flower - makes more seeds - the flower dies but the new seeds start the cycle all over again.

We have started our own life cycle of the flower by planting our own flower seeds.


Newsletter 2022 

Please find below our ARC Newsletter

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Week 6/12/21 

ARC Fundraising

In the  ARC we have been busy creating Christmas cards to sell. The children have created 4 designs and they are selling them in packs of 4 for £1. They have decided that half of the money we raise with go to a charity and the other half we will keep for an ARC treat. They decided that they would like to support an animal charity. We will let you know how much money we raise! 


Week Beginning 29/11/21 

Christmas Enterprise

In the ARC we are setting up a Christmas Enterprise. We are making 4 Christmas card designs and printing them. We will sell them in packs of 4. We have worked out that we need to charge £1 per pack. We will give half of the money to a charity.... we are going to decide which one this week. We will keep the other half for an ARC treat! 


Week starting 22/11/21 

We all went to the Zoo

We have a great time at Dartmoor Zoological Gardens.

The children all had their favourite animals and enjoyed finding out about each one.

The Meercats are good at guarding each other.
The Tigers love sunbathing.

The Otters are great swimmers.

The monkeys are amazing climbers.

The children had a great day and had fun writing their recounts.

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Week 15/11/21 

Zones of Regulation

Over the last 2 weeks we have been talking about the Zones of Regulation. If you are in the green zone then it means that you are calm and ready to learn. We mixed different greens and used them to make mandala patterns in Art. We found out that you need blue and yellow to make green. We also went on a Green hunt outside. When we have been doing our morning learning, we have been noticing whether we are in the Green Zone. If you in the yellow zone it means that you are starting to get a bit annoyed or irritated. Now is the time to start practicing some of the ways to get back to green - long breaths/ counting backwards from 10/ finding a quiet place.  When we are in the yellow zone we need to find a way to get back to green zone. The red zone means that we are really angry and we are not really able to listen to any instructions or advice. 


Week 18/10/21 

Puppet Friends

This week we have been continuing with our puppet making. First we had to mould the heads out of clay.  

The next stage was to add the paper mâché. It took lots of layers of tissue paper and glue. 

When the paper mache was dry Miss Thomas had to cut it off the clay. If the clay stayed inside the puppet it would be very heavy and there would be nowhere to put your hand. 

Today we painted the paper mâché head. We will finish them after half term.... watch out for the finished photos! 

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