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Problem solving in the ARC 

Problem Solving is not just for Maths! Our  ARC Year 6's had to decide whether to build a tall or a strong tower. It was really tricky to build a tall tower because the spaghetti kept snapping so they both opted for a strong one. Both  structures were able to stand up by themselves. 


Summer Vegetables 

Look at how our Beans and Potatoes have grown! We will be ready to pick our beans on Wednesday! Hope they taste good. We will also check the rest of our home grown produce! 


Silk Painting and Battle Re-enactment! 

A busy day in the ARC today. Silk painting to start. As it was such a sunny day the gutta was able to dry outside and we were then able to paint it straight away. Bertie tried one with gutta and one without. Watch this space for the finished results. 
We then watched a powerpoint on the second world war - a subject of much interest for Bertie. We re-enacted some battles - much imagination required! 


ARC Guinea Pigs 

You may be wondering how our ARC Guinea Pigs are faring? Don't worry - they are safe at the house of one of our ARC TAs. We are sure they are being very spoilt;  I know that they have had a bespoke run built so they can enjoy the outside! I expect that when we see them back in the ARC they just may be a little fatter! 


Fantastic Home Learning! 

Look at some the fantastic pieces of home learning by the children in the ARC. Well 
done guys! 


Our Beanstalks 

We grew our bean seeds in jam jars last February as part of our literacy topic exploring the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Our Bean plants are now look strong enough for a giant! Hopefully there will be some beans soon. 

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Spring Art 

Felt - Part 2

Once our pieces had been felted, we sewed into them to create some definition. Jess chose to cut her piece to give it the shape of a fox. They still feel soft but they are now really strong and the fibres can't be pulled apart. 

They look great don't they! 


Keeping Clean 

Spring 2

We have been learning about microorganisms in science. In our PSHE we have been investigating how germs spread and what we can do to prevent this. 
We used glitter to represent the germs. The glitter got everywhere! We spread it all around the classroom and by the end of the experiment, everyone had caught the glitter germ. The only way we could get rid of it was wit a thorough hand wash. 
We have also been investigating the best way to keep our hands clean. We carried out an experiment on bread: 
Piece 1: we smeared it on the door handles. 
Piece 2 : we smeared our dirty hands over it
Piece 3: we used hand sanitiser to wash and then touched the bread
Piece 4: we washed our hands with soap and water and then touched the bread. 
After 3 weeks we saw the results. Ciaran said that  washing hands with soap and water is much better than using hand sanitiser. 


Felt Making 

Felt Making

Over the last few weeks we have been felt making in the ARC. We take dry fleece and make our pattern. We then added soap and warm water and rubbed gently until the fibres started knitting together. This week we will be sewing into our this space! 


Outdoor Learning 

  The children in the ARC have grown their own vegetables over the year. In September we harvested tomatoes, potatoes and apples.


The children enjoyed the process of making chutney: chopping, weighing out the ingredients and mixing it together.


We also took up bag full of apples to Ashgrove Farm where we had the opportunity to press our own apples and make apple Juice.


At the Harvest Festival we sold our produce and were thrilled to raise over £40 which will go towards our outings to help the children with their life skills learning.


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