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Summer 2 - Transport and Journeys 


Today we looked at some different vehicles. There are lots of different types and we discovered that they move us from one place to another. This might be a long journey or a short journey. Different vehicles move in different ways. Tommy chose to make a helicopter out of play do - he was the builder. Joe chose a to be the engineer for Santa's Bus. He gave me the instructions to build the bus out of play do.

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Thursday 20th May Our Pets 

Making our pets.

First we took our time and made a design of how we wanted our pets to look like and what materials and resources we would need.

Next we used Paper Mache to form the body and head. Joe decided on making a dog. Tommy and David a cat.

After we left the Paper Mache dry for one week we used painted them.

The next day we decided on the added bits: eyes, ears, tails, whiskers  and paws to complete our pets.

We are very proud of them and next week we are going to evaluate our finished product to see if we could have done anything differently and what we like the best.


Week Beginning 10/5/21 

Today we read the story 'Don't Hog the Hedge' about a very kind hedgehog. We then followed instructions to make our own hedgehogs. 
David is reading a book called the 'Hodgeheg' by Dick King-Smith. Today he wrote a description of the forest setting. 


6/5/21 Strawberry Smoothies 

All about Strawberries

Today we found out that strawberries are healthy fruits. They help our brains and bodies and help keep inside our bodies well. 

We used our senses to found out about the strawberries.

They are soft with the seeds on the outside. A little bit squishy. They smell sweet. 

Joe decided they were very tasty.
Tommy tried them but did not really like the texture.
David knew he did not like them.

The boys then enjoyed making strawberry smoothies.


5/5/21 Giant Vegetables 

Today we have entered a competition to grow giant vegetables in our local area. We have decided to grow giant cabbages and giant courgettes. 

It was great fun planting our seeds and we made sure they had enough soil, compost, sunlight and water.

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Tuesday 4th May 

Our Completed Teddies!

We are very proud of our teddies. We drew them onto cotton last week and then we decorated them using fabric pens and pastels. Miss Thomas sewed them up and today we stuffed them. It was a tricky as we had to get right into the arms and legs! Don't they look fantastic. 
We also had a Teddy Bear's Picnic today - we followed our instructions to make a sandwich and then took our teddies and our sandwiches outside to enjoy our picnic. What a great day!

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Week beginning 26/4/21 

Teddy Bear Topic

This week we have read the story "It's the Bear" as a play. We each took a colour to read the story. The boys then wrote their own speech bubbles. Today we looked at some homemade bears and planned what our own bears could look like. Watch this space to see how our bears turn out!


30/3/21 - 1/4/21 Creative Week 


The ARC children have had great fun getting very creative and making lovely Easter cards.

They also met Peter Rabbit who has come to live in the ARC. He was very pleased with the garden we are making for him and asked us to plant some beans for him too!

Freddie had great fun making his card with yellow paint. 

To finish the Spring Term we made Easter chocolate nests and we all agreed they were extremely delicious.

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Week Beginning 29/4/21 

Tamar Trails Easter Walk

Today we had a visit to Tamar Trails. We had to follow a map and find various items on route. 
All our boys were very well behaved and we were proud of how polite they were when we met other people out walking. 
At the end of our walk we were able to have a run around in the field and collect a reward for finding the items. 

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Healthy Living 25/3/21 

Healthy Living

Today we have thought about healthy living and what that means. 

We found out that to keep us healthy we needed to:

Have a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables some protein foods like meat, fish and beans. Carbohydrates like pasta and rice and a small amount of foods with fat like cake and sweets. It is alright to have these foods as treats.

We also investigated how to help our heart and lungs healthy. Exercise was good for this and also helped our muscles get strong.

Water is also really important and helps us feel good and our Brains to work properly too.

Sleep is also really important. This is when our bodies can rest properly and repair any damage made during the day. If we sleep well we also can think much better and this helps us at school with our work. 


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