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Our Final Puppets 

Here are our finished puppets. We added hair and decorated to make eyes. We used different fabrics to create their clothes. Both boys chose to put them in school uniform!


Water Wheel Investigation 

 Water Wheel Investigation

We have been looking at the advantages and disadvantages of Renewable Energy.
We found that there were many advantages:

  • Renewable energy sources will not run out.
  • Solar panels are cheap to maintain.
  • Unused energy produced by housholds can be sold back to the main national grid.
  • Renewable energy technologies could produce many jobs in the future.
  • Renewable energy sources are clean to use as ther are fewer greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Due to use of a stable source of energy, the cost of renewable fuels does not change much.
  • Renewable energy technologies can be used on small or large scales - e.g. one house or an entire wind farm.

There were disadvantages aswell:

  • Hydroelectirc systems can harm environmnets and wildlife.
  • Wind turbines can be very noisy.
  • Wind turbines can only be used if the weather conditions are suitable.
  • The technology required is often expensive to purchase. 
  • Usually, the energy is produced at a slower rate than when using fossil fuels.
  • A lot of land is required to set up large scale systems to make enough electricity.

Ciaran and Jayden enjoyed making the water wheel and seeing how fast the wheel spun when adding water.

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Boat experiment 


Which Boat Works the Best?

Today we made three different boats (paper, wood, and plastic with an added propeller) to see firstly:
  • Would they all float?
  • How many passengers could they carry?
  • Which one went the fastest?
  • Did they last in the water?
As you can see from the photograph's below - They all could float, The wooden raft was the best for carrying passengers, the plastic propeller boat went the fastest and all but one (the paper one) lasted in the water. We found as the paper boat got wetter it fell apart!

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Perfect Potatoes 

Seed to Potato
Ciaran and Jayden have really enjoyed the process of Potato growing: from the chitting to seeding, planting and growing and today harvesting.

They had great fun finding the potatoes in the soil, washing and weighing each potato amount from each bag.

We will now submit the results to the GROW YOUR OWN POTATO and see if we have won a prize for the heaviest amount!

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Puppets Stage 2 

Today we added a layer of water and tissue paper to our clay moulds. We then glued more tissue paper onto the mould which will give our puppets strength.

30/6/20 - Today we worked on our puppets again. The tissue paper had been cut off the mould ( this involved a very sharp stanley knife so Miss Thomas needed to do this bit!) We were then able to paint the puppets using acrylic paint. 

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Puppet Making in the ARC 

Today we made the clay heads for our puppets. We had to make sure we included all the features and made them really exaggerated. Next week we will add papiermache. 


Harvesting Beans 

Over the time we have been away the children of the Key workers have helped keep our potatoes and beans healthy. The beans were ready to pick. They look amazing and Ciaran and Jayden really enjoyed finding the biggest bean.

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Hall Time in the Field. 

As we can not use the hall at the moment we decided to do Field Time instead.

Luckily the weather was on our side and we had great fun using lots of different equipment: tennis, football skills, throwing and jumping through hoops.

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Problem solving in the ARC 

Problem Solving is not just for Maths! Our  ARC Year 6's had to decide whether to build a tall or a strong tower. It was really tricky to build a tall tower because the spaghetti kept snapping so they both opted for a strong one. Both  structures were able to stand up by themselves. 


Summer Vegetables 

Look at how our Beans and Potatoes have grown! We will be ready to pick our beans on Wednesday! Hope they taste good. We will also check the rest of our home grown produce! 


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