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Week ending 17th December 2021 

We have finally reached the end of a long and eventful term and I am sure that you are looking forward to having your children at home with you for Christmas. Although holidays are a happy time we are sad at the Delaware base as we say a sad goodbye to Mrs Tamsin Garwood who has been with us for over 13 years. She is taking very early retirement and, now that her children are grown, she and her husband are off to have lots of adventures. I am sure that you will join me in wishing her the very best for the future.
It has been a busy few weeks with Christmas preparations in full swing. There have been theatre and train trips and many Christmas parties.

Thank you to Mole Valley Farmers of Tavistock who donated Christmas trees to us. Also, to Reverend Chris Painter who led a magical Christingle service for us at St. Annes Church on Monday 13th. 
Both bases were cooked a delicious Christmas lunch this week by Mrs Wood, Miss Wood and Mrs Warren- thank you ladies!
It only remains for me to wish you all a very merry (Covid free!) Christmas. I hope that you are able to have the Christmas that you have planned and that you get to spend it with your nearest and dearest. It has been an absolute pleasure to have had a relatively 'normal' term with your lovely children. Look out for Facebook and website posts showing you what we have been getting up to in order to feel festive!
See you all in 2022!

Best wishes,

Lynn Cox 

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Week ending 26th November 2021 

A busy week has come to an end once again. The Year 3 and 4 had a fantastic trip to Dartmoor Zoo and were full of stories about the animals that they encountered there. This experience will enrich their learning about protecting the environment and preserving endangered species of animals.
Parental consultations are taking place next week- you should all have been contacted by your child's class teacher to make a telephone appointment. Please call the school if you are having any problems doing this.
Head teacher awards went to Max, Dex, Archie, Ellie, Elliot and Fynley and the highest attendance was in Year 3 with 95.4%.
Can I remind you that, if your child is ill then you need to let the school know each morning of their absence. The exception to this is if your child tests positive for COVID 19- then you will only need to call school if they do not return after the quarantine period. If your child is absent, would you please call their base school (where they are being taught) and press option 1 to 'report an absence'. A reminder that Delaware base is 01822 832550 and Gunnislake base is 01822 832685. There may be an occasion when a message has not been communicated to the correct person, so please forgive us if we call you to check on an absence- I am sure that you will agree that it is better to double check that your child is safely at home!
I am sure that you will all be mindful of the tragic news that has hit Plymouth this week. With that in mind, if your child has a mobile phone, you may want to consider downloading the Hollie Guard or Life360 Apps so that you can track their location if they are not with you.

Stay safe and have a great weekend!


Week ending 19th November 2021 

The theme for this week's anti-bullying week is 'one kind word'. During assembly we made a list of kind things that we could say to one another. We also discussed the difference between being mean and unkind and bullying. We discussed that being mean and unkind lots of times, on purpose and not stopping when someone asks you to is, indeed bullying. We talked about the STOP acrostic to help us to remember- Several Times On Purpose!
It certainly has been a busy week as the children organised a jumble sale at the Delaware base on Wednesday and raised an incredible £184for the World Wildlife Fund.
Today was 'Children in Need' day. Most of the children dressed up in pyjamas and sparkles to celebrate the day. 'Guess the Teddy's' name was won at the Delaware base by Alice with the name 'Cookie' and by Mollie at the Gunnislake base with the name Poppy- very apt for this time of the year!  Altogether, we raised £182 across both bases- thank you for your support.
The attendance award this week goes to Year 4 with 98.5%- well done!
Headteacher awards this week have been awarded to Alyssa, Ruby, Elsie, Lacie, Jayden, Charlie and Calum. (There is a picture beneath of the wonderful natural artwork created by Elsie and Jayden after they had studied the work of Andy Goldsworthy in art.)
I hope that you all have a lovely weekend with your families. 

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Week ending 12th November 2021 

We have had a couple of busy weeks since we have been back after half term. I am delighted to see the first few groups of children who have been awarded their first 'Karate Reading' bands. They were very excited to receive them during our Friday celebration assembly. Thank you so much for continuing to support your child's reading journey at home.
The class who were awarded the attendance prize this week were Year 2 with 98%- well done Year 2!
Head teacher awards were received by Ethan H, Jasmine, Bettsie, Ellie, Joe, Isabelle D-T, Una, Isla and Marley.
As you will be aware the school is focusing on the development of vocabulary and the children are being awarded 'tier 2' and 'tier 3' certificates during celebration assembly. A quick reminder that tier 2 are descriptive words which we usually find in books e.g colossal, minuscule. Tier 3 words are those which are more subject specific e.g. permafrost and plate tectonics.  Some good examples from the celebration assemblies in both bases this week were 'traumatised' from a Year 4 pupil and 'seismology' from a Year 6 pupil. Please keep asking your children about the tier 2 and tier 3 vocabulary that they have been using.
Next week, we are heading into 'Anti-Bullying Week' and Children in Need. Don't forget that the children can wear pyjamas or sparkles (or both) for a £1 donation.

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Week ending 15th October 2021 

It has been great to have a member of the local Parish Council Mrs Boreham, visit Y4 at the Delaware base this week. She is part of the committee for 'A Forest For Calstock' group who will be planting trees in the locality. The Y3 and Y4 pupils will be involved in this as part of their learning about the environment next term.
Headteacher awards this week go to Flo, Imogen T, Franklin, Hugo, Zrazik, Luke and Eva. 
The highest attendance class this week is Polzeath Year 4- well done!
Also, a big well done to Zack who won a second place in the Callington Honey Fair art competition. His picture is below- isn't it fantastic!?
We will be holding a 'virtual' Harvest Festival next week- look out for videos of your children singing harvest songs on SeeSaw and Facebook (if you have given permission for these platforms to feature your children.) We would appreciate any donations of dried or tinned goods which will be distributed to the local food bank in Callington. Please send in anything which you can spare next week- thank you in advance! took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus leo ante, consectetur sit amet vulputate vel, dapibus sit amet lectus.

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Week ending 8th October 2021 

Yet another busy week at both school bases. I have introduced the children to the 'karate reading' scheme this week. It is a reading incentive which I know you will support us with by listening to your children read at home or encouraging them to read each day after school. More details will be sent on the class blogs and/or SeeSaw- this starts on Monday 11th October.
We also have a massive focus on the development of vocabulary throughout this academic year. As the term progresses ask your children (From Y1 upwards) about tier 2 and tier 3 words and what this means to them.
This week Headteacher awards go to Charlie T, Charlie W, Connor, Sophie (Y1), Fynley, Robert, Joey, Logan (Y2), Jasmine, Thomas and Jenson- congratulations to all of you.
The class with the highest attendance this week goes to Year 4 with 100%!



Week ending 1st October 2021 

What an absolute joy it has been to continue to have face- to face assemblies. We have talked about what our school behaviour code might look like on a day-to-day basis- Be kind. Be respectful. Be focussed.
We have appointed our school council for this year and I will introduce them to you in the next blog. 
We are pleased to have appointed two new apprentice Teaching Assistants this week. We welcome Mrs Tanya Vine and Miss Toni Stocks to the Delaware base and hope that they enjoy working with your children.
As is usual, even though we are only 4 weeks in, there is already lots of lost property at the Delaware base. Frustratingly, much of it is unnamed and there is less chance of reuniting items with their owners. Could I please ask you all to check that your child's school clothing is named - uniform and PE kit- thank you.
We are hoping that our little 'spike' in COVID cases has now ended and that we don't have many new ones. Thankfully, those who were affected were not too ill. 
Head teachers awards this week go to Jensen, Poppy, Tom, Edward, Henry, Colby, Imogen, Flo D, Jack, Lacey, Bettsie, George G,  Ivy-May, Allana and Eleanor- Well done everyone!
The attendance award went to Year 1 who had 96.7% attendance.


Week ending 24th September 2012 

Another busy week at both sites. It has been amazing to see the fantastic learning from the children- there is so much in their books already!
We are working hard on promoting our behaviour code- Be kind. Be respectful. Be focused. Hopefully , you will be able to reiterate this at home too!
Head teacher awards go this week to Mark, Drazik, Rayne, Bettie, Eva and Oli. The winners of the attendance award were Perranporth class with 98.8%.
Last week I promised some pictures of the Gunnislake base learning environments, so here they are. Enjoy!

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Head's Blog Week Ending 17th September 2021 

The first full week is complete and it has certainly been a busy one. The children are now well settled into their new classes and getting stuck into their learning. I have been very impressed with their learning behaviours.  There have been many Headteacher Awards this week - the treasure chest is almost empty and I only refilled it on Monday. Awards this week go out to Caiden, Ruby C, Alyssa, Eddie, Freddie, Isabelle D, Oli, Hugo, Tom D, Marley, Mikey, Jamie, Ellie, Eva, Una, Drazik, Rayne, Max, Isobel, Maria, Ross,  and Ivy-May - Wow how amazing!  (Sorry if I missed anyone- I will mention you next week)
The attendance prize this week goes to Year 4 with 100% attendance!
The schools are looking really lovely. Staff have worked hard to create some inviting learning environments and I wanted to share some photographs of them. Delaware base this week and Gunnislake next week.
Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

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Welcome back to school! 

A very warm welcome back to school! We have had a fantastic first week (well almost a full week) back. Your children have been amazing - they all look very smart in their uniforms. The children are getting used to my new name and it has been really comical when they correct each other.
 It has been so exciting to have our first face-to face assemblies for 18 months. A few of the Year 1 and 2 children didn't know what an actual assembly even was! They are now getting used to it and are enjoying the experience.
On Fridays we have a celebration assembly where we reward children for hard work, great learning behaviours and attendance.
This week's recipient of the, much sought after, Headteacher award are: Eliza, Barnaby, Ruby, Logan N, Ivy-May, Henry A-T, Una, Freddie, Seth and Alexus. Well done to you.
The new attendance award (an extra playtime) goes, this week to Year 5 with 98.5%.
This week we have introduced a slightly 'tweaked' behaviour strategy- I will be sending an email detailing it. Basically, you will be notified via e-mail if your child have breached the behaviour code, so that you can support us and talk to them about good behaviour choices at home too.
We have also introduced a new handwriting scheme called 'Penpals'. 
Thank you for adhering to the 'drop off' and 'pick up' regimes this week. This week has definitely felt more 'normal' than any for a while.
Although we are not encouraging lots of adults in the school, I must stress that we are available to talk to you if you have any concerns about your child. 
Please don't forget to complete the local permissions form on Arbor.

Have a lovely weekend!

Lynn Cox


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