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Week Beginning 16.11.20 

As part of our learning about different festivals we learnt about Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and watched a video showing how Hindus celebrate this festival. We then coloured some of our own Rangoli patterns. We then worked with our partners to carefully place coloured rice onto Rangoli patterns. We also learnt that people decorate their hands so we worked together to create patterns on large hands.

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Making Cars 

We've been learning about the number 4 this week so I challenged the children to work with a partner to make a car with 4 wheels and 4 lights. They worked brilliantly together and made some great cars.

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Wassily Kandinsky 

As we were learning about circles in maths we decided to recreate the famous painting by Wassily Kandinsky.


Week beginning 9.11.20 

Over the last two weeks we've been focusing on the importance of listening to each other and working together. Last week we worked with partners to complete various activities. These included building tall towers with bricks and working together to create firework pictures .We filmed the children whilst they completed these. This week we watched some clips from the videos. We discussed the different behaviours that we could see. We also looked at children’s facial expressions and talked about how we thought they were feeling and why. We discussed any changes we could make to ensure that in the future everyone is listened to and that their ideas are valued.

As we are learning the story of the 3 little pigs this week we decided to make houses for them. We worked with a partner and had to decide which house we would build and then we worked together to complete it ensuring that the pigs could fit inside. The next day, as we have been learning about circles and triangles in maths, we created pictures together using these shapes. After each activity we talked about how we felt and whether our partner was listening to us and letting us take part in the activity.

The children now all recognise how we should work together with a partner. They are all developing the listening, negotiation and communication skills in order to do this successfully. They have enjoyed working with different partners over the last two weeks and have asked if these activities can continue. We will work together next week to complete activities to further devlop these important skills.

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Week Beginning 2.11.20 

It's been lovely seeing all the children back at school after half term this week. We've set up new phonics groups this week and the children have been working really hard in their new groups. I've been impressed with their progress over the last few weeks and I'm sure they're going to continue to progress rapidly due to their attention and focus. We've started learning about the numberblocks this week and the children have enjoyed watching short videos introducing numberblocks 1, 2 and 3. They have also been looking closely to describe things that are the same and things that are different. We've also had a lot of fun in our outside area this week.

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Week Beginning 19.10.20 

We continued to learn about senses and this week we learnt about our sense of taste. We tasted a little bit of sugar and salt. We then tasted various foods such as celery, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, lemon, lime, pretzels and pineapple. We used the words salty, sour, bitter and sweet to describe the different tastes. We also talked about whether or not we liked them. We could usually tell this just by looking at our faces!!!

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Religious Education 

We started to explore the Christian ideas that God loves people even from before they are born and their names are written on the palm of God’s hand. We also learnt about the Christian belief that Jesus believes children are very special. We listened to the story of Jesus wanting to see the children even though his disciples tried stopping him. We then drew around our own hands, wrote our names and decorated them. We talked about the fact that we are all special.

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The next day we learnt about baptism in the Christian faith. We watched a short video and then role played baptising a baby.


Marshmallows on the fire! 

Lots of the children have been making pretend fires during their imaginative play outside so we decided to have a real fire in our forest area. The children learnt how to be safe around the fire and loved toasting their marshmallows!

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