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Week Beginning 12.7.21 

This week we've been practising for our sports day next week. We've been practising our running, jumping and balancing skills so that we're ready for all the races.

Over the last few weeks we've been learning to sing different songs in music. We've also been learning how to keep a beat with our bodies and with instruments.

The weather has been very hot so we've been learning about how to stay safe in the sun by wearing sun lotion and a hat. We've been staying in the shade and coming inside to cool down whilst remembering to drink lots of water. We've had lots of fun in our water trays as we've been paddling in them to keep cool.

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Week Beginning 5.7.21 

This week has been a very busy one! We started the week by spending the morning in the Year 1 class getting to know our new teachers. On Tuesday we took part in a variety of activities organised by Arena for our health and well being morning. We did some yoga, took part in a water challenge and played lots of games. It was a lot of fun!

We dug up our potatoes this week and Mrs Feakins kindly cooked them so that we could try them. They were delicious!

On Friday we enjoyed a trip to Looe. We went to the park and then we went to the beach. Everyone was so well behaved and we all had a fantastic time!

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Week beginning 28.6.21 

We started this week by learning about orangutans. We used non fiction books to find out about them. We then painted pictures of them and recalled some of the facts we'd learnt.

The next day we listened to a story about Buddy the orangutan who appears in one of David Attenborough's documentaries. It's all about an orangutan who is left in a tree while all the trees around him are cut down so he needs rescuing. We also watched a clip of the real orangutan climbing to the top of the last tree. We talked about the reasons that the trees are being cut down and what we can do to help. The children showed real care and concern for the animals and came up with some great ideas of how we can help. They rememberd lots of our previous learning about recycling and reusing.

We then moved on to learning about how the houses in the rainforest differ to our houses. We looked at some photographs and the children identified the differences between their own house and the ones in the rainforest. They were fantastic at noticing at differences. Here are some of their comments:

Loriee said "My windows have glass in them but theirs don’t. That’s so the breeze can go through their house to cool them down."

Flo said "Their houses are off the ground but mine isn’t. They’re off the ground so the water doesn’t get in."

T said "My house has a car park but theirs don’t because they have boats to get around."

N said "Their houses are made of wood but mine’s made of bricks."

Tom said "My house has more layers. Mine has got three layers. Their houses only have one layer."

Sophie said "Some of their houses float so they go up when the water goes up and down when the water goes down. My house doesn't float."

We then used junk materials to make our own stilt houses. The children worked really hard to make sure they had windows on both sides so that the breeze could go through, stilts so that they didn't flood and a way of getting up to the door.


Goldilocks 1 

Over the last couple of weeks we've been learning to retell the story of Goldilocks. Some of the children then had a go at writing part of the story. I have been so impressed with the standard of their writing!


Goldilocks 2 


Goldilocks 3 


Goldilocks 4 


Week Beginning 21.6.21 

This week we've started to learn about the Amazon rainforest. We started the week by finding out about some of the animals that live there. We then wrote about them. We've also enjoyed painting some of the animals. Mrs Feakins has actually been to the Amazon rainforest so she showed us some of her photos and videos. The dancing caterpillars were definitely the children's favourite video!

Later in the week we enjoyed creating different beats to match some of the animals movements. We thought carefully about how the animals move and whether they move slowly or quickly. We used our hands and various instruments to keep the beats.

We also found out about why the rainforests are so important to us. We then drew pictures and wrote about why they’re important. We also talked about what’s happening to the rainforests and why. We discussed what we could do to help save them.

In maths we've been learning about odd and even numbers. We've had great fun creating odd aliens and even monsters!

We've enjoyed being outside a lot this week. Blowing bubbles for our friends to try and catch was great fun and a brilliant opportunity for us to practise our sharing and turn taking skills. We've also spent lots of time working together to build dens and other large models outside.

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Week Beginning 14.6.21 

This week we've been learning about the animals that live in cold places. We started by talking about what we already knew about them and then looked at books and watched short video clips to find out more about them. We discussed things we had learnt that we didn't know before. We then wrote about what we had found out. We also idenified where they live on the globe and discussed the fact they do not live together as the polar bears live in the Arctic and the emperor penguins live in Antarctica. We read a true story about Hunter the polar bear who had to be rescued as he swam so far and got so tired that he climbed up to rest on a rocky ledge but was then stuck and couldn't get down. We also read the story 'Who will save us?' This is all about climate change and what we can do to help save the animals which rely on the ice to survive. We talked about what we could do to help.

It's been lovely to hear from lots of parents this week as they've been telling me that their children have been telling them all about the polar bears and penguins. They've also been telling them what they can do at home to help such as turning off lights when they're not in the room and recycling to reduce the amount of rubbish they have. One girl has even arranged a litter pick in her local area. It's fantastic to hear that the children are so interested in what we're learning about and that they care so much about the world we live in.

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Week Beginning 7.6.21 

It's been lovely to see everyone back again after the half term holiday.

This week we've been learning about the Christian Creation story. We started by listening to the story. We then discussed what happened and ordered the events together. We made our own story wheels and used these to help us retell the story.

In maths we've been learning about doubling. We've had lots of fun playing games with our partners to reinforce this learning.

I was very impressed when two girls came to tell me that they'd decided to do a litter pick in our outside area. They'd remembered our learning before the half term holiday about protecting animals by picking up litter. It was lovely to see them caring about the environment around them and they were happy to see that there was hardly any litter for them to find.

I hope you all enjoy having an extra long weekend with the two INSETs on Thursday and Friday and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.

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