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Week Beginning 17.1.22 

This week we've been looking at maps. We started off by looking at a map of the United Kingdom. We looked at where England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales were located. We also identified Cornwall and discussed the fact that this is the county that we live in. We then looked at a map of our local area. We identified our school, the roads, fields, houses and woods. We then switched the map view to an aerial photograph and compared the two. Next, we looked at a map of Gunnislake and identified the features that were the same as the area around our school. We also identified where the river was and the bridge that crosses over it. We drew our own maps. We thought carefully about the colours and shapes used on the maps we had looked at to show the different features.

Later in the week we compared where we live to Plymouth. We talked about Plymouth and whether the children had been there. We discussed what it was like. Were there any things that were the same as our school area? Were there any differences? We looked at a map of Plymouth city centre and compared it to the map of our local area. We then sorted some of the features found in the two different places.

In PE we practised finding our own space using the spot markers. We practised moving in lots of different ways taking care to avoid bumping into anyone or anything. We learnt how to make some gymnastic shapes with our bodies. Some of these included the straddle, pike, arch and dish.

In music we've continued to learn to sing songs with actions. This week we practised the two songs that we sang last week and we also sang five little monkeys. We also practised clapping some rhythms from the song. In maths, we've also been learning to sing five little speckled frogs as we've been learning about the composition of five.

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Week Beginning 10.1.22 

So far this term we've been learning about winter and the changes that occur. Last week we focused on the trees and this week we focused on the weather with a particular focus on ice. We predicted what we thought would happen when we added cold water, hot water and salt to ice cubes. We then observed what happened and talked about whether our predictions were correct. We were challenged to see if we could pick up the ice cubes using string. We also investigated what happened when we painted the ice. We added salt, paint and food colouring to see what happened.

During our forest school session we looked for interesting natural objects to put in our ice art. We worked together to carefully select objects and then froze them overnight. The next day we hung them outside and watched them melt throughout the day.

In maths we've continued to practise our subitising skills. As part of this learning we played a game with number tracks and a dice. The children were great at recognising the number of spots on the dice! Some of the children decided to make the number patterns using beads and some chose to print the patterns using cylinders and paint.

Some of the children have been busy writing shopping lists in our home corner this week.

They've also been enjoying the lovely sunshine outside. They really enjoyed cleaning the mud off the playhouse.

In PE we've been learning to move in lots of different ways such as sidestepping, crawling, jogging and skipping. We also learnt how to find our own space in the hall.

In music we've been learning to sing songs with actions. This week we've enjoyed singing wind the bobbin up and if you're happy and you know it.

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Happy New Year! 

Welcome back! It's been lovely to see everyone back after the holiday. Here is our class newsletter for this term.

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Nativity In Wellies 

It's (after several takes - watch to the end!) beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...


Week Beginning 29.11.21 

This week we've been busy filming our Nativity. We've also been practising singing the songs to go in our film. I will put it on Facebook and on here in the last week of term so please look out for it.

We’ve also started to learn about the Arctic. We looked at a globe and identified where we live and where the North Pole is. We discussed the difference in the weather and the day length. We then watched a video of the northern lights and created our own representations using chalk and oil pastels.  Later in the week we learnt how to change colours and types of brush to create different effects on a drawing app. We then used these new skills to create representations of the northern lights on the iPads.

There was great excitement during our forest school session this week as we went to see if we'd managed to catch an aliens with the traps we made last week. We took tweezers, magnifying glasses and bags to collect any evidence we could find. The children were amazed to find signs the aliens had been there. They found alien goo which some thought was alien snot because it was so gooey and sticky! They even found circles of charred wood where the aliens had landed. It was lovely to see the children so excited, involved and using so much fantastic language in their play.

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Week beginning 22.11.21 

This week we have focused on RE in many of our adult led sessions. You can see some of our learning below. We have also been learning about instructions. As part of this we learnt to retell a set of instructions for how to trap a dinosaur. During our forest school session we had great fun working together to make traps to try and catch the friendly aliens that have been seen in the area. The children can't wait to see if they've caught any next week! We've also had fun following the instructions to play some board games. I was really impressed with the children's ability to cope with losing and also the support and encouragement they gave each other when playing the games.

We've been enjoying our fantastic outdoor area this week. The children have been working together brilliantly to build obstacle courses. In our role play area we decided to have a pet shop. The children have really enjoyed counting out the correct amount of coins to pay for the pets and food.

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Religious Education 

We listened to the story about when Jesus wanted to see the children even though his disciples tried stopping them because he thought that children were very special. We also learnt that Christians believe that God loves people even before they are born and that their names are written on the palm of God’s hand. We wrote our names on hands and decorated them carefully.

Later in the week we learnt about the Christian baptism ceremony by looking at pictures and by watching a short video. We then role played a baptism using a doll as the baby. The next day we learnt about the Muslim ceremony of Aqiqah.


Week Beginning 15.11.21 

This week we continued to learn about healthy eating. We made a delicious banana milkshake and enjoyed tasting papaya, melon, pineapple, melon and raspberries in our fruit salad.

We sorted foods into sets according to whether they're healthy or not. We then cut foods out to put in our healthy lunchboxes.

Later in the week we recapped the importance of washing our hands thoroughly. We used pepper and soap to demonstrate what happens to the germs on our hands when we use soap. We also learnt a song to help us remember how to wash our hands correctly.

We learnt about the importance of getting enough sleep and we discussed how to have a good bedtime routine to help us get to sleep quickly. Whilst talking about this we also talked about cleaning our teeth. We talked about why it is importnant to clean our teeth twice a day.

We moved onto talking about how to stay safe by learning about safer strangers. We listened to a story and talked about who strangers are. We then identified safer strangers and safer buildings to go to if we need help.

In addition to all this we've continued to learn the letter sounds in phonics. We've also continued to learn to blend and segment words. I've been really impressed with the children's listening and the effort they've put into their learning this week.

In maths, we recapped the language more and fewer and compared sets of objects. We also learnt about circles and triangles. As part of this learning we made shape alien pictures and continued repeating patterns with shapes.

In forest school we leant how to make a fire and how to stay safe by the fire. We then toasted delicious marshmallows.

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Week Beginning 8.11.21 

This week we've started to learn about how to eat healthily. We started by learning about vegetables. We identified different vegetables and talked about why we should eat them. We then read the story Supertato. After reading this we did some related activities. We designed our own vegetable characters by drawing around templates and drawing the features. The evil pea from the story went into my freezer and froze some blueberries in blocks of ice. The children were challenged to think of how to free the raspberries. They had some great ideas. One of the children said "I think we need hot water because it melts stuff." We also played a healthy eating bingo game which was lots of fun. We looked at some pictures by Giuseppe Archimboldo and talked about what we could see in the pictures. We then created our own fruit and vegetable faces.

We've enjoyed making healthy meals and drinks with playdough and pasta in our healthy eating cafe. The children have taken orders and prepared delicious food for each other. There have been some great ideas for healthy choices from fruit salad with strawberries, bluberries, melon and banana to carrot and cabbage soup. We've practised our cutting skills by creating potato characters.

On Thursday we learnt about Remembrance Day and observed the 2 minutes silence. We then made poppies to wear.

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Week Beginning 2.11.21 

It was lovely to see everyone back on Tuesday after the half term and INSET day. This week we've continued to learn about our senses. We focused on our sense of touch. We had fun putting our hands in the feely bag and describing what we could feel. The children came up with some fantastic adjectives to describe the different textures. These included fluffy, scrunchy, bumpy, lumpy, smooth, rough and scratchy. We then enjoyed exploring the forest school area to see what different textures we could feel. Again the children were great at describing these. Barnaby noticed that the edge of the tyre he found felt squashy while Oliver noticed that the tree bark felt bumpy. Some of the children found leaves that felt smooth while others felt rough or spiky. We also had fun playing with some sticky wobbly jelly in our tuff tray.

In maths this week the children have been learning to compare quantities of objects. They've been using the stem sentences:

______ has more than ______.

______ has fewer than ______.

We've enjoyed lots of time outside this week in the beautiful sunshine! Some of the children worked together to build a ball run for the balls to go down. They worked together brilliantly to solve problems when the ball got stuck.

As it was Diwali on Thursday we listened to the story of Rama and Sita. We then coloured rangoli and mehndi patterns. Some of the children also designed their own mehndi patterns.

On Friday we learnt about how to keep safe on bonfire night. We also created our own fireworks pictures.

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