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Week Beginning 27.6.22 

Over the past two weeks we've been learning about life under the sea. We started by talking about the creatures we know that live in the sea. We then looked at some images and named the creatures. We talked about what we already knew about them and learnt some new facts.

We then explored using different materials and techniques to create sea creatures. We made jellyfish by sticking tissue paper onto sticky back plastic. We cut strips of cellophane for the tentacles and joined them to the body using double sided tape. We painted pictures of sea creatures and talked about the facts we had found out about them.

We also explored using different tools on a drawing app to create sea creature pictures. The first thing we did was choose an appropriate background for under the sea. We then chose colours and sizes for the brush according to what we were drawing. We also used different tools such as the glitter brush. We were able to try things out and change our minds by using the undo tool.

We practised our fine motor skills by drawing patterns. We tried to draw our patterns so that the lines were really close together but didn’t touch each other. After we’d practised we were then challenged to draw patterns on a fish. We had to try to draw the lines really close together and we had to try to draw different patterns in each section of the fish. All the children showed an amazing amount of focus during this activity and were very proud of their completed fish.

We've also been practising our writing skills by writing about some of the sea creatures. Many of the children are really enjoying using the emoji finger spacers to help them remember the spaces between their words.

We also learnt about the problems sea creatures are facing due to plastic pollution. We looked at some images of various creatures in trouble due to plastic. We talked about what we could see and how we thought this may have happened. We then focused on what we could do to help. We linked this back to our previous learning about recycling and also talked about the importance of not dropping litter.

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Week Beginning 13.6.22 

We used the recycling we sorted last week, along with a few other objects, to investigate floating and sinking. We talked about what each object was made of, predicted what we thought would happen to them and then tested them on the water. The next day we thought about the materials that floated and then used these to make boats. The challenge was to make a boat to carry two animals. The children helped each other and had great fun testing them in the water tray. I was really impressed that when some of the boats sank the children decided to make another one the next day. They thought about why it didn't float and changed the materials and shape of it so that it would float. They looked at some of the other children's boats and used some of their techniques and ideas when making their next one. They were very proud of their boats and were keen to test them in the water!

The weather has been amazing so we've been enjoying lots of time outside. This has been a brilliant opportunity to learn about how to stay safe in the sun.

In PE we've been playing lots of games. This week we played a version of musical statues but instead of dancing to the music we had to move in a variety of ways such as jogging, galloping, side stepping and skipping. We also got into teams and had a race to see which team could move the beanbags from one side of the bench to the other using only one hand each time.

Another busy fun filled week with lots of learning!

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Week Beginning 6.6.22 

This week we've started to learn about how and why we recycle. We started learning about this by watching a short video clip of the recycling being sorted at a recycling centre. We then sorted our recycling together. We talked about what each object was made of and then sorted the objects according to these materials.

We then decided to reuse plastic containers, cardboard tubes and boxes to make models. This was a great opportunity for the children to help each other as many of them needed help to hold various parts while they stuck them together.

After seeing some of the recycling being sorted by a magnet on the video we decided to investigate which materials the magnets stuck to. We really enjoyed testing the magnets on various materials around the classroom.

We've been continuing to focus on listening to each other when playing and taking each other's ideas into account. It's been lovely to see this happening during the children's independent play.

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Week beginning 16.5.22 

This week we've been focusing on how to be a good friend. We started by giving each child a partner. We started off with more dominant personalities paired with more passive children. They were then given three challenges to complete together. The next day we changed the partners so that children with similar personalities were together. As the children took part in the various activities we filmed them without them realising what we were doing. The following day we watched some of these videos together. We identified and discussed the different behaviours that we saw. We discussed children’s facial expressions and talked about how we thought they were feeling and why. We then talked about any changes we could make to ensure that everyone is listened to and that their ideas are valued.

We then focused on this throughout the rest of the week. The children showed great teamwork during continuous provision and worked together brilliantly during our forest school session to make clay minibeasts.

In PE this week we've been learning to control a ball with a hockey stick. The children showed great concentration and perseverence to move the ball in and out of the cones.

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Week Beginning 9.5.22 

This week we've continued to find out more about minibeasts. We started by watching some short video clips to find the answers to the questions the children wanted to find out. We then used the skills we've been learning in phonics to write our own sentences about them. Some of the children chose to use an app on the Ipads to draw them.

We had lots of fun during forest school. The children were able to choose what they would like to do this week. Some chose to make cakes or potions. Two children even made a chocolate volcano birthday cake with a candle on the top and then they sang happy birthday! Such brilliant imagination! Some hunted for minibeasts while others practised their balancing skills on the wobbly logs.

In PE we've continued to practise our throwing and catching skills.

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Week beginning 3.5.22 

This week we've continued to learn about minibeasts. We've learnt about the lifecycle of a butterfly and have listened to various stories which reinforce this process. The children have enjoyed making symmetrical butterflies using different techniques. We used paint to paint one side of the butterfly and then folded it to print the other side. We also coloured patterns on their wings ensuring we used the same colours on each side. We've decided to buy some caterpillars to watch turn into butterflies after the half term so that they don't change during the holiday.

We also learnt about spiders. We started by talking about what we already know about them and then watched a short video clip to find out more information. Some of the children went on a spider hunt outside while others decided to make spider puppets.

As many of the children really enjoy finding worms we decided to make wormeries using empty plastic bottles. The children worked together to put layers of soil, compost and sand into their bottles. They then put a few leaves on top and added some worms that they found. We've put them in a dark place and will check them next week to see if there are any changes.

In maths this week the children have been continuing to practise recalling doubles up to 5. We've also been learning about sorting objects according to different characteristics for example, shape, size or colour. At the end of the week we used cubes to find out whether numbers were odd or even by putting them together in pairs to see if there was an odd one left at the end.

In phonics the children have been busy practising both reading and writing sentences. Next week we will use these skills to write our own sentences about some of the minibeasts we have learnt about.

Over the last two weeks in PE we've been learning how to throw underarm using the correct technique. This week we've also been learning how to catch correctly. On Friday we enjoyed having a go at Lacrosse.

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Week Beginning 25.4.22 

This week we've started to learn about why it's important to try to eat food that is grown locally.  We started by talking about where some of our food comes from. We looked a world map to see where pineapples and melons are grown. We talked about how they would get to the UK and then how they would get to the shops. I explained that lorries, boats and aeroplanes give out a lot of bad gas which goes up into the sky and is very bad for our world. We talked about how it’s really good for our environment to eat locally produced food as this produces less food miles. We talked about how to grow seeds and what we thought we would need to grow some. We then watched a short story which explained how to grow a plant from a seed. We then planted carrots, spinach and broccoli in pots and kept them inside to start them off.

We also learnt about honey bees and why they’re important. We learnt about how and why they make honey. As we found out that they need flowers we decided to plant some flowers in our outside area to attract them. We also did lots of bee activities which included making bee models, bee puppets and painting pictures of flowers and bees. As some of the children said that they hadn't tried honey we also made some honey sandwiches. Most of the children loved them!

The children have also enjoyed planting seeds in our outdoor garden centre. They've been busy planting and writing labels for their pots.

During forest school we went on a minibeast hunt. They showed great care when collecting and releasing them. We then talked about what we would like to find out about minibeasts that we don't already know. The children thought of some great questions so we're going to find the answers to them over the next two weeks.

In maths we've been learning about doubles. We've used ladybirds and butterflies to help show the doubles by putting spots on their wings.

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Welcome back! 

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I can't believe it's the summer term already! I've attached a copy of our class newsletter for this term which gives a brief overview of the topics we will be covering over the next few weeks. If you have any questions please send me a message on Seesaw. Thank-you.

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Week Beginning 28.3.22 

This week we've started to learn about wild flowers found in our local area. We looked at some photos and named as many as we could. We learnt the names of the ones that we didn’t know. We then went outside into our outside area, the field and forest area to see if we could find any flowers. We took photos of the flowers using iPads. The children took great care when taking their photos as they made sure they looked closely at what would be in the photo before taking it.

The next day we looked at some of the photos we’d taken. We recapped the names of the flowers and described what they looked like using the vocabulary stem, leaves and petals. We used magnifying glasses to look carefully at daisies. We then drew pictures of what we could see. We also looked closely at dandelions and carefully chose the most appropriately sized brush to paint what we could see.

We learnt how to draw various patterns. We had to try not to let the lines touch when drawing a pattern of straight, wavy or zig zag lines. After practising how to draw various patterns we chose the ones we liked to decorate out flowers. The children showed fantastic concentration during this activity.

During forest school we explored the area looking for different types of leaves. We used a leaf identification card to find out which type of tree the leaves came from. We then did some leaf rubbings. Some of the children also explored other surfaces they could create a rubbing from. They found that some of the tree trunks were good for creating a rubbing.

In PE we learnt how to use the climbing apparatus safely. The children showed great listening skills and followed all instructions to ensure they were safe. They loved exploring the equipment and are really looking forward to climbing again next week.

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Week Beginning 21.3.22 

This week we've been enjoying the lovely sunshine! As we've been learning the story of the Three Little Pigs we made a building site outside. The children have really enjoyed working together. They've worked together to build houses, churches, a stable for the horses and a kennel for the dogs.

In PE we learnt how to jump correctly by bending our knees when taking off and landing. We also learnt to hold our finishing position for three seconds before moving away.

WE've been playing lots of reading games to enable children to achieve their next steps in reading. I've been really impressed with their focus during these games and activities and the progress they have made with their reading. Thank-you so much to all the parents who have supported their children by reading the words I've been sending home for the children to practise.

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