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Gunnislake Primary Academy   Week Beginning 27.6.22

Posted 04/07/2022
by Claire Martin

Over the past two weeks we've been learning about life under the sea. We started by talking about the creatures we know that live in the sea. We then looked at some images and named the creatures. We talked about what we already knew about them and learnt some new facts.

We then explored using different materials and techniques to create sea creatures. We made jellyfish by sticking tissue paper onto sticky back plastic. We cut strips of cellophane for the tentacles and joined them to the body using double sided tape. We painted pictures of sea creatures and talked about the facts we had found out about them.

We also explored using different tools on a drawing app to create sea creature pictures. The first thing we did was choose an appropriate background for under the sea. We then chose colours and sizes for the brush according to what we were drawing. We also used different tools such as the glitter brush. We were able to try things out and change our minds by using the undo tool.

We practised our fine motor skills by drawing patterns. We tried to draw our patterns so that the lines were really close together but didn’t touch each other. After we’d practised we were then challenged to draw patterns on a fish. We had to try to draw the lines really close together and we had to try to draw different patterns in each section of the fish. All the children showed an amazing amount of focus during this activity and were very proud of their completed fish.

We've also been practising our writing skills by writing about some of the sea creatures. Many of the children are really enjoying using the emoji finger spacers to help them remember the spaces between their words.

We also learnt about the problems sea creatures are facing due to plastic pollution. We looked at some images of various creatures in trouble due to plastic. We talked about what we could see and how we thought this may have happened. We then focused on what we could do to help. We linked this back to our previous learning about recycling and also talked about the importance of not dropping litter.


Pelynt Primary Academy   Week ending Friday 1st July

Posted 04/07/2022
by Helen Fenton

Hello everyone!

This week, we have been busy practicing for our sports day with class 1. The children have enjoyed getting competitive and have even wanted to practice during their playtimes.

We have had a ficus on RE this week. Our topic this term has been all about how to care for the world and how to care for others. We learnt about Mother Theresa, and created a giant timeline about her life. We also enjoyed 2 assemblies from Rev Richard. Please see Mrs Orme’s blog for more details. 

In English we have been writing poems that have included similes. Some of the vocabulary that we have used has been fantastic.

Our maths focus for this week has been addition, and we worked towards adding 2 digit numbers.

The children have been growing bean plants in school, as part of their science learning. Next week they will take them home so that they can plant them in soil and look after them.

Homework has been set on Mathletics and Spelling Shed. Please also continue to practice your reading as often as you can. MAKE SURE THAT READING BOOKS ARE RETURNED TO SCHOOL EVERY DAY. 


Please note that Sports day will be on Wednesday 6th July and don’t forget about the ‘Summer fun afternoon’ on Thursday 7th July. If you are able to donate any items, these would be gratefully received, please see Mrs Orme’s blog for more details. 

There will be no forest school on Wednesday due to forest school.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Fenton, Mrs Harper and Miss Milford.


Pelynt Primary Academy   Week ending 1st July 2022

Posted 03/07/2022
by Suzanne Porter

Hello everyone,


This week year 6 children completed their swimming lessons whilst year 5 children learnt about sun and water safety along with learning how to keep safe on the internet. Next week (w/c 4th July), it will be year 5 children’s turn for swimming. Please ensure payment is paid before Monday and don’t forget swimming costume and a towel!


This week, the children drafted their Beowulf stories and gained a better understanding of 3d shapes.


In history the children learnt about Viking houses; they used the internet to research this further and painted a landscape to capture their findings.  
During our outdoor time, the children tried to create their own Viking home that could house Shrek!

During their RE lesson, the children continued their learning about Vikings and learnt about Viking beliefs. They then used their understanding to create their own Viking god/goddess based on Viking beliefs.

The children have been busy preparing for the ‘Summer fun afternoon’ on Thursday 7th of July. The children in Class 4 will be running stalls and games- there has been a letter sent home about this. If you are able to donate any items, these would be gratefully received, please see Mrs Orme’s blog for more details. 


Homework has been set on Mathletics and Spelling Shed. Please also continue to practise on TT Rockstars.


Things to remember: 

*year 6 Looe transition day- you will need to arrange transport to and from this day

*Wednesday- Sports Day

*Thursday – Summer fun afternoon- Class 4 to return consent form to stay until 4pm

*No clubs Thursday because of Summer fun afternoon


*Apply sun cream before school and bring some to put on at lunch time.

*Bring a sun hat to school on sunnier days.

*Bring a refillable water bottle each day.

*Outdoor learning on Friday afternoon – wear suitable clothes to school. 


Upcoming dates:

Class 4 performance and year 6 leavers assembly Thursday 21st July (afternoon)


Trenode C of E School   Hannafore afternoon

Posted 03/07/2022
by Bethany Pike

We were invited to Hannafore for a tennis session at Looe Tennis Club so we decided to make an afternoon of it and complete some science through rock pooling.

The children began the afternoon having a coached session in tennis and began to learn how challenging tennis is! They worked hard on their hand-eye coordination and were able to hit the ball over the net.

Afterwards, we explored the rock pools and identified some of the creatures/plantation that can be found there. We had some master crab catchers in our class but then safely put them back in their habitat.

And of course we had to finish the day with an ice-cream!


Trenode C of E School   Meeting our new EYFS children

Posted 03/07/2022
by Bethany Pike

This week we got to meet our new EYFS children who will be starting in September.

Our class showed the children our routines in school and we had a safari themed session. The children used their fine-motor skills with the water beads, became animals and safari keepers outdoors through role play, created their own safari using the train tracks and were artistic when making their own animals.

We look forward to seeing them again for another session in 2 weeks!


Polperro Primary Academy   Update 1st July 2022

Posted 03/07/2022
by Anthea Hillman

Last week Polperro Children took part in the first ever Bridge Schools Games. They really enjoyed the events and everyone gave it their best. The children competed in five events against the 14 Bridge schools (2200 children in total) and I am absolutely delighted to let you know that Polperro School came 1st! We are incredibly proud of this achievement and look forward to being presented with the trophy very soon. Congratulations to Darite for second place and Trenode (3rd Place) and to all of the other schools.

Sports Day is on Monday 4th July, starting at 10:00 am and ending at 12:00. The forecast looks good so here’s hoping the sun shines and we can enjoy a proper sports day this year with parents and carers present to cheer everyone on. Please ensure your child has their PE kit and a sun hat and sunscreen and a water bottle on the day.

Ice Pop Friday We will be selling ice pops after school at the main gate every Friday from next week until the end of term to raise extra funds for the school. Please send your child in with £1 or bring £1 along when you pick them up if you would like to buy one.  

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Hillman


Blisland Primary Academy   Seed Bombs

Posted 03/07/2022
by Andrea Harrison

During literacy we have been learning about instruction texts. We learned our story map about 'How to Make a Seed Bomb' and used our Remember it Rhino skills to identify the features of a set of instructions. Then we learned them.

Mrs Harrison checked we knew the instructions really well and, working as Teamwork Turtles, we made our own seed bombs.

Now it is important that we remember our science work about how to make sure the seeds can germinate and grow. We have taken our seed bombs home so if we take good care of them and look after them we should have some or our own little meadows.


Delaware Primary Academy  

Posted 03/07/2022
by Michaela Wright

WB 27th June

This week in Literacy the children continued their investigation work on whether or not Tutankhamun was killed. They wrote a letter to the British museum to talk about the artefacts the had learnt about and looked into the possible theories behind Tutankhamuns death. 

In Math they continued their work on our time topic. The children began looking at how many days in the months there are as well as how many seconds in a minute, how many minutes in an hour and so on. They then completed lots of work based on these facts. 

In Science they carried out their egg drop experiment which they had planned last week. The children selected the materials they had planned to use and worked as a group to wrap their eggs up. We recapped how we were going to make this a fair test between the groups and then went outside to find out which groups egg would survive the drop. One person from each group dropped the egg from the same height and in the same way as the other groups and then each group opened up their wrappings to find out if their egg survived. 

During Topic this week the children watched a video on the River Nile and then researched, using books and websites, why the River Nile was so important back in Ancient Egyptian times. They discovered some fantastic facts.

In PE this week the children took part in an Olympic sports morning. They worked in their school team colours and completed activities such as fencing, sprint races and javelin throwing. The children had a lot of fun. 

On Thursday afternoon the children enjoyed the opportunity to visit the Gunnislake site and take part in some sporting games.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.   


St Cleer Primary Academy   BEAUTIFUL WORLD

Posted 03/07/2022
by Rebecca Parris

Week Beginning July 3rd 2022
We all dream of seeing the Northern Lights one day. A good reason to visit Alaska...(which we have been learning a little about in class).

Another hard working, busy week has passed and we are heading towards the holiday - but there is still a lot of work to do!
We are working on statistics - data and graphs and we are loving it.
We continue to use the book "Here We Are" as part of Book Fortnight. The children have been composing poems about our beautiful planet and this week , we will edit them and we are going to compose a letter "to our future self."
We have been working on mixed media pictures based on the work of North American artists. They are coming along really nicely. Many children have really excelled with sewing and it has turned out be easier than we thought it would be - all credit to the children. It was a steep learning curve for some, but they persisted.
We continue to send home lists of spellings each week.
Next week, on Monday and Tuesday, we will be carrying out important lessons on SRE (Sex and Relationships Education). These lessons are carefully planned according to the guidance given and they will be taught sensitively. Please be aware that this is happening.
Sports Day for KS2 will be next Monday 11th July at 1.30pm. Parents are, of course, welcome to come along.
* 4/5NP are NOT going to see "Honk" at Sterts. Sorry for any confusion as it has appeared on our Parent Pay. 
* PE Kit needed at school every day so that we can practise our athletics when the weather is good.
* Please bring READING RECORDS and Reading Books to school every day.
* Please learn your spellings.

Thank you to everyone for your support and kindness.
4/5NP Team.


St Cleer Primary Academy   St Cleer going for it in the Bridge Schools Games!

Posted 02/07/2022
by Michele Spencer

The children thoroughly enjoyed their school games events - they jumped, they threw, they raced and competed to their best ability. Go St Cleer!


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