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Posted 03/07/2022
by Michaela Wright

WB 27th June

This week in Literacy the children continued their investigation work on whether or not Tutankhamun was killed. They wrote a letter to the British museum to talk about the artefacts the had learnt about and looked into the possible theories behind Tutankhamuns death. 

In Math they continued their work on our time topic. The children began looking at how many days in the months there are as well as how many seconds in a minute, how many minutes in an hour and so on. They then completed lots of work based on these facts. 

In Science they carried out their egg drop experiment which they had planned last week. The children selected the materials they had planned to use and worked as a group to wrap their eggs up. We recapped how we were going to make this a fair test between the groups and then went outside to find out which groups egg would survive the drop. One person from each group dropped the egg from the same height and in the same way as the other groups and then each group opened up their wrappings to find out if their egg survived. 

During Topic this week the children watched a video on the River Nile and then researched, using books and websites, why the River Nile was so important back in Ancient Egyptian times. They discovered some fantastic facts.

In PE this week the children took part in an Olympic sports morning. They worked in their school team colours and completed activities such as fencing, sprint races and javelin throwing. The children had a lot of fun. 

On Thursday afternoon the children enjoyed the opportunity to visit the Gunnislake site and take part in some sporting games.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.   


Seaton   WB 27.6.22

Posted 01/07/2022
by Rachel Tomkins

This week the children have been learning to count money. They have been using their counting knowledge from counting in ones, twos, fives and tens to help them. We began a new literacy unit this week inspired by the book 'Tiddler'. The children have been using the tier 2 words 'captured' and 'struggled' in some fantastic sentences. 
In art, we began our printing unit. The children explored printing with paint using sponges, beads, numicon tiles and many other items. They thought about how much paint to use and how to apply it. 



Posted 01/07/2022
by Jamie Clatworthy

Week Beginning Monday 27th June

This week we started writing our own version of the 'The Great Kapok Tree'. It was really nice to read all of their ideas and to see all of the writing skills we have learnt this year being used in their writing. In Maths we focused on converting units of measurements and in History we continued our work on the Mayans - learning how we can use primary and secondary sources to learn about their way of life. We examined various artefacts to see what we could discover.  


Head's Blog   Good News For Gunnislake

Posted 30/06/2022
by Lynn Cox

Following the recent Ofsted inspection of Gunnislake Primary Academy on 18th and 19th May, I am delighted to finally be able to share the news with you that we were judged to be a GOOD school. 
The report recognises the efforts of all staff across both bases who strive so very hard to provide the best educational experience possible for the pupils registered at Gunnislake (and Delaware too!)
It was, by it's nature, a complex inspection as the inspectors were looking at the provision for those pupils enrolled at Gunnislake. This meant that they visited classrooms in both bases- there was not respite for the teachers at the Delaware base and their teaching and provision was also inspected.
Copies of the report will be sent via 'satchel post' to the parents/carers of pupils enrolled at Gunnislake. I will also post an electronic copy on the  Gunnislake school websites.
My favourites quotes from the report are that Gunnislake pupils are 'kind, respectful and focused' as these are our behaviour rules.  Also, Ofsted recognised that the 'curriculum is ambitious, and staff quickly identify when pupils make mistakes or need further help.'

I am very proud of all of the staff and pupils who showed the school in such a positive light. I hope that you enjoy reading the report which is short but very sweet! 


Fistral   Week beginning 20.6.22

Posted 28/06/2022
by Sarah Evans

This week we have been learning about the Christian Creation story in R.E. 
We listened to the story and responded to the story with some art work. Then we discussed what Sunday means to Christians and thought about what rest and reflectiveness looks for us.

In maths we have moved onto a new unit, learning about mass. We have been comparing mass, and learning vocabulary such as heavier, lighter and balanced to describe what we noticed.

We also took part in the Bridge Schools sports event. We had to take part in six different activities, earning points along the way. We have entered our points and are now awaiting to hear the results. I t was such a lot of fun in the wonderful sunshine!


Fistral   Week beginning 13.6.22

Posted 28/06/2022
by Sarah Evans

In literacy this week we have undertaken a short literacy unit based on the story 'Would You Rather?' by John Burningham.
This was great fun and helped us use conjunctions in our writing.

In maths we have continued learning how to describe turns and movement using vocabulary such as clockwise, anti-clockwise, left, right, quarter turn, half turn and full turn. We have had fun playing games and giving our friends directions to escape from a maze.

In history we have been learning about a local significant figure, Sir Francis Drake. We found out about him, traced his journey around the globe and learnt about his many expeditions. This is in readiness for our school trip to his home, Buckland Abbey, in a couple of weeks time.


Head's Blog   Week ending 24th June 2022

Posted 28/06/2022
by Lynn Cox

Another week filled with lots of learning at both bases. The Year 4 class all completed their multiplication check to see how well they are progressing with their learning of multiplication facts. Year 5 and Year 6 had a very successful (and warm) visit to the Eden Project to support their learning on the environment. Temperatures were in the 30s in the Rainforest Biome but the feedback from the children was that it was a great experience! 
The Year 3 and Year 4 are learning about the Ancient Egyptians and are thoroughly enjoying this experience with lots of research being conducted in the pupils' spare time too. Delaware and Gunnislake also took part in the first annual Bridge School Games. The children participated in different competitions throughout the week - the results are currently being collated to find the Champions- fingers crossed! 
Another reminder that the Delaware and Gunnislake Sport's Day will be held on 8th July on the Delaware field. Year 6 will also be selling goods to add some funds for their end of term treat. Look out on Facebook for more details.
The Summer term is also the time for the Trust parent and carer survey. If you click on the link below you will be able to complete this. This survey closes on 8th July.
Thank you in advance.

Bridge Schools Trust Summer 2022 Parent and Carer Survey



Posted 25/06/2022
by Michaela Wright

WB 20th June

In Literacy this week we continued work on our new class book "Was Tutankhamun killed?" which connects to our topic learning on Ancient Egypt. This is an interactive non-fiction e-book which allows the children to take on a detective type role and encourages them to gather facts and research to help them answer the question 'Was Tutankhamun killed?' This week we also looked at the newspaper report from last week that had been written about Tutankhamun's potential murder. The children worked in groups to recap and freeze frame given parts of the article and the rest of the class guessed which parts they had been given. They then summarised the article into different boxes to help plan for next week when they will re-write the article in their own words. 

In Maths we continued our work on multiplication and the children completed lots of different activities to help them practice their recall speed. We also started our time topic with lots of practical work which saw the children using clocks to find and show given times. 

In Topic the children began looking at different artefacts from Ancient Egypt and filled in a fact sheet about a given artefact. They used information books and researched on websites after thinking about what the artefact may have been and what it may have been used for along with who may have owned it.

In Art the children created their sunset silhouette paintings. They first painted their sunsets and then used black paper to draw and cut out silhouettes of significant Egyptian monuments. Once their paintings were dry they arranged and stuck the silhouettes on.      

On Tuesday afternoon the children took part in the Bridge School Games. They completed several different activities such as the 'bean bag boogie', 'long jump' and the 'seated bean bag throw'. All of their results were then sent to the Bridge Trust and the school with the highest scores will be announced soon!

They had a fantastic afternoon. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to seeing the children on Monday morning.


Daymer Bay  

Posted 24/06/2022
by Caroline Hambly

Week Beginning 20th June

This week Year 6 were lucky enough to visit the Eden Project this week to consolidate our learning about Charles Darwin, adaptations and evolution. We learnt about the adaptations that plants have made to survive the wet and windy environment of the rainforest and survive the lack of sunlight. Take a look at some of our exploring below!


Seaton   WB 20.6.22

Posted 24/06/2022
by Rachel Tomkins

This week the children have been making, reading, writing and ordering numbers to 100. They have really had to think about the place value of two digit numbers and what each digit means. In science, we went outdoors to hunt for different types of tree. In DT we made the boats that we designed last week. 


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